Vivid- 1995
DIR: Paul Thomas
STARS: Christy Canyon, Jen Teal, Asia Carrera, Shelby Stevens, Christina Rain, Dallas, Tony Tedeschi, TT Boy, Ian Daniels, Michael J Cox, Steven St. Croix
THEMES: Porn Stars, Single Woman Masturbation

Ever wonder what it is really like on a porn set? Well that is basically one of the stories this big hype video from the people at Vivid attempted to tell. The other revolves around the comeback of one of the biggest stars in porn history, Christy Canyon. Back for at least her third try at X vids, Christy is as big as ever, and Vivid pulled out all the stops to welcome the big titted wonder back into the fold.
To set the mood, Thomas spends a lot of time backstage with some overly contrived banter that is supposed to add to the realism and wit of the script. For the most part, at least early on, it does nothing but distract the viewer. The first sex scene, a full blown production number in front of an entire crew, is nothing more than a very sexy blonde, Christina from what I gather, on her knees sucking off her man. A nice facial ends this brief opener, but it seems almost clinical in spite of the lovely young woman’s smoldering eye contact. It seems the whole set is waiting for the comeback of Christy. One problem, insensitive slob Tony Tedeschi says something to upset the starlet, sending her into her dressing room with a wicked case of stage fright
So begins Comeback, a sort of docudrama of the supposed return to smut of Christy Canyon. Let’s see if I can give you the Reader’s Digest version of the plot. IT seems that porn producer Tony Tedeschi has his back against the wall on the set of his new video. The director, PT and the writer, played by porn mascot Scottie Schwartz, are at odds. To remedy things, the smile producer promises Christy Canyon for the lead. The trouble is, Christy is happily shoveling slop on the farm.
Somehow he talks Christy into coming down to the set where is leaves her to watch a scene being shot. As she watches a caged couple, Shelby Stevens and Ian Daniels do their thing, the one time blue screen diva is overcome with memories and an uncontrollable desire to play with her pussy. (Who can blame her, with a puss like that?) To be honest, I was a lot more interested in watching Christy play with herself, than with watching bleach blonde Shelby take her lukewarm pounding inside the cage. Perhaps Christy took one look at this and decided that the porn industry needed something to heat it up. Even with some anal and a facial, this scene just does not amount to much.
Flash forward to the day of the shoot, where Christy is still locked in her dressing room. Tony needs to get her out, so he sends in TT Boy to try and sweet talk Christy out of the dressing room. Yeah, good idea to give TT the heavy dialog. In the middle of his sexy talk, starlet Dallas helps TT act out his aural fantasies with Christy
Once again, Christy’s solo scene, this time with a big silver vibe, is much hotter than the actual fucking that takes place. Dallas and TT do what can be generously called an average coupling outside, while Ms. Canyon smokes up the room from the other side of the door. It’s a great tease to get us to want more, however, as a sex scene, the TT/Dallas pairing just doe little for me.
Again, we flash back to just how Christy got to this point. Now, sometimes, complicated plot devices such as this, are just too damn confusing for a porn video. However, this time, it is actually more interesting that most of the sex scenes. As Christy still sits on the fence about a comeback, a fresh faced blonde wanders onto the set. This lovely young lady, Jen Teal, is nervous about her impending girl/girl scene. The veteran movie muff diver soon helps Jen to overcome her shyness. Christy puts all of her lust into this pairing, making me wish she had never left smut. The ever anti-anal Ms. Canyon, even pokes her tongue between Teal’s pretty cheeks. For a supposed neubie, Jen holds her own, donning a good sized strap on and giving it to the porn vet good and hard. Looks like Christy’s time away did not let her forget how to get fucked. She even wraps those fantastic tits around the plastic lover for a bit of lesbian tit fucking. (Now there is something you just don’t see every day.) Then, proving that turn about is more than fair play, Christy puts on the fake cock and lets Jen ride until her pussy purrs with satisfaction. It is clear to see that Jen Teal is in fact a future superstar. Someone that gorgeous is bound to be sought after by strokers everywhere.
Apparently sampling the fresh meat more than convinces Ms. Canyon that a return to the blue screen will be both fun and profitable. All that is left is to seal the deal. Proving that her negotiation skills are better than ever, Christy takes Tedeschi’s first offer and demands that it be doubled many times over. To sweeten the deal, Christy adds herself to the bargaining table, at last letting us see her comeback in full swing. Tedeschi spends a good amount of time rooting around between Christy’s ample buttocks. This is defiantly a fuller, more mature Christy Canyon, but along with the added poundage, has come a somewhat more lively fucking style. Apparently, she has used the time off to perfect her cocksucking technique as well. Using eye contact to the fullest, this is some of the sexiest oral sex Christy has ever delivered. After a long session of mutual masturbation, (What Christy can’t keep her hands off herself?) Tony finally gives her the tube steak. Ms. Canyon defiantly looks to be more into her scene than in some of her earlier work, but she still keeps her face as far away from the sperm geyser as possible, letting his load splash across her more than ample back side.
Steven St. Croix is the lucky bloke who gets to reintroduce the X world to Christy’s charms. He stumbles (Deliberately) through the cheesy dialog before putting his tongue to good use. She returns the favor with a nice blowjob, and then it’s time for the traditional PT fuck scene. It seems Christy is a bit too much for the newcomer, as she makes him cum way to fast. Oh dear, what to do? Well, in fine porn tradition, it’s back to the kitchen to recruit the pretty, but shy sandwich girl, Asia Carrerra. Trouble is, the good old boys, can’t talk Asia into stripping down for the camera. Never fear, Christy takes matters into her own hands (Oh GOD, not another masturbation scene.) No, This time, she actually takes the hands on approach with her partner.
Soon, Asia has donned a lame costume and is in the middle of three way with Christy and the rejuvenated St. Criox. Asia may be a huge star, and she is certainly beautiful, however, Christy is still the star of this trio, looking all too hot as she buries her face deep between her lovers thighs, all the while getting good and fucked. In the end, she opts for another non facial creaming, but still, the scene finishes this tape off well.
As a huge Christy Canyon fan from way back, I am thrilled that she has made yet another comeback. While I would have been more pleased to see her let loose a bit rather than run for the cover of the Vivid soft stuff, I can still appreciate her beauty and grace. In this day and age where porn stars come and go, few actresses scale to the heights of superstar. To her credit, Ms. Canyon still qualifies. As for the rest of the cast, well, what can I say. With the exception of Jen Teal, I see little, if anything to get excited about. The sex, in the vid, when sans Christy, is uninspiring at best, downright boring at worst. It’s worth a look if you love Christy, or if you are looking for something to watch with your lady. The Vivid look, as usual is a good bet for couples. Otherwise, dig up some of Christy’s really old titles like I Dream of Ginger or something from her first comeback, like Star 90.

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