Black Pussyman Auditions



57 Mins.
Snatch- 1995
DIR: David Christopher
STARS: Taboo, Midori, Cassandra, Mr. Marcus, Jake Steed,.
THEMES: Black Women, Big Tits.

No time to settle in and wonder what sort of plot there might in this video. Before you can say “Ongoing Series”, the credits are over and sweet faced Taboo is starting her audition for Pussyman himself. Her sexy little black outfit shows off a good amount of her trim body and plenty of her beautiful cocoa skin. She shows off for the camera, displaying her charms and warming up her pussy for more fun to come. Pussyman, as usual, does some of the sampling himself, before turning her lose with a brand new sex toy. It takes no time at all before she has made this toy her own and is working it in and out of her tight hole. In this case, the term tight barely describes Taboo’s pussy properly. In some nice close up shots, you can just see her pussy lips gripping the plastic cock with each stroke. Once she is good and juiced up, Mr. Marcus comes in to finish the audition with some of the real thing.
Taboo gladly accepts his member into her mouth and goes right to work getting it in fighting shape. It takes a surprisingly long time considering the tremendous care and attention she gives his slowly thickening shaft. They move to fucking a bit too fast, and Marcus is having some serious wood troubles. They don’t last long though, not once he gives that tight hole a few good strokes. They sort of rush through three quick fuck positions before Taboo takes his cock back in her mouth, this time really going to town, struggling to get it back hard. It’s rough going and his pop shot comes with the camera in a less than perfect angle as most of it streams away from her face. Taboo rubs what she can get into her face and looks angelic. Still, a bit of a disappointment thanks to poor wood and a weak facial.
Cassandra Curves the next dark skinned beauty to come and see Pussyman. Damn, what a set this woman has! She shows off her many assets, including of course, her huge mams. Those bad boys even get wrapped around Pman’s cock for a short period of time as Cassandra is stripping down and getting ready to get it on. To get us as warmed us as she is, Cassandra turns her attentions to her own pink pussy, rubbing and fingering her tight hole until her slit is wet and juicy. Right in the middle of this bone inspiring sight, Tony Montana wanders into the room, hardon in hand and goes to work lapping up said juices. His brief pussy sucking is more than adequately rewarded as Cassandra goes to work sucking Tony’s balls. This girl goes to town and really inhales his sack for a long time, working him into a good frenzy before ever letting his cock slide between her full, inviting lips. His dick is hard and ready to slide into her shaved slit in no time, and Tony starts slamming away, making those wonderful funbags jiggle about while he pounds into her pussy. Any fan of big breasted women will love the way her flopping tits are accentuated in every position as Tony struggles to keep up with a woman who obviously has one hell of a sex drive. He finally spunks all over those mounds of mouthwatering chocolate. I think it is safe to assume that Cassandra passed the audition.
Midori is third, final and far and away most drop dead beautiful woman in this tape. Every since I first saw her on film, I have been captivated by her incredible beauty, killer bod, dynamite sexuality and of course, her unforgettable on screen oral talents. (I’m sure they are just as good on camera, but can only dream of finding out for myself.) Midori shows off some of her hot moves for Pussyman, rubbing her sweet pussy and showing off her great ass. Jake Steed is the fortunate stud who is laughing his ass off at his high school guidance counselor as Midori settles in next to him. Tasting this lovely muffin has to be better than anything said useless school official might have had in mind. Of course, what I was waiting to see was just how this ebony Goddess handles Jake’s big fat cock in her lovely mouth. To say that she does not disappoint would be a horrid understatement. Her tongue is incredibly active and has Jake moaning in seconds as she attacks his big prick with lips, mouth, tongue and great hand action. All of this impressive oral action is well rewarded however, as Midori is able to climb aboard a fully erect pussy plugger that seem to meet her high standards. She rides cowgirl for a while, giving us a great view of her fantastic backside, before spinning around and giving us a perfect shot of her pussy grinding on his oversized pole. This is some serious acrobatic fucking and is a complete treasure to watch. Some really nice high angel shots of from behind penetration that really show how tight and full her pussy is, lead to a spin around and catch a load right on the face shot. Very good facial, with Midori open mouthed and as beautiful as ever with her face streaked in thick sticky jizz.
This Pussyman tape is a lot like the others, only the color of the beautiful faces has changed. Taboo and Cassandra are quite good, but it is Midori who absolutely steals the show with beauty, on screen charisma and sexual fire that far outshines her competition.

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