Mike South’s Travels 2



112 Mins.
Xplor Media- 1997
DIR: Mike South.
STARS: Dimond Leroc, Morgan Fairlane, China Lee, Sasha Wells, Taz, Mike South..
THEMES: Facials, New(ish) girls, Heels & Hose.

Mike South always manages to find hot women and get them into nasty situations. For the second time, Mike takes his traveling gentleman show on the road to sunny SoCal where he hooks up with a bevy of cuties, including one of my favorite little known porn strumpets, Sasha Welles. (Hey, wasn’t this my idea? Southern California Belles? Oh well, see if I give this one a good review. ? )
Diamond Leroc is a tall Colorado girl who has already won a solo amateur video award for her performance on a mechanical bull. (Anyone who has this video, or knows where I can find it, let me know.) He shot this in Vegas during CES, (No wonder I couldn’t find Mike at the Xplor booth.) Since she won the solo award, Mike lets her get warmed up for the cameras and we are treated to a Rog fave, a good finger fucking masturbation scene. All the pinky pumping just seems to make Mike hungry and he dives in for a tasty treat. Quite the inviting pussy, who can blame her for putting her hands all over it? Diamond moves in with teasing eyes and probing tongue to suck Mike’s southern salami. She works on it for a long time before smiling at it, satisfied with a (blow) job well done. Her reward? I nice long ride atop that good sized pussy pleaser. She is quite the enthusiastic rider and seems to delight in having Mike slam his meat deep inside her pussy. (Hose and heels alert!) Nothing better at the end of a good fuck than to see an attractive face covered in cream like the sweetest glazed donought in the case.
China Lee is up next, and she is looking every bit as hot as when I saw her at CES. Of course, I did not get her back at my hotel room like Mike does. China, who in other videos I have seen, is used to getting tossed around and fucked silly, seems to really enjoy the special attention Mike lavishes upon her. She returns the favor by giving a very loving blowjob until his cock is swollen almost too big for her tiny hands. That doesn’t stop her from sucking it deep or from begging for it in her shaved slit. China fucks and takes a pounding as hard as anyone and from the grin on Mike’s grille, I’d say he is having the time of his already blessed life. Her tight ass also seems to be a hot button as his long strokes bring forth a stream of sexy talk, made even better by her heavy East Coast accent. She keeps up her dirty dialog as Mike straddles her chest and jacks off over her face. She takes a full load of jizz on her face, leaving her with a great cum covered smile.
Mike meets roving reporter Morgan Fairlane who does and in depth interview with our hero in a bit of role reversal. This must have been early on during CES because she got a cool haricut during the show and still has her long locks in this scene. Morgan is one of the most sexually appealing women I have seen come onto the scene in a long time, and watching her go to work on Mike’s cock is an incredible treat. (Make it longer next time Mike!) He works his own oral magic on her pussy, leaving the beautiful blonde out of breath and ready to be fucked. She is quite enthusiasic about being fucked and is wonderfully unashamed to vocalize this as he fills her full of hot rod. After climaxing loudly, Morgan makes her pretty face available for thick, sticky protein facebath. Got Jizz? Hell yeah, she does, all over her sexy, smiling face.
Mike heads west to San Diego and finds young woman Melissa. As it turns out, this man on the street interview uncovers a secret fantasy in this cutie, to be in an adult video. (Imagine that.) Mike takes her to a nearby rooftop and finds that her dress is perfect for some easy access muff diving. After another painfully short blowjob scene (Yes, I know in public you have to rush a bit.) Melissa hikes up her dress and rides Mike. Does the big tattoo on her ass ruin the innocent look for anyone else? Even still, she is a very cute, petite woman who takes all Mike has to offer in a frantic boff that of course, ends in a facial creaming.
Next up is one of my favorites from her Xplor videos, Sasha Welles. This very sexy Mexican has a stunning smile, beautiful eyes and compact body that just screams sex. Again, we don’t get to see nearly enough of her lovely lips wrapped around cock, but since she takes such a good hard boning, who am I to complain? She looks best in doggy, showing off her fine ass and in RC where we get a look at a sexy pair or real breasts. It takes a pretty good bit of effort to get this cock into her obviously tight ass, but Mike is such a giver, that he “suffers” through it just to give us this lovely sight. Mike gives this south of the boarder sweeite a perfect facial pasting and has her smile up into the camera, a cum covered vision of erotic perfection.
Once again, Mike South has taken his popular act on the road. Morgan and Sasha are the clear highlights in this tape, which features five women instead of the usual three from the Southern Belle series. Each of them is cute, fresh and ends with a nice big load on their pretty faces. Another well shot tape with just one suggestion, we need to see more of these lovelies sucking cock. Beyond that, another fine effort from Mr. South and Xplor Media.

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