Bottom Dweller Final Voyage



Elegant Angel- 1996

DIR: Patrick Collins

STARS: Nadia Moore, Pryce Leigh, Nicole Lace, Victoria Queen, Vanessa, Nikita, Devon Shore, Belinda, Kelly O’Dell, Thomas Ryder, Santino Lee, Martin Stone, Frank Gun, Thunder, Tom Byron, Roscoe Bowltree, Al Trego, Jimmy Capp.




It’s time to sit back and enjoy a tale, a tale of trip aboard the wildest, wettest vessel in or out of dock. The Elegant Angel team of Patrick Collins, Michael Cates and Bruce Seven have taken us aboard before and each time, the ride was nothing short of an E ticket. With a star studded cast backing this first class production team, the fourth Bottom Dweller Voyage promises to make waves.

Busty blonde, bikini clad Pryce Leigh is the first lovely to wet her feet as she drops by to catch some rays. Thomas Ryder is the lucky stiff who gets to apply the suntan oil to this heavenly body. He must have the magic touch, because a few strokes of his oil slicked fingers, and Pryce is shedding her coat like a long haired cat in the SoCal summer. Deciding it’s a bit too warm poolside, Pryce takes the little party indoors for some naked fun and games. Here, a long foot massage, (Would you have expected anything less from a Collins vid?) turns into some down and dirty pussy eating. From the waist down, this heavily tanned (God, I LOVE tan lines) blonde is about as close to perfection as I have ever seen. She attacks her sex scene with gusto and does not stop until Thomas has showered her man made hooters with a coat of his own oil. Nice bit of work to open up.

Here the plot begins to thicken a bit, and I don’t want to give too much away. Let’s just say that a couple of bad guys, Santino Lee and Tom Stone, are rummaging through Harry Dweller’s house. When they are barged in upon by a cute little number, Devon Shore, who is looking for some therapy to cure her frigidity, things take a turn for the better for the would be thieves. Believing that Santino is in fact, the world famous sex therapist, she succumbs to his unusual methods, showing him just how good a farmer’s daughter can suck cock. With the help of his assistant, the pair soon have Devon pretty worked up. Now, while Devon may not be a typical porn star, she has a very real look about her that is quite attractive. Girl next door may be clinched, however in this instance, it is the best way to describe this fresh faced brunette. Those innocent looks, however, don’t seem to slow her down any, as she enthusiastically fucks Santino and Tom four ways to Sunday. Her therapy is only complete when Santino fucks her in the ass as Tom showers her face with his spunk, something he does not once, but twice. Bravo Tom, way to go. Do these impostor therapists get the job done? You’re gonna have to watch to find out.

The real Harry (Patrick Collins) makes his first appearance, meeting with two very lovely European ladies, Vanessa and Nikita. To be honest, the sound on this scene is really shitty, so it’s hard to follow the dialog. No matter, all you have to know is that Harry is there to help them out with some problem, and that his therapy inevitable leads the two gal pals to get naked and fuck. Both women are the type of tall, slender women that Collins loves. The straight haired Vanessa really catches my eye, for her good looks and for her more inspired sexual heat in the three way therapy session with Harry and Nikita. The action here is pretty short, and to be honest, not as hot as we might hope. Again, this scene suffers more from outstanding material around it, than from an overall lack of quality. I have come to expect so much from Collins, in this and other features, that anything short of a ten, seems a bit weak by comparison.

Back on the beaches of sunny SoCal, Pryce Leigh is back, this time with friends, Nadia Moore and Nicole Lace. The three bikini clad lovelies decide a sunny day is as good a time as any to try a little experimental lesbian love action. Hey, beats cleaning out the sock drawer. Nadia and Nicole, both brunettes are very hot, with my nod going to Nicole as one of the hottest women in porn today. What a face, and oh so nasty. (Natural breast alert…both Nicole and Nadia appear to be untouched by silicone.) Ms. Lace is leading this little debauchery test, breaking out some rather sizable dildos and giving Nadia a lesson on how to eat Pryce’s puss. All three women are soon rolling around in a sweaty pile of overheated female flesh. Quite the sight for sapho lovers everywhere.

Meanwhile, Santino and his sidekick are hot on the trail of Harry. As you would expect, the chase leads them to the home of a beautiful woman, this time Victoria Queen. It seems that Victoria and her boyfriend Frank are in need of some therapy. Poor Frank’s lady can’t seem to be happy with just one man. Lucky for them, Santino is available for an on the spot session. What follows is a very passable, and well shot threesome with some very impressive anal and a decent facial. Nothing spectacular, but still very watchable.

As the action switches back to Harry, he is counseling a couple, who are dealing with boredom. What does Dr. Dweller prescribe? Well, this is a porno, so he decides that the husband needs to watch his lovely wife, Belinda, fuck another man, in this case, Harry himself (NATCH!) Once Harry gets her good and ready with some finger fucking, the husband gets to join in the fun and get his cock sucked by this exotic Euro-slut. What follows is a short fuck scene with no anal and no facial. Not bad, but nothing to write home about.

The plot takes a few twists here, but I will let you follow that on your own. After nearly two hours, we finally get to the main reason I bought this tape to begin with, Kelly O’Dell. One of porn’s all time prettiest women is back, and she looks hotter than ever. Her post-pregnancy boobs have ballooned out nicely and her shaved pussy looks as tight as can be. After a very sexy solo scene in the bathtub, Kelly hooks up with Tom Byron. Tom, sporting his new short haircut, dons rubber gloves before entering into a ‘business’ arrangement with Kelly. (You know, if hookers looked like her, off track betting would be out of business.) Proving she is as horny as ever, Kelly is quickly brought to a squirming boil, launching the scene into high gear from the start.

I always liked watching Kelly give head. There is just something about a gorgeous woman sucking cock that is so appealing. She never seemed to be all that into her scenes before, but this time around, she does not lack enthusiasm. Quite to the contrary, she is loud, active and very limber as she rides Tom, then pulls back her legs for one of my other favorite shots in porn. From a hot and nasty doggy fuck, we get to the mail attraction. In what is billed as her first and only anal (I have a friend who swears she has done A before) Kelly O’Dell takes us where no man has gone before. (Although I’m sure we have all wanted to go there.) For her first on screen anal, Kelly did not go easy, taking all Tom can give her deep inside what was once considered one of porn’s most pristine butts. That alone makes this scene a keeper, but to top it off Tom rips his condom right off to spray down Kelly’s all too lovely face.

This is not the best Patrick Collins tape ever, but that is sort of like saying this is not the best chocolate pie I’ve ever had. The sex is hot and nasty, the women are mostly extraordinary. Kelly O’Dell is far and way the shining star in this bunch. Her scene is one of the best looking scenes of the year. This alone is worth the rental, and I will reserve all the final paragraph praise for Kelly. Enough said.

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