Max World 7


85 Mins.
Legend- 1997
DIR: Max Hardcore
STARS: Dina Pearl, Tori, Allyssa Allure, Max Hardcore.