Canadian Beaver Hunt 3


Pleasure Productions- 1997
DIR: Jim Gunn
STARS:. Nicollina Foxx, Shawna Seymore, Tianna Freemon, Pandora, Tierra, Steve Dare, Chris Wellington, Willi Wonderful, Rico Suave.
For those of you who may have mistakenly thought that everything north of the border is snow covered and cold, take a gander at the hot, new flesh on display in this video series. Jim Gunn and company have done a great job at collecting fresh faced women from the great white north who know how to burn up the screen.
Bubbly Nicollina Foxx is back to guide us through this feast of first time flesh. Asian doll Tianna is up first with her boyfriend Willi behind the counter of a video store. (You know Rog was a video counter jockey for a decade and not once did I?Oh wait, there was that time?..Never mind) Anyway, the couple heat things up on the counter with some sizzling oral action. For a newcomer, he shows great ability to rise to the occasion, and with the help of her generous lips is at full mast by the time he peels her ultra tight mini-dress off. This limber little dancer shows just how far her strong legs can spread. Her full splits on the counter make for an interesting fuck. The lengthy standing fuck shows off her great legs quite well, which you know Rog likes. Finishing off her maiden porn voyage, Tianna sucks a big load out onto her face and makes sure to lap up every last drop of cream.
Pierced and blessed with a huge set of jugs, Pandora is more than ready for a tumble with Nicollina. Between these two blondes is a good thirty pounds of tit flesh. Pandora spends a good bit of time sucking on Nicollina’s hooters before giving her asshole a good rimjob. Nicollina breaks the new girl in with a very fat strap on that Pandora gobbles up nicely before taking it into her pussy. For any of you who, like me, love to watch two women with a strap on, this scene is sheer Heaven, Nicollina fucks the shit out of Pandora and it is perfect.
Up next is eighteen year old Tierra who has the face and boy every young man dreams of. She quickly shows Chris Wellington that while she might be young, she is not stranger to keeping a cock warm in her mouth. Once she gets him good and hard, Tierra opens her gentle folds and lets Chris in. While she is pretty, the poor girl just lies there, rather passively during her scene. Even on top, she offer little in the way of movement or vocal encouragement. I know not everyone is a screamer, and her fresh looks are appealing enough to keep it interesting, it just seems like she is not as into it as some of the other hunted Canadian beavers. She does take a facial without flinching, which leaves room for hope. I would love to see her on camera again.
Shawna Seymore and Rico hook up for the next fuck, and right away Shawna is a knockout. Just looking at her in that gold bikini is more erotic than half of the fuck scenes out there. By the way, those of you thinking, while watching her suck cock, that Shawna looks familiar, will be glad to know that she should. This is the girl from “Seymore and Shane on the Loose” who was such a fan of Seymore’s that she had to fuck him. (Personally, I can’t think of a bigger Seymore fan than me, but I was happy with a handshake a kindly word.) She is every bit as hot in this scene, licking and sucking Rico’s cock while staring up at him with those great eyes. If anything, she has gained in the fucking department since I last saw her, spreading her legs inhumanly wide to get pounded into the mattress. This girl just loves to fuck.
Freedom is the final Canadian beaver to fucked in this flick. This above average blonde pairs with an eager tattooed blonde guy for some noisy pussy eating. She has a really nice shaved pussy and from the sound of it, Steve knows his way around down there. It takes a little work from her talented mouth, but eventually, things are hard and ready to go. That room must be damn hot, because both of them are covered with so much sweat, you can practically feel it. Freedom is just as loud with a dick in her as she was with a tongue in her pussy and she knows how to fuck back. This is the sort of active sexual partner we all want to see on film. No dead fish routine from this newbie. After being fucked hard, she gets on top and just wears that boy’s cock out. Don’t feel to o bad for him, he gets to return to fucking the shit out of her doggy style until she spins around to eagerly take his load across her face.
As always, CBH brings up some hot new girls. Freedom, Shawna and Tianna are the best of the bunch who take cock. Pandora is a tit lovers dream in her lesbian pairing. Now, if we can just see her take some real cock in the next one. Even Tierra, while a bit shy and quite, is quite a looker. This is a great video if you want to check out some girls you are not likely to flooded with, which is always a nice change. CBH is as good or better than any of the others in the series, definitely worth a look.

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