Joannie Pneumatic


Hip Video- 1997
DIR: Herschel Savage
STARS: Tatiana, Selena, Davia Ardell, Nicole London, Vince Voyeur, Steve Drake, Dave Hardman..
THEMES: Nymphomania.
Porn videos with take off titles rarely follow the regular flick that they lampoon. In most cases, these X versions are usually lame attempts to cash in on successful movies. However, the Keanu Reeves flick that this X vid borrows its title from was such a piece of shit, that the porn version is actually a more entertaining, and better acted piece of work. The story revolves around Joannie, (Selena) a rough and tumble tomboy who is totally at home on a construction site or arm wrestling with her buds Vince Voyeur and Dave Hardman after hours. You know, you can dress Selena down any way you want, but she is still an exceptionally pretty lady. The problem she has is that when the beers and the male bonding are over, Vince and Dave are more at home stripping down with sexy barmaid Tatiana. She’s quick to say that she is woman enough to handle them both, and even quicker to prove it. Tatiana’s pretty, dark features make for some great oral action as she sucks cock and gets her asshole licked before taking a very hard pounding from Vince. What a shock to see that the luscious hooters bouncing around in her Daisy Duke top are not silicone, but in fact, real flesh and blood mams. (Or at least a very reasonable facsimile.) While she gets fucked by Vince, Tatiana screams so loudly that Dave has to shove his cock in her mouth to shut her up. (Why didn’t he do that before she started screaming?) A very short anal, leads into a rousing bar top DP with the brunette barmaid equally filled in both her lower openings. Vince pulls out of her ass and positions Tatiana for a double face creaming that leaves her with a sperm mask that is a lovely sight.
Cut to Steve Drake and Nicole London, a couple of semi-mad scientists working on a special computer chip. Apparently this chip, when implanted into the human brain, will turn any woman into a raving nympho. Stepford Wives 90’s style I guess. The problem is that the only person to have tried the chip is locked away in a padded cell, chronically choking his chicken. While this makes him a bad researcher, it makes him just perfect for a lusty scientist like Nicole. The average looking redhead seems to enjoy their oral exchange on the floor of his padded cell. She gives very enthusiastic head, too bad the guy is groaning and hissing like a beastman, giving me a killer headache. The whole scene is a rather unimpressive two position fuck with a belly cum shot. While it is well shot, the scene was just not hot to watch, in part because I don’t find either performer has that much on screen heat.
Into this wacky research facility walk Joannie and Joe. Although they are there to do some construction work, but Drake quickly figures out that the drab lass is perfect for his experiment. With the promise to make her the most desirable woman in the world, the doc has his new guinea pig. Once Selena comes to after her surgery, she is indeed a transformed woman. So much so that Drake has to prove that she is now irresistible. He slowly and gently licks and kisses her body head to foot, concentrating, not surprisingly, on her shaved puss. The chip also makes Joannie’s love for guy stuff disappear. In it’s place is a predisposed lust for a cock in her mouth. She sucks him like a finely tuned machine. Props to Savage for knowing that we want to watch her suck cock and keeping the camera focused on her. A simple concept that so many directors forget these days.
Selena doesn’t fuck like a newcomer to the ways of lust. Must be her great acting skills, (Remember, she has that thing implanted in her head.) She looks fantastic as she rides his cock. I would say talent like this just might get Joannie noticed. Her curvy little body is just screaming femininity, and the way she gulps down sperm, no one is ever going to confuse her with one of the guys again.
The new Selena has no trouble prying Vince away from the amorous barmaid. In no time at all, they are back at his place and stripping away her girly clothes to get to the woman underneath. He is clearly hot for her tight body, and who wouldn’t be, but after sucking her sweet pussy, Vince goes right for some screwing, skipping the pleasurable and visually stunning Selena blowjob. We have to settle for watching her round ass jiggle as Vince nails her doggy and Selena begs for more. Not a terrible compromise I suppose. After letting is newly insatiable gal pal ride him to her heart’s content, Vince remedies his earlier oversight and puts Selena’s mouth to good use. After we watch her take a wad in her mouth, Selena seems hurt as Vince becomes an instant asshole.
Somehow we end up back at the lab, where blonde nurse Davia is teasing the mental patioent through the glass. She is having a blast, but gets discovered by Nicole. They disagree, they scuffle, they fuck. (NATCH) Davia fucks Nicole really hard with a long dildo, and in return Nicole shows she can love just as hard, slapping the blonde bimbo’s ass red before tugging on her pussy lips. The highlight has to be Davia strap on fucking Nicole then making her suck the plastic dick clean. Not a bad bit of girl/girl kink.
All ends well for our heroine as she discovers that her sensuality comes from within her, not the computer chip. In all, this is a very watchable video, with outstanding technical quality. Shot on Betacam, you could not ask for a sharper picture or better lighting. The sex is good as well, with Selena being the obvious stand out here. Also hot is Tatiana, who is someone to watch. Nice directing by Savage, and a killer boxcover. Pick it, it’s worth the rental.

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