Power Productions
DIR: Jim Powers
STARS: Missy, Julie Rage, Tricia Deveraux, Holly Body, Nena Cherry, Alex Dane, Tawny Ray, Kyle Stone, Vince Voyeur, Mickey, Rick Trickle, Dave Hardman
THEMES: Demon Sex, Incest Fantasies.
Anyone familiar with the “Perverted Stories” series will know that Jim Powers is capable of some very off the wall sexual scenarios. This time, instead of short blasts of kinky perversions, he tries to keep up the action throughout an entire feature. As expected, this is not your normal story, but rather something from the dark dreams of a twisted mind. (In a good way of course.)
This story follows a blocked up writer on a personal battle with his inner demons. Actually, what he is doing, is giving us a great excuse to watch some rather odd sexual pairings. His emotional distress over the loss of his sister will interest those of you who did not fast forward this compelling set up. The first stopping point on the stroker’s hit list comes after a bit too much footage of our hero stumbling through darkened tunnels. He finds his departed sister in a torrid three way with the devil (Dave Hardman) and another lost soul (Julie Rage) Anyone else thinking of the Exorcist? “Your mother sucks cock in Hell.” Tawny Ray plays his sister, and she is better looking than Julie, but still,. this is a scene for kinky sex lovers, not beauty queen fans. I personally can do without the whole sex with Satan thing, so for me this trifecta is largely fast forward fodder. Julie takes and anal (NATCH) and most of an A2M cum shot and swap that is pretty high on the nasty scale.
These wild dreams seem to bring about even more oddities. The writer watches as a leather masked stranger (The Gimp from Pulp Fiction?) bangs away on his word processor until Nena Cherry and Holly Body appear in while face paint to ruin each others make up with plenty of passionate kissing and pussy sucking. The hooded man joins in for another three way. Nena takes the anal this time and the facial is a bit better. Still, this pair does nothing for me either.
Delving deeper into his repressed memories, we are taken back to the writer’s early years. Lost among the recollections of toy soldiers and baby sitters is another trip into the catacombs where he is distracted by Ms. Rage. Lots of ass licking for those of you who like this, but not nearly enough oral sex footage to make me happy. Julie is much better in this scene, more active and much more vocal. Great standing fuck and a good shot on her tongue make this the most watchable pairing to this point.
A trip to a big shot movie director’s house advances the plot, but mostly it gives us the chance to see Missy in a poolside three way with Vince and Mr. Director. This blonde’s good looks and sexual abandon are reason to grab anything she is in. She sucks cock with a sparkle in her eye and fucks like a five dollar whore on pay day. Thankfully, this scene, unlike the rest of them, showcases Missy with her mouth full of cock for a good long time at the beginning and throughout the scene. Check out the fierce standing fuck, killer! Vince gets to fuck her ass for a while, and this is very well captured before she is filled even further in a hot DP. Attention Jenna, Chasey and Raquel, this is why Missy has the hardware on her mantle. The double facial shot to close things out is the highlight of the movie by far. Another great Missy scene.
Back in the fog below ground, some guy emerges from the fog only to find his dick in the mouths of Tricia Deveraux and Alex Dane. The girls have some sort of jello shit on their hands, which totally baffles me, but who cares, Alex and Tricia have two of the freshest faces in all of porn They are both walking wet dreams, although Alex, with her shaved pussy and flat chest, does border on child like a bit too much for me. Tricia, who looks like the girl that everybody loves a frat party is quite nasty, tonguing plenty of ass before being plowed from behind. Sexy Alex takes it in her tight ass before the darling duo share a blow/ball/hand job right into a fountain like mouth gusher. Alex and Tricia share the gobs of jizz in a facial to remember.
Want plot twists? Watch the end of the video. You know, until the Missy scene, the plot actually had me watching closer than the sexual action. Big props to Powers for an interesting story that has some depth to it. The acting is credible and sets are quite interesting. For me, the sex scenes were a bit lukewarm until the final pair. Missy steals the show, but Alex Dane and Tricia Deveraux give a great effort in their lone scene. Interesting viewing to say the least.

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