Jenna’s Built For Speed


84 Mins.
VCA- 1997
DIR: Brad Armstrong
STARS: Jenna Jameson, Serenity, Shayla LaVeaux, Missy, Jill Kelly, Brittany Andrews, Felicia, Melissa Hill, Nadia.
THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Cars, Sex Toys, Jenna.

One of the absolute truths in life is that most men love fast cars and pretty women. While I could give a shit about the former, the latter always makes my day. Writer director and Mr. Jenna, Brad Armstrong has seized on this male weakness to combine both in his latest video. Now, I jab at Brad for being best known as the guy Jenna comes home to, but he has done some very adventurous and impressive work of late. Generally, very high quality with plenty of attention focused on his lovely stars.
Jenna, Missy and Serenity open this babe fest with a three way lez tryst on the hood of a car. Even if girl/girl sex is not your favorite, anytime Jenna and Missy share the screen, you have to look, just for the sheer beauty. After lovely Jenna takes a two hole fingering from her friends, she repays them by holding the two headed dildo they share. Nice dildo DP for Jenna and some fake motor oil poured over three incredible bodies round out this opening volley.
Each scene is introduced by Jenna and revolves around a particular car. Each car sets us up with a different feel for the scene. OK, so it’s not Manchurian Candidate, but it is pretty cool for porn. Busty blondes Jenna and Brittany Andrews, dressed in full gangland attire, square off in an all tits pairing that will have busty fans drooling. The stunted colors are cool for a while, but I prefer my smut in full color thank you very much. Jenna sure does bury her tongue way up Brittany’s asshole. Brittany returns the favor with a long, thick vibrator that makes Jenna squirm and squeal. Lots of dildo play and two great bods make for a decent lez scene.
Felecia joins in for a more modern muff dive with Jenna, who is now sporting a long blonde wig. Right about this time, genius Rog is figuring out that this is girls only video, which bums me out big time. At least Jenna puts a strap on to Felecia. That always makes for good video. She looks great pumping a prone Felecia with her fake cock.
All done up in a very sexy 50’s outfit, Jenna is back showing off beside a classic Detroit monster. I happen to love the whole carhop idea, so when Jenna is swept off her skates by horny Missy and Nadia, I am, in spite the lack of dick here, very interested in this scene. These two practically worship Jenna’s body, and I have to admit she looks nearly perfect here. Once on her knees, the sexy carhop shows she really knows her way around another girl’s pussy. Out come the toys and Missy watches while Jenna shares a two header with Nadia. They both return the favor, DPing the superstarlet with plastic peni. This is the best scene in the video by far. Jenna at her cock stiffening best. (Without a guy that is.)
Black wigged Jenna is back as a chauffeur for Jill Kelly and you know she has plenty of wicked things on her mind. Some shoe worshipping by the sexy chauffeur before she turns her attentions to her mistress’ pussy. By this time, the thrill of watching Jenna’s perfect body is wearing a bit thin, but somehow she has enough appeal and star power to keep me watching. Beautiful bodies and yet another two headed dildo highlight this pairing.
Jenna and five friends have a country hoe-down in the back of a pickup, and this is nothing short of a fabulous feast of female flesh. In addition to Jenna, Missy, Serenity, Felicia and Jill Kelly, one of my faves, Melissa Hill joins the fun. Everywhere you turn one lovely lady is busy licking another. Jenna and Missy make the best team in my book, but Jill and Melissa are not far behind. What is it with Jenna and these acrylic dildos? Does she own stock in the company. (Rog chuckles to himself thinking of that razor commercial. ‘I liked it so much, I bought the company.”)
Generally, I run from all girl videos, but Jenna looked so good on the boxcover, I never even checked to see if there were any guys in it. Jenna looks just as good in this video, and big fans of hers will be thrilled to see that the blonde bombshell in each scene. As far as girl/girl action goes, this is pretty good stuff. I’m still not a fan of no dick porn, but given some of the hetero crap that is out there, this is still a very wroth while effort. Cars and girls. Girls and cars. Tell you what. You keep the cars, I’ll take Jenna, Brittany and Melissa.

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