Buttman’s Bubble Butt Babes




Evil Angel-1996
DIR: John Stagliano

STARS: Sabina, Dolley Golden, Katarina, Jonna, Davia, Ben Dover, Valention, Sean Ricks, Mark Barret, Marc Thomas, Ian Daniels, Robert Rosenberg, Steve Hatcher, Micael J. Cox
THEMES: Anal Sex, Euro-Babes
By now, my feelings for John Stagliano’s work should be as clear as my feelings for Seymore’s stuff or my love for Kaitlyn Ashley, so what do you say we skip the sucking up opening paragraph and get right to this video. If you need a set up on who JS is, or what Buttman videos are like, then you need to pull your head out from that rock and start living.
Buttman begins this adventure on the French Riviera, taking in the local sights and spying some cuties along the way. At the top of his wish list is a tall blonde in way too short shorts strolling through the shops and wiggling her lovely derrier. It is this shaking backside that we follow as the credits roll. (Pop quiz hot shot, name me three guys in the cast. Bzzzzzzz, you can’t you fucking pervs, you were too busy watching that ass. (Good for you.) Buttman introduces himself to the Parisian blonde, Dolly Golden, starting the ball rolling with this lovely lady. After some sweet talk, and after picking up Valentino, Sean Ricks and some other, in the right place at the right time fellow, the happy group is off to Buttman’s to make movie magic. Valentino gets Dolly warmed up with his tongue deep in her asshole. That’s all it takes for the French tart to show why the French really suck. Dolly is surrounded by three bobbing cocks and doing her best to keep them all wrapped up in her mouth or hands. Love the brightly colored lips as she sucks like a hungry nympho. The guys must have heard me rant a time or two and they follow my advice to “Fuck the French.” In this case, who can blame them? Fucking this French pastry while she sucks wildly looks like tons of fun to me. Dolly’s big ass shakes wildly as she gets slammed from behind standing up. Great position for a view of her excellent legs and ass. Ben Dover just can’t pass those lips up and steps up to make this a four on one.
With the action now inside, Dolly gets on her knees to take a cock from behind while alternately sucking and jerking the other two. While this is good looking, even better is Dolly working frantically to take care of all four dicks in her face. Now, that is porn brilliance. One in each hand, one in her mouth and yet another being stroked right near her sexy mug. This is a woman for whom the term porn star was coined. She reduces the number of cocks to suck by one as she mounts a lucky stud while keeping the others busy in hand and mouth. A couple of these cocks are pretty good sized, so Goldie bouncing up and down on them makes for some great footage, with her dark ringed ass, looking very much like a target. Someone finally gets the idea, and adds a second cock for a squirming DP, with Dolly all the while sucking the remaining two cocks. The guys all start taking turns boning her ass. God, this is how gang bang videos should be shot. Are you listening Starbangers people? The deep anal strokes and constant action are perfect footage of a multi partner grope. There is even some toe sucking and toe fucking for those of you who dig that. For me, the way Dolly takes some killer assfucking from the whole gang is more than enough to make this scene work in a big way. Since there are four cocks going at her, that is four chances to see her covered in sperm. The first shot plasters her ass. What a monster load, making a great shot of a cum drenched butthole. The next two blast off simultaneously on her face and breasts, sending Goldie into a cum licking frenzy. Last but not least, Valentino adds his thick load to her cum streaked face, capping off a scene that is nailed more solidly than a Ken Caminiti blast.
We cut straight into the next scene already underway. Bleach blonde and Barbie like, Davia is not everyone’s cup of tea, however she is working hard to get her costars good and ready with a sexy lap dance. I know she is not a favorite with a lot of you out there, but I have to say, she knows how to work it. If all lap dances were this good, they would all have to progress to the next step, as this one thankfully does. Davia lowers herself down on Tom Byron as the sunlight shines on the tiny flaxen hairs on her butt. While Tom starts fingering her ass, Davia is showing some great deep oral abilities. You may not like her tattoos, her moles or her overly inflated breasts (Hey, when she lies on her back, they look a lot like Traci Lords’ used to look.) However, you can’t deny that she is a first class cocksucker and takes fucking in her pussy and her ass hard and fast as well as anyone out there. If you like semi dilated assholes, you will love the two pop shots here which rain down on Davia’s backside while her tight hole is visibly stretched to new dimensions. Another well shot anal scene from Buttman.
Back to the French Riviera where Buttman runs across a very tall Czech brunette, Katarina. He follows her around a castle for a while, which makes for a really beautiful setting for his tush trolling. Her English skills are not good, so his usual Buttman banter just doesn’t to work at first. Luckily for him, sex is a universal language. (The next time you are on holiday in France, try rubbing your hands all over a strange woman’s ass. Then be sure and send me a postcard from jail will ya?) Before you can say felonious assault, Buttman and Katarina are back at the hotel with Valentino and Roberto. They take her up to the room, outfit her with some ‘fuck me’ shoes and let her give them a killer lap dance. (Anyone think John is hanging out in titty bars a bit too much lately?) (NO!. We LOVE the dancing you nit.) (That was smack MENSing, learn it, know it, live it.)
