DIR: John Leslie

STARS: Tori Welles, Victoria Paris, April West, Debi Hansen (Diamond) Pamela Rose, Lynn Francis, Joey Silvera, Scott Irish, Peter North, Buck Adams, Ray Victory and introducing Selena Steel.

THEMES: Infidelity, Romance, Story.



John Leslie has a way of directing adult videos that combines scorching hot sex, with a credible storyline to make some of the very best in adult cinema. His sense of drama and eroticism are unmatched. From a director who is nearly perfect, this is his most flawless piece of work. His cast, most notably the incredible Tori Welles, is first rate, the cinematography is exquisite, dark and moody. The overall feel is that of a motion picture, not just a jerk off video, and perhaps best of all, it is a movie one can watch with a partner without her getting up and leaving as Max dialates a woman’s vagina, or putting him to sleep as another long haired Fabio looking fellow looks longingly into………..Oh SHIT! WAKE UP, I’m just trying to make a freaking point. Anyway, enough butt kissing on my part, we all know the movie rules, so let’s get to the review and find out why.

The delicious Tori Welles is having marital problems. It seems her husband Mark, Tom Byron, just does not understand her need for adventure. The problem is, we are not talking about nude skydiving, testicular bungee jumping, or other X-Games shit like that. Tori’s idea of a wild time tends to lean toward the sexual, perverse and sometimes even the dangerous.

We move to a party where the guests stand around like manequins as a trio of very honry lovers grope each other madly. The guys take turns boning beautiful April West from behind while the other sits by jerking off. April always looked almost too pretty to be in porn, but her scenes are passionate, sweaty, lust fests that are to be cherished. This one, although brief, is not exception, with April’s gorgeous behind on display during her doggy, and her slightly more than a handful breasts prominent when she flips over. Scott Irish finally pulls out and cums all over her chest, leaving him in a heaving heap on the sofa. For some reason, his friend just sits there jerking off, while she walks away.

Well fucked, April heads to a mirror to check her make up, but to our surprise, she suddenly isn’t there. It’s Tori staring back from the mirror. Things start out intriguing, and they only get better. Tori finds it hard to get the whole story out to her psychologist without trying to seduce him. When that doesn’t work, Tori goes home to her upset hubby. Poor Tom is very jealous about Tori’s extra cirricular activities. In this scene, as in all their scenes, Tom and Tori prove that they are more than just fuck meat. The emotions are credible and the dialog (Penned nicely by Leslie) is believable and interesting.

Tom gets really confused when his wife does not emerge from the shower. In her place, is Debi Diamond, but the kicker is, that it IS Tori. (Confused, rent the video) The skinny is that Tori is a shape shifter and can transform into anyone she wants to. Having noticed that Tom was checking out Debi the day before, the lusty wife decides to let him see what she would be like. OK, I know you’re thinking “So, where is all the emotional turmoil?” Most guys would give their right nut if their wife could turn into Pamela Anderson or Michelle Phieffer on cue. (Or in my case Kaitlyn Ashley or Tiffani-Amber Theissen.) However, all this seems is too much for Tom. He wants to love Tori for her, and she seems to get off on the torture. (See, I told you there was a mood being set here.)

Debi shows the sort of sexual talent that would later win her Preformer of the Year as she takes Tom all the way to the root. No small task even by this scuz guzzling blonde bim’s high standards. This sex scene is perfectly shot, well lit and just the right mix of sexy close ups and beautiful full shots as Debi uses her whole body to make love to Tom as if her life depends upon it. Her hair still dripping from the shower, she rides Tom’s cock, not screaming like a stuck pig, but moaning softly to encourage his strokes deep into her body. This may not be the super slutty Debi Diamond that raincoaters worship, but she is plenty sex in a more subduded manner here, and still manages to sound classy saying “Fuck my mouth.” Something he does with absolute glee until he cums all over her face. Then, just as the post climax lull kicks in, Tom is in the arms of Tori once again.

Later, in a wonderful resturant, the conversation turns to Tori’s activites again, and the volatile brunette excuses herself for a special side dish. She follows Victoria Paris and Peter North into a back office and spies the cute blonde (Does anyone else think she looks like Jenny Garth with big hair and huge boobs?) bobs her head on Peter’s big breadstick. “What a big cock.” Tori says so matter of factly that it brings chills to your spine. With that, she is invited to join her busty blonde friend for a double suck job that robs Peter of his (personality?) ability to speak. Seeing that Tori has the oral skills of Hoover, the couple are quick to get her out of her clothes, assuring she’ll stay a while.

