Corporate Justice


85 Mins.
Tight Ends- 1996
DIR: Jeff Coldwater
STARS: Nikki Sinn, Nikki Brantz, Rebecca Wilde, Tabitha Stevens, Stephanie Duvalle, Tracey Love, Julie Rage, Mercedes, Sophia Ferrari, Devon Shore, Jonathan Morgan, Dick Nasty, Mike Horner, Kyle Stone, Guy DiSilva, Ian Daniels.
THEMES: Office Sex, gang bang, outdoor sex.
Tight Ends video usually goes for low concept, high smut value in their porn, so this feature is new territory for the up and coming video production team. Armed with a big cast, decent budget, and believe it or not, a script, director Jeff Coldwater sets out to make a movie worth watching for more than just the gaping holes and the pop shots.
Things start out quickly in an adult video warehouse when workers, Kyle Stone and Tabitha Stevens take a break that has more to do with fucking and sucking than coffee and donuts. Tabitha is pretty cute and a very good cocksucker, but I really would have avoided shooting up at her breasts until those big ass scars healed. Bending this cute blonde over a table and fucking her from behind is definitely my idea of an on the job perk. Great eye contact and wonderfully dirty dialog highlight this well shot sex scene. Her pretty chin makes a perfect target for his jizz, and Kyle dumps it right there.
Nikki Sinn plays the head of a large sex toy/adult video company, who suddenly finds her company under attack from industrial spies. Making sure to abuse her power, Nikki calls in secretary Nikki Brantz to lick her pussy. Nice to see that men are not the only one who engage in high stakes sexual harassment. Ms. Sinn is one of the last people I would choose to watch have sex, but Ms. Brantz is one of my favorite little hotties, so things balance out nicely. Once she has had a good cum, NS leans NB against a huge glass window, high above the traffic below, and licks her delicious ass. NB has one of the sexiest backsides in porn today and I would gladly get lost between those sweet cheeks for about a week. After getting what she can from her young intern, NS learns that the police are waiting outside.
In the background, a fake newscast tells of how Bob Dole has launched an all out attack on porn, and if he continues, he will beat President Bill Clinton. OK, the politics of porn seep through, but given the fact that around the time of filming, BC was signing into law the restrictions that have made things so tough on tapes like “Cherry Poppers”, it all seems a bit simplistic?. End of speech, it just makes me laugh how myopic some people’s politics can be.
Dave Hardman, looking so VERY detective like in his dangling earring, shows up to investigate the crime. Of course, after some initial unpleasantries, Nikki fishes his cock our of his pants and goes to work vastly improving relations with law enforcement. She may not be my favorite, but the busty blonde bimbo knows how to work a fuckstick into fighting shape and Dave soon has only pussy on his mind. I have to think this is going to slow down his investigation, but Nikki seems more concerned with how far his cock goes into her hole than who sabotaged her dildos. It goes deepest in some lengthy piledriver footage with the bit titted, shaved blonde getting her asshole filled with jizz.
Mike Horner plays a crooked politician with Nikki in his sights. After a little sabotage planning with one of his cronies, Mike has a little chat with his babysitter, Mercedes. It seems Mercedes just turned eighteen and has a thing for older men. (NATCH) Robin Williams and Joe Piscipo would be proud of how Mike moves in on his beautiful young sitter. Mike is more than happy to have a taste of this sweet young morsel. Lots of close up tongue and finger exploration of a tight, pierced twat that looks simply marvelous. After all that great pussy licking, you would think we would get to see more than a few seconds of her sucking cock, but alas it is not meant to be. A brief bit of oral affection and it’s on to some snatch slamming. This girl has a great little body and I like the piercings, just could do without the big tattoo on her tiny tit. Mike pulls out after ramming her fill and sprays her chest to chin with liquid love. I think she will be getting lots of babysitting jobs in the near future.
Meanwhile Dick Nasty is preparing a blindfolded woman, Devon Shore, for a little gang bang fun and games. Never mind the lame Rush Limbaugh tie ins, just get the girl naked and on her knees will you? The guys strip her and carry her upstairs where she lies back, at their mercy. The blindfold helps a lot in terms of making things a bit more spontaneous. She really doesn’t know what is going to happen next. This busty gal takes on all six guys with hardly time to breathe in between long sucks on hard cock. Some double vaginal for those of you who like sharing pussy with your best friend. For some reason they move her into the bathroom and lay her on the counter for the cumshots. Maybe, they didn’t want this river of goo to get on the sheets. Six pop shots right in a row, leave her face a very sticky mess. Great multi facial capping of a well shot, fucking hot gang bang.
Competitors Jonathan Morgan and Rebecca Wilde take time away from their scheming to scratch their erotic itches. Rebecca is another big titted blonde slut who I’m sure appeals to some people, but has never really done a lot for me. I mean, she is OK, and she knows how to suck cock, but just a step below the starlets who really catch my eye. She has enough going for her to keep Jon going through a standard three position fuck with him cumming on her tits.
With her top executives around her, Nikki tells of the great danger her company is in. What can they do with saboteurs in their factory and the IRS on their ass? Throw an orgy of course. The outdoor poolside action is fast and furious of course, with some nice eye candy. The most notable addition is also the most noticeable one, Tracy Love. Tracy is cute, but you can’t miss the sound of her passionate screams. My problem with this group grope is my problem with all such scenes. Too much going on for anyone to really capture it well. The cumshots are pretty good, some facials thrown in to add to the nastiness level of the video.
The plot twists a little at the end, pretty much sealing the idea that in this video, the plot was better than the sex. There is some good sexual action, especially the young babysitter and the very well done gang bang, so the heat is high. However, I do like an attempt to do more than just get naked and fuck. For that, Corporate Justice gets a Rog’s recommendation.

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