Cherry Poppers 2



Zane- 1994
DIR: Max Hardcore
STARS: Umma, Julianne James, Brooke Ashley, Max Hardcore, Jerry Pike.
THEMES: Young Girls, Anal Sex
Long ago, before Max Hardcore got too comfortable with what he was doing and took his style to the extreme, he was very into making nasty videos where the sex revolved around the women and not his own rather specific desires. These early works were immensely popular, and in spite of what some people think of him now, were rather good pieces of work. Perhaps some of the best examples of this are his early work in the Cherry Poppers series. As I mentioned in my review of Volume 1, I rather liked the young girl scenarios, the hot nasty talk and the push it to the limit anal and facials. Well, in selecting a cast for the follow up to this hit, Max did a great job. He got three of the nastiest women in porn at the time, none of them overexposed, all of them able to handle his style and all of them, most importantly, able to dish out the dirty dialog.
For those of you who do not know the Cherry Poppers series, there is not a lot to tell you, women, dressed up as teenage girls, hooking up with older guys, usually Max. The first story in this volume is exactly that, with cute Asian Umma coming home to an empty house and deciding to seduce poolman Max into a little fun and games. Now, Umma, even in her pig tails, is clearly a full grown woman. This is something I like. Not to preach here, but the fantasy is fine, but the more realistic this series has gotten with the youth theme, the more it has turned me off. Give me woman in her 20’s, petite like Umma, in some killer Daisy Duke cut offs, and you have a great start.
Sexy Umma has to convince Max to come in and help her with her homework. He is reluctant for about thirty seconds, before giving in to her charms. Recent fans of Max will be shocked to see him open her thighs and actually eat pussy! I kid you not, the man who has made pussy stretching the favorite foreplay among braindeads and rednecks everywhere is actually licking labe. Oh he still manages to do a generous amount of fingering, and calls Umma a “cunt” enough times to make sure the word is engrained in my head. (Am I the ONLY one who HATES this rather unpleasant word for something I consider to be so beautiful?) OK, enough soapbox. The bottom line is that she loves it and this is a good looking scene.
Gotta give Max props for leaving her clothes on while he fucks her. It just gives the scene a sense of urgency that is really sexy. Umma takes the rough fucking, which is tame by current Max standards, but still on the hard side, with gleeful enthusiasm and matches him stroke for stroke and filthy line for filthy line. Her hot dialog slows down a bit while she sucks his cock, but still the key is that he lets HER suck cock, not just gag her with it. This is an old style that I think is far better than the current rage. But hey, that’s just my opinion right?
Umma looks stunning during her standing and reverse cowgirl fuck scenes. The camera actually stays away from the extreme close ups long enough for us to get a good look at a great body. Anyone who wants to know what I ever liked about Max videos needs only to watch this style and see that he has not always been as unwatchable as his recent stuff has been. Of course there is anal, I mean what would Cherry Poppers be without backdoor action, however at least this time it does not look like something Toqemada would have jerked off to. Fans of the intense close up and dilation anal will be disappointed, but for me, just seeing sexy Umma take it in her butt and deliver some very nasty talk at the same time, is an incredibly hot sight. Not to be left out, is the now famous Piledriver anal that Max made so popular. After fucking her briefly, Max delivers an ass to mouth cum shot which literally drips from her pretty chin all over her nubile body. A very nasty scene with just enough of Umma to overshadow the annoying presence of Max.
Next in the parade of flesh is a woman who, in spite her cute little dress and her coy act on the swing, is closer to thirty than she is to eighteen, Julianne James. This was one of the few performances she made during a brief comeback. I always liked this former Vivid girl gone bad. She gets approached by a man on the playground and seeing that this cutie is receptive, he quickly takes her into the house. In a flash the sexy blonde is on her knees showing the kind of form we all came to know and love in the early 90’s when she was billed as a Ginger Lynn look a like. Julianne always gave great head and here she demonstrates a little of her incredible deep throat action on a moderate sized beefsteak. Lots of great eye contact here and since Max is not the recipient of this blowjob, gone is the obnoxious choking and drooling. The countertop is a perfect place to lay this lovely lady out and remove her panites, (Of course, keep on the white socks.)
