Caribbean Sunset


80 Mins.
Pleasure- 1997
DIR: Jim Gunn
STARS: Sunset Thomas, Heather Diamonds, Nicole Ann, Jessie James, Kristen Blue, Vince Voyeur, Mark Davis, Jay Michaels and introducing Brandy Tyler.
THEMES: Outdoor Sex, Models, Casting Couch.
OVERALL RATING: 6+ (Watch it for Sunset’s scenes.)

Taking Sunset Thomas to lovely locales to shoot a couple of hot sex vids has to rank right up there on the all time good ideas list. She is fantastic no matter where she is, and the addition of the tropical setting only adds to the erotic atmosphere. Just looking at the boxcover shot, I already have to ask myself which is hotter, the bright Florida sun or Sunset herself.
Sunset is off to make it as a model, leaving lucky boyfriend Mark Davis behind. Before she can go, they have to have one farewell fuck. Every time I see Sunset take her clothes off, I am struck by how much more beautiful she gets with the passage of time. She is simply flawless, a perfect gem of feminine sexuality. Not only is she hot to stare at, Sunset has earned a reputation as one of the most eager and talented cocksuckers in the business. (Anytime you want to demonstrate Sunset, I’m available.) She doesn’t show off quite enough of this skill for my taste, but who can blame Mark for wanting to jump right in and nail that inviting pussy from behind? Tight as she looks, Sunset has no trouble taking every inch of Mark’s big cock as hard as he can dish it out. These two have developed some real chemistry in their scenes, and it comes shining through in this pairing. They are all over the bathroom in a half dozen position. (I can see Jim Gunn now. Sunset looks great in all positions, why not shoot them all?) Best of all is the ending position which has Sunset on her knees, that almost too pretty face just waiting for a big load of goo which Mark is more than happy to provide. Great facial capping an outstanding scene. Watching her walk out the door has to be tough on him, but considering how she says goodbye, he might just be praying for her to take more road trips.
I always feel sorry for whoever has to come after Sunset, because it is nearly impossible for them to live up to her heat. Sexy model Jessie James is not a bad way to follow up. Vince Voyeur takes the reluctant model through the paces necessary for her to make it big. (Or was that make it with a big cock?) In no time, she is sucking her way to the top, and doing a fine job of it I might add. Vince is no Rocco, but still Jessie throats him to the base with almost no effort before spreading those incredible legs and riding on Vince’s very ready cock. Jessie is not quite in Sunset’s league, but she has a really fine body and gets into her scenes quite nicely. To top it off, she too, takes a load on her mug, assuring she gets the modeling gig and keeping my VCR on for the whole scene.
In a bar somewhere, while a couple of girls go at it on the bar, Vince is busy getting his cock sucked by blonde Heather Diamonds (Perhaps?). The scene is rather rushed, with Vince bending her over and just fucking the crap out of this new girl. So much for romance eh? Pretty standard stuff, watchable, but compared to Sunset and Jessie, it’s pretty hard to keep up even with a very nice tongue creaming at the end.
Sunset arrives to have her photos taken by Vince. She knows how to play the games, greasing the wheels as it were. In no time, she is topless on the pooltable. (Oh to have been a photog early in Sunset’s career.) He takes full advantage of the situation, giving his new model a full taste test before seeing how she looks with her mouth full. I could have saved Vince the trouble and told him she looks great with her mouth full of dick, but that would have ruined our chances to see this incredible star sucking cock. Does she have what it takes to be a big model? Well, if having one of the most fuckable pussies in the world and cumming like a whore on payday are the qualifications, then she is on her way to the top. To prove she wants it bad, Sunset even takes cock in her ass to earn the job. Great footage here of her tight butt gripping rod, and the cut aways to her facial expressions are fantastic. Most of the jizz misses her face, but the look in her eyes alone is geyser inspiring.
Elsewhere, a horny couple is doing a hardcore layout that quickly becomes a full fledged fuck. Vince brings Sunset by to show her. Although she is against doing hardcore, that does not stop Sunset from sticking around to watch the two go at it. In fact, as they fuck on the couch, she plays with her pussy, providing a bit of side action, that is, for me, more exciting than the somewhat standard fuck. (Although this woman is pretty damn hot, I just love watching Sunset finger her pussy.)
In the end, Sunset makes it as a model and boyfriend Mark joins her on the beach for a three way with one of her model friends. The idea of sex on the beach is just too cool and this one is right out there on the sand. Very sexy. Even sexier is how Sunset, in her third scene, attacks Mark’s cock with her mouth. This time we get a lot more footage of her oral assaults, and they are sure to leave you panting. Her friend is attractive, but again, with Sunset around, there is almost no room for anyone else. Mark lets the other girl ride first, but I suspect that is just so he can keep Sunset’s tasty pussy on his face a while longer. Unselfish soul that she is, Sunset helps her friend get a royally screwing from Mark while she touches, kisses and licks the other two. My only problem here is that Sunset never gets fucked, she just lies back and gets her tits creamed. (Nice touch, having the other girl lick it off though.)
This is another fine effort with Sunset pulling the load. Her scene with Vince is a killer, and her two pairings with Davis are great as well. Jessie James, as always, is worth a look, and the newer girls in the cast will turn a lot of you on. For me, Sunset is reason enough to grab this video off the shelves. One request Mr. Gunn. Next time, how about taking Sunset to Palm Springs with her favorite admirer/video reviewer. Call it Rog in Paradise.

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