New Ends 2


New Ends 2
4-Play, 1993
Director: Ed Powers
Stars: Anisa, JaLynn, K.C James, Kristian Summers, Kitty Yung, Ed Powers, Jake Steed.
Themes: Anal Sex Overall Rating: 7-
Ed Powers, the King of debut videos, takes his schtick to the backdoor in this volume of the spin off to his Dirty Debutantes series. This video, which could just as easily have been called “Anal Debutantes”, varies not one degree from the others. So, from the get go, if you like Ed then keep going, if you don’t, you would be best not to have picked up this title at all.
Anisa opens up New Ends 2 with a brief introduction. She makes a big deal about being causal and un made up, but she still looks dangerously cute in jeans and baseball cap as she leads us into her own scene with Ed and Jake Steed. Avoiding the usual long interview session, we go straight to Anisa wrapping her beautiful lips around Steed’s huge cock. I mean, this is a sight. One of the tiniest porn stars I have ever seen sucking on what has to be the biggest cock in porn today. Hardly one to beovermatched, the lovely Phillipina gives Jake a thorough sucking before hopping atop his horse dick. It’s slow going at first, but soon Anisa is riding hard and fast as if her life depends on it.
Never one to sit on the sidelines for too long, Ed soon takes advantage of Anisa’s exposed rosebud, sliding is cocktail weenie into her backdoor. This is a pretty well shot DP with just a bit too much of Ed’s big, pale backside blocking out the lovely Anisa. For her part, Anisa seems to take the double dorking with a high degree of enthusiasm. The same can not be said for the way she feels about getting any of their double load in her mouth. It is quite a killer facial, I must say, with the lovely face dripping with jizz, however Anisa makes no bones about not wanting any of it inside her mouth.
Up next, is a curvy brunette K.C. James. Even three years after this video, I can pretty safely say that this was one of few, or possibly the only scene that she appeared in. From the far too long interview segment (An Ed Powers trademark) we learn very little about his dancer other than that she is from Denver, does not like to masturbate, speaks a little German, you know the real important stuff. Once we get to see K.C. naked, things at last get interesting. She is by no means a classic porn goddess, you know, the skinny, plastic looking Barbie doll type, however, she is quite attractive and sports a curvy, 37D frame that is 100% natural that will appeal to a lot of men.
Say what you want about Ed Powers, but the man must be doing something right. Not only are his tapes still hugely popular, but the women who work with him, all seem to enjoy his oral talents a great deal. While blowing Powers’ less than overwhelming cock is something short of a major chore, it must be noted that K.C. seems quite at home with a bone in her mouth and gives a good effort here.
Her wide hips and big, natural tits are well displayed as Ed takes her from behind, reminding me somewhat of Keisha or Trinity Loren, K.C. certainly seems to be cumming for real from Ed’s furious fucking. There is surprisingly little fanfare as Ed rolls her onto her stomach and takes her anal cherry, however K.C. never seems to stop cumming no matter where Ed pokes her, this busty brunette is like the orgasmic Energizer Bunny. (Insert overused tag line here) The final ass to mouth cum shot may be a puss to mouth, but who really cares, the payoff, regardless of from whence it came, looks fantastic on K.C..’s pretty face.
Up next on the ass busting parade is 19 year old, pretty blonde JaLynn. This 34-24-34, 4’11” sexpot could just as easily be the girl next door. Once again, I do not remember seeing JaLynn in anything after this video, which is really too bad, as she is quite a hotty. Once again, Ed engages the lovely lady in some rather inane babble about nothing in particular. In truth, it wouldn’t much matter what they were talking about, this girl is so cute, I couldn’t wait to see Ed go at her. She masturbates for a good long while, looking unbelievably hot before bringing Ed into the scene with her. Once on the bed, Powers’ get a long blow job from this blonde with the Homecoming Queen good looks before taking her from behind. Good work in both instances of focusing the camera’s attention on JaLynn and her pretty face, not Ed and his Munchkin like physique.
Again the transfer from vaginal to anal penetration is rather abrupt, which I find odd for a tape that is supposed to focus on anal virgins. Still, watching a girl this hot, clad just in white boots, getting fucked in the ass is a great visual. Very hot indeed. It would be nice, however to get a bit of variety in position would be great. I’m sure that in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, JaLynn might have appreciated having Ed’s corpulent carcass hoisted off of her body long enough for the poor girl to catch her breath before he spills his seed into her buttcrack.
Up next, is a blonde young lady named Kristian. She’s a 22 year old, with a very sexy trailer trash look that works really well for this scene. She is not really an anal virgin, but she is a video virgin with a healthy appetite for experimenting. A big problem here is that not only does Ed talk way too much, but now his camera operato>
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