Julianne is a bit heavier than when she left the biz, but her shaved pussy looks as sweet and enticing as ever. You know is almost too eager for her companion who seems to have a hard time keeping up with her as the pace quickens. The extra weight is actually really sexy, especially since she kept her breasts natural. They quake and jiggle around sexily while she takes a real pounding. The anal comes quickly here, and cute Julianne is bent over the counter and fills her own pussy with two, three, four fingers while being assfucked. (Take that Paul Thomas.) The piledriver is next, (NATCH!) and with this kind of flexibility, Julianne looks so fucking hot it is almost unbearable. This is an unfortunate time for Max to have the zero charisma male talent try to dirty talk his way through his scene. Add to that the fact that he stops just as Ms. James starts her sexy talk. In the immortal words of Willie Wonka, “Strike that, reverse it.” Do that, and you would have had something to cream about. The cumshot is something short of what we usually get from CP, but this lies directly on the male here, as he seems to be unable to stay hard and give a shot. When he does, the less than impressive spew falls on Julianne’s tits. This does make a for a few seconds of good stuff as he slaps his cock against these beauties. Not a bad scene, but only because Julianne is such a hot number.
The third scene in this video is, above and beyond all else, LONG. It also stars one of my favorite, seldom seen starlets, Brooke Ashley. This miniature Asian sex doll is unbelievable cute, and exceptionally sexy. Here she skips her way right up to Jerry Pike on the grandstands, and within seconds, in her cutest voice, offers to let him play with her. After a bit of public oral action, and a very erotic demonstration of Brooke’s flexibility. Damn, I love a girl who can do the splits.
Back at home, Jerry can’t keep Brooke from bouncing up and down on his bed. OK, so the little girl can wear a bit thin after a while, but you have to love her energy and enthusiasm. Getting this sexy little thing to try his ‘lollipop’ (Clich�? Ummmmm Yes.) is about as hard as getting Jenny McCarthy to self promote. Beyond the little girl talk, Brooke is an incredibly sexy cocksucker. Her face is truly lovely and she knows her way around a prick. There is some of drool stuff in her oral antics, but it is not forced, so it just makes for a messy blowjob. Fans of oral sex will be thrilled with this video as eight minutes of cocksucking is good by any standards. That incredible flexibility comes into play once again as Pike mounts Brooke and stuffs her full. Her toned legs are splayed every which way while a constant stream of cutsie/dirty talk fills our ears. This is so much better than hearing Max call a woman a ‘cunt’ fifty dozen times while he tires to get his minuscule cock hard. It’s actually pretty charming when in mid fuck, Brooke starts laughing so hard, she looses her character.
This petite vixen has just the sort of body that Pike can move around into all sorts of fun positions. It’s sort of like a bendable blow up doll. Although, this girl has so much energy, she seems ready to bounce herself right off the bed at any moment. All the remains after an acrobatic fuck that that would make Shannon Miller blush, is for Brooke to take it in her tight backdoor. With the help of some whipped cream, Pike begins to explore deep inside Brooke. First with some heavy duty finger fucking, complete with tons of dirty talk from Brooke, and plenty of audio drop outs which make me wonder just what was being said then. OK, just one more bit of pontificating. I do NOT need to see Pike shove his finger up her ass and shove it out between her pussy lips. That is just about the least sexy thing I can imagine.
Once they settle down to the actual anal sex, things get hot really fast. For such a petite little woman, Brooke easily takes Pike’s impressive cock deep in her ass. There is plenty of great footage of Brooke’s bare pussy as she rides his cock in that lovely reverse cowgirl modified way that Max loves so much, and that here, looks fantastic. After a cock and lollipop DP, all that is left is the pop shot. With his cock spraying jizz all over Brooke’s foul talking, wide open mouth, Jerry makes sure that not a square millimeter of her mug is cream free. A fantastic facial that is sure to please just about everyone out there. Yes, it took a while to get there, but the pay off was so worth it.
This early volume of the very popular Cherry Poppers series is a good example of how Max Hardcore became so huge in the porn world. Although he is only one of three scenes, his directoral influence is unmistakable. Luckily, in my book, this is before he went over the edge. The girls all know how to play at the young theme without seeming to be actually prison material. All three are vigorous sexual performers, with great, non silicone bodies and bare pussies. All three take anal vigorously and suck cock like champs. In addition, Brooke has a sexy mouth and pours forth a very entertaining stream of dirty talk. This is back when I was a huge Max fan, and I am still a big fan of this video. It is a must rent and a great addition to any collection.

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