A quick glance at Tori’s body is impossible. You have to just stare in amazement at absolute feminine perfection as she disrobes and shows Victoria that she eats pussy as well as she sucks cock. Speaking of steak swallowing, Victoria does an admirable job trying to fit a good amount of Peter’s peter into her tiny mouth. Poor Tom is stuck at the table, while the love of his life is taking a huge cock from behind. By the way, Tori in her thigh high stockings is a very pretty picture. As is Victoria, who was not always known as a nasty girl, sucking Tori’s juices from Peter’s rod as he pulls out. Make no mistake, the two women here dominate the scene, with Peter just providing the meat between them. Tori’s RC is one of the most sensuous things I have ever seen in my life, she is absolutely perfect. To finish things off, Tori gets down to some serious two fisted cocksucking and tit fucking (YES, tit fucking. Horray!) With her face so perfectly located, what can Peter do,. But decorate that pretty face with thick, white cum. Tori never stops sucking and stroking, instead just leaning here head back to catch the spray as if she were showering in sperm. This is an amazing facial that must go in the all time hall of fame.

We follow Victoria as she meets an odd man, Buck Adams who seems to have magical powers. Before she has time to think about it, they are sitting in a room watching a game of strip gin. This time the dialog is cryptic, and the payoff is a sex scene between Ray Victory, Pamela Rose and Lynn Francis. The strange part is that in a cast of fantastic looking women, these two are not even moderately easy on the eyes. They do seem to be enough for Ray, as the two girls suck him hard and fuck him rather enthusiastically. What is far more exciting to watch is Victoria and Buck going at it on the sidelines.

I never liked the use of two simultaneous scenes. I think it ruins the rhythm, as it does here. However, were it not for the intercut shots of sexy Vicki with a big cock in her mouth, I would have scanned right past the three way. It’s well shot and Ray manages to keep hard through the whole thing, but the women are just too unppealing for me. On the other hand, the sometimes docile Ms. Paris sucks and fucks with pure lust here. Check out those football like boobs bouncing like crazy as she RC’s, watching the three way interracial fuck going on in front of her. No facial (Natch.) but she does smear his jizz all over her tits after he pulls out. For his shot, Ray sprays all over a pale belly. This is the low light of the video, but it is still worth watching for the Buck/Victoria action.

Another intriguing dialog scene leads to perhaps the sexiest scene in the video. Tori stays herself as she seduces and makes love to her husband. Tori’s beauty and her passion are impossible to miss in anything she does, but in this pairing she outdoes herself. If ever there was a perfect female, her name is Tori Welles. She devours his cock like she not only lusts after, but also loves Tom deeply. She has the perfect mix of porn star screen presence and real life lover. You will not see a better looking woman, or one that looks any hotter making love than she does in this scene.

Tori’s incredible seduction scene of her shrink is something to watch if you want to see just how well an adult actress can pull of well written dialog. This aborted attempt to tempt the doc into her pants leads Tori to another adventure. This time, she transfers herself into beautiful bar tramp Selena Steel. Problems start when Selena is cornered and trapped in the basement by phycho stalker Joey Silvera. The only way to calm him is to fuck him. Selena doesn’t seem too worried, slipping into Joey’s arms like Pete Rose into Ray Fosse. (Oh yeah, obscure major league baseball memories from your childhood make REAL good reads Rog.) One of the most attractive women ever on video, Selena always seemed to fuck in a manner that most fit her character. (I believe that would be called acting.) In this case, she takes a pounding from Joey in an urgent, groping, scratching, biting frenzy. After a desparate two position fuck, Selena hops off and starts sucking. Feeling Joey near climax, she proceeds to give him a first class handjob, bringing him off in her palms before having to make a quick exit when Joey launches into a post coital rage. Her narrow escape seems to shake Tori into some major changes.

Her transformation is short lived, however as Tori leaves Tom to go home with Buck Adams. Again, in a display of credible acting, Tori’s lovemaking is more frenzied and out of control in this scene. The love is gone and in its place is pure lust and heat. Her dark eyes smolder with absolute desire for his cock. Don’t get me wrong, there is a romantacism to this scene, however the feel is much different from her pairing with Tom. The energy, of course is really high, as Ms. Welles is one of the only women who can fuck in as manic a manner as Mr. Adams generally does. Great scene on every possible level.

So, what happens in the story? HA! Just the fact that you give a shit should tell you what makes this video so damned special. Not only is the sex very good, but the performers all give credible acting performances and to steal a quote from an ex girlfriend on why this was the only porno she liked, “The people have a reason to fuck.” That they do, and that, along with the explosive sexuality of Tori Welles, the magnificent directing of John Leslie, notable beyond sex performances by Tom Byron and Joey Silvera, as well as outstanding sexual efforts from Victoria Paris, Debi Diamond and Selena Steel, make this the most watchable and impressive adult video of the 1980’s, perhaps of all time.

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