Metro- 1997
89 Mins.
DIR: Brad Armstrong and Greg Steel.
STARS: Gina LaMarca, Kaitlyn Ashley, Ruby, Dawn Burning, Asia Carrera, Nadia, Sindee Coxx, Anna Malle, Steve Drake, Sean Rider, Alex Sanders, Peter North and Jon Severini..
THEMES: Future sex.

Post apocalyptic porn plots are not exactly new, but the sort of big budget film that this highly awaited smut epic promises to be, are rare indeed. With Gina LaMarca, the most pre-hyped porn star in recent memory anchoring the cast, this is the sort of adult movie that immediately attracts a lot of attention.
2012, after the great war, Peter North wanders an earth void of cities, cars and people. (But apparently, they still have plenty of hair gel.) A small band of survivors, known as Breeders have been given the challenge to re-populate the earth. Peter stumbles across one of the other Breeders, Sindee Coxx, on the road. (Hey, anyone else see the busy freeway in the background of the deserted wasteland?) These two take their responsibility to the future of humanity very seriously and are on each other in no time. Sindee just spreads wide and takes every inch of hard cock Peter can slam into her. With all the jizz this boy has stored up, the human race seems more than ready to repopulate itself. (One question, if the idea is to impregnate the women, why cum on them then shove it inside?) (Oh shut up loser. At least in the future there are no clueless adult video critics.)
Back at basecamp, Breeders Sean Rider and Alex Sanders are busy doing their duty with Kaitlyn Ashley and Dawn Burning. Spend the rest of eternity having sex with Kaitlyn? Someone drop a fucking bomb right now! The two blondes are very well suited for their new responsibility. With the fate of the human race resting in a woman’s ability to coax a load from a man, I would put Kaitlyn at the top of the list. Both guys are lucky enough to have their shot at by far the hottest woman alive. (Sorry Dawn, nothing personal, Kaitlyn is just the bomb!) Alex even goes backdoor. (Last time I checked this was NOT a good way to impregnate a woman.) The footage here is top notch as her tight ass grips his hard rod. A couple of jizz shots end up on the pair of waiting pussies. Not facials, but hey, at least they got close to where you have to put it to breed. (Maybe the studs’ bad aim explains why none of the Breeder women are yet with child. Come on guys, be like Mike, and put it IN the hole.)
Trying to mess up all this fun are the evil “Population”, a group of pre-war baddies who survived by being in solitaire cells. They can not procreate and as such are a tad bitter. To even the odds a bit, a mysterious man from the future, Steve Drake, comes to help the Breeders. There are some interesting dialog scenes, but with Drake clearly in command of his lines, the rather pathetic performance of Alex stands out like a well trimmed beard in a world void of electric trimmers. (Rog the continuity editor.) The following Mad Max like scenes are really well shot. Special effects and stunts are not often used in porn, and when they are, it is usually a huge disaster, however this time they come off very well. Through a flashback, (Or forward actually) scene, Drake recounts how he left his wife, Nadia. Their last second bone fest is an adequate effort. Nothing to complain about, but in a movie with a stunning case and some brilliant sex, not even a nice drippy facial can make this more than a passing pairing.
The population have captured Alex and rather than torture him, they decide to make him fuck two of their women. (You see the population guys can’t get it up.) Considering the girls are red hot redhead Ruby and super slut Anna Malle, I don’t think this is much of a torture. In fact, sign me up. (For Ruby alone I’d walk through fire.)By now, you should all be familiar with what a slam hound Anna is, but let me introduce those of you not fortunate enough to have seen Ruby, to a truly fantastic new piece of ass. This woman has the body from Hell, an insatiable attitude and just the right mix of believability and sensuality to move her right up the Rog hit list. I’m not a big fan of slow motion during a good sex scene, which gets in the way here. Still, Ruby shines well beyond any minor technical annoyances. She lets Anna catch the jizz rocket on her face, but still, steals the show and captures this reviewers attention in a big way.
A second newcomer enters this war, and this time, she comes sans facial hair. Gina LaMarca bursts onto the scene, an avenging angel who ravishes poor Jon. Gina is very attractive, but to be honest, she has a long way to go before she is on the same level as some of her co-stars (Kaitlyn, Asia, Ruby etc.) I suppose the appeal here is that she was the Penthouse Pet of the Year, but as of yet, I don’t see why all the hype. She is however, already an enthusiastic fucker with the right attitude to make her a star. In un-Pet like manner, Gina takes a load right on her face. Not a bad start.
On the heels of that performance, Gina is right back on her knees sucking her second on screen cock. Actually, it’s the same guy, but her second scene. Since the participants did not chance, and the action is pretty much identical, (Lots of hair pulling.) I would have separated the two scenes. Still, Gina does look fine, and has a future if she wants it.
Who wins the climactic battle for the future? Watch the movie and find out. Just know that it is a well done action sequence that is a nice interlude leading up the final Drake/Carrera sex scene. Even in the future, Asia looks fantastic and she takes great care to assure that Steve’s cock is good and ready to plant his seed. If you’re breeding for the future, you could do a lot worse than starting with someone so genetically perfect. The scene is a bit too short, but still, it’s always good to look at Asia being porked.
The makers of this big budget film do a lot right. The action sequences are very well shot, the locations are a nice change of pace and the costumes are very genuine. (Someone who was in the movie just told me that they came from Waterworld.) The sex scenes are perhaps a bit too short at times, which is too bad because this is a very hot cast from top to bottom, with Kaitlyn, Asia and Gina being the ones to watch. Also, I could do with much less slow motion footage during the sex. Save the nifty camera tricks for the motorcycle chases and explosions and let me just watch gorgeous women taking cocks in their mouths, pussies and asses. Still, it is nice to see a porn film where the special effects are not only NOT a hindrance, but also add to the overall viewing experience. Pick up Breeders and enjoy a great ride.

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