Chasey Loves Rocco



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DIR: Tony English
STARS: Chasey Lain, Jeanna Fine, Roxanne Hall, Rocco Siffredi, Caroll Der Bois, Marc Wallace, Bobby Vitale, Dic Tracy.
THEMES: Movie Making, Big Cocks.

As theme based porn videos go, the “Rocco Loves” series from Vivid may be the only one to revolve around the male. Does this high profile change of pace signal a new attitude away from showcasing big busted blonde fuckbunnies towards a more equitable distribution of the marketing of men in porn? Fuck no, thank God. It’s just Vivid’s way of hooking their highly popular contract girls with the second most recognizable, (And easily most palatable) male star in the biz.
In this installment, Rocco plays a wealthy visitor to SoCal looking for a way to spend his money. Since he is in Hollywood, the movies seems a logical place to start. That leads him to the office of movie producer Marc Wallace, who is busy telling aspiring actress Roxanne Hall that she is not ready for the lead in his film. How does she show her displeasure? By ordering him to fuck her. To say that this British import takes disappointment better than most might be an understatement. She bends over the desk and takes such a pussy pounding that you just know she has a lead role is in her future. Judging from the way her ass takes cock, her future could be in Rosebud movies. Marc’s mini-phallus explodes on Roxanne’s equally diminutive breasts and we see how things get done in Tinseltown.
Poor Marc is feeling the pressure of not delivering product to the money men. With his time running out, Marc turns to Rocco to help him out. Before the ink is dry on this new partnership, we peek in on Marc’s ex-wife, Chasey Lain, who is busy entertaining starlet Jeanna Fine. While I have never been much of a fan of Chasey’s. I have always considered Ms. Fine to be at the very top of her craft. Jeanna, who always did do great lesbian scenes, just can’t wait to get hold of Chasey, who looks simply stunning. These two create such a stir that even in a girl/girl scene, Chasey has converted Rog to a fan. That should tell you something about the kind of molten heat these two lusty ladies create between the sheets. Lots, and lots of pussy eating highlight this tryst between superslut Fine and the unbearably pretty Lain.
While Rocco is talking Chasey into producing their movies, Marc’s current wife is at home screwing the pool guy. (Porn clich� number 417). The wife, Caroll Der Bois, a skinny brunette with a cool short do and a few too many tattoos for my taste, is a very eager cocksucker with a pair of smoldering eyes that even rival Jeanna’s. With Bobby Vitale providing the meat, Caroll serves up a heaping helping of countertop souffl�. For a total throw in sex scene with a non name star, this is still a watchable fuck.
While dropping the script off with Chasey, Rocco is not allowed to leave until he has shared his Italian sausage with the amorous producer. She is not the aggressor for long, however as Rocco tosses Chasey on the bed and goes to work on thawing the Vivid right out of this contract girl. A tongue up her asshole seems to get this beautiful thing good and ready for some sheet burning sex. One good turn deserves another, and Chasey’s cocksucking can only be described as a highly above average turn. I don’t think you will ever see her gobble knob with this much passion in any other video. Even her usually lukewarm fucking is turned up a notch as Rocco fills her wonderful pussy with ten inches of rock hard meat. Careful there Chasey some of that nasty old spunk missed that sexy neck of yours and actually got your chin. Much more of that, and you will have to give up your contract.
After that hot hook up, Jeanna takes her turn with Rocco, and you can just feel the heat from the second they first share the screen. Sexy Jeanna throws those legs back behind her head and enjoys some Italian pussy lapping. So ready are they, that they skip the blowjob (WHAT? A travesty.) and let Rocco stretch Jeanna’s pussy wide. As always, she never stops bellowing out sexy talk as she gets porked. MS Fine is every bit as sexy as Ms. Lain, but the sexual energy is easily three times greater in this scene, making it one of the hottest I have seen in some time. The terrible omission of oral antics is corrected as Jeanna dismounts and shows that Rocco’s cock can vanish into her superstar throat as easy as anything. Her filthy talking, incredibly gifted mouth works a big load of Italian white sauce from Rocco and treating us to a sticky faced, sperm gulping capper to a fucking hot pairing.
This video gets off to a slow start with slightly above average scenes. However, once Chasey and Jeanna get going, things heat up, way up! Chasey has never looked any better, and she fucks like she is actually having a great time. Jeanna is always a sure bet, but in her scenes with both Rocco and Chasey, she exceeds even her own high standards. The plot is thin, but the acting is credible. Still, it is the final three sex scenes that make this video a definite should see. Chasey and Jeanna are just scorching.

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