Katarina is a pretty woman, with a nice body, good set of handful, natural breasts with amazingly long, dark, hard nipples. Although she has very wholesome looks, Kat is not at all shy about getting down from a double suck and stroke job. Valentino apparently feels the need to sample every foreign asshole he can, so naturally he sucks Kat’s out pretty good before sticking his long cock into her pussy. While he does that Kat does her best to not get too into the rimming she is giving Roberto. Hey, if you don’t like it, don’t do it. She does seem to love sucking cock however, which suits me just fine. The guys move Katarina around quite a bit, fucking her and stuffing her mouth with cock in a few positions before Valentino finally gets to try her backdoor. She proves she can handle it all in some RC that defies description. What is within my ability to describe is the dual facial that she takes so beautifully until her whole lower face is painted white with this jizz. Buttman has found another winner.
Back in the states, Buttman has equally great luck, stumbling onto a curvaceous blonde with a very sexy short haircut, Jonna. She reminds me a lot of a fuller Tianna, incredible ass, long legs and a cute face. With some help from her boyfriend Marcus, Buttman gets an up close intro to this Pacific Northwestern beauty. Her big tits are barely contained by her tiny T shirt, leaving her nipples in clear view as they stick out hard against the thin material. She teases him in the park, showing off a fantastic body before heading back to the hotel. Once there, this interracial couple gets right down to some serious on camera sex. Like the others, Jonna dances for her man before getting naked.
Once she does, Jonna keeps working very slowly, drawing out the tease with long slow licks on his nipples and nibbling at his growing cock through his shorts. By the time she gets down to his throbbing cock, Marcus has his oversized thick woman pleaser hard, huge and ready to go. Even if she can’t get her fingers all the way around his shaft, Jonna slowly works a good deal of meat into her mouth. She is incredibly tight and his cock pushes her pussy lips aside on each stroke. However, this sexy little thing just can’t bounce up and down on his treetrunk like cock fast enough. If watching huge cocks stuffing tight pussies and sexy mouths is your thing, then this scene is one you have to see. As he slams her hard from behind, one can not help but wonder if cute Jonna is going to try to take that baby arm of a cock up her butt. The answer of course is no, but not only does Marcus stop short of boning her ass, but he also shoots (Or more likely fakes) inside of her. Even with this letdown, the scene is still a hot one.
Finally, Buttman is back home, interviewing a couple of guys Steve Hatcher, Michael J. Cox and ahhh, who gives a shit about the guys?. Just when it looks like an uneventful day at the house, the doorbell rings. Who should drop by at such a time? None other than blonde Finnish Goddess Sabina. At last count, this incredibly sexy woman has only shot for Buttman, and only in two or three scenes at most. (Her scene with Rocco in Buttman’s European vacation III was a classic.) With no place to stay, Sabina quickly begins to repay her generous host by helping him try out the stud meat he just happens to have hanging around.
Buttman seems to love Sabina’s curvaceous body as much as I do, so there is lots of great tease footage with her slowly discarding her clothing as she wanders about. He pulls out her big, soft, all real tits and squeezes and plays with them for a while before turning her over to the guys who poke and prod at her pussy and asshole. (Love the golden bush.) She finally takes a stroll around the pool clad in just her heels. (Someone please tell me why the fuck platform shoes are in fashion. How can you take a sexy pump and make it a hideous Frankenstein shoe?) OK, so she may be a bit big for some of you waif lovers out there, but give me those long legs, thick thighs, full hips, huge real boobs and big ass any day. (Not to mention her incredible blue eyes and killer smile.)
Returning to his theme for this video, Buttman has Sabina dance for her three admirers, shoving her big ass in their faces and rubbing her sweet tits all over them. In no time at all, the men are all over this blonde sexpot. Licking, sucking and groping anything they can get their hands on. In return, Sabina shows what a greedy little cocksucker she is. Her lips were just made to be wrapped around a hard dick, and it seems to do as much for her as it does for her very happy male partners. She says she likes them large and having seen her with the likes of Rocco, it is no surprise that this trio of decent sized cocks are no problem for the foxy Fin. Got to love the shot of her with one deep in her throat while she rapidly jerks the two at her sides off. Sabina is a show stealer my friends, she bends over to take a cock while sucking two others, then switches so she is riding one cock with the other two still resting nicely in her mouth.
Even better is the RC where not only does she fuck and suck, but those perfect tits just bounce around wildly with each stroke. OK, enough of the blow by blow fucking, just know that the whole thing is captured perfectly and Sabina is one of the hottest ladies on the planet, so each time they switch and fuck her in a new way is a delight. One more, Sabina squats down on a cock and uses her strong legs to pump up and down while double sucking the other two. (Snapshot!) No anal this time around for Sabina, but the cum shot to close this tape is a killer. The first blast gets her from her eyes to her hairline, followed immediately by a second that covers the rest of her face. Stud number three drops his seed on her ass, which only leaves her hungry to lick it clean. With cum dripping from her face, Sabina just keeps sucking and smiling with her big sweet eyes. Now this is a porn Queen of the highest magnitude. Please Buttman, bring Sabina back quickly.
Buttman, when he is on his game, is the best in the biz, and in this video, he is as on as ever. He has ASS-embled some of the sexiest women around, and as an added bonus, they are not the same, over exposed ladies we often get in other videos. Sabina is the very best of the lot, but Dolly Golden’s gang bang is fantastic, Katarina is a sexy find, as is Jonna, whose interracial scene with her beau’s fat dick is great. Not a bad scene in the vid. Grab this at any price, you will be more than pleased to find the best assfucking on any tape I have seen in some time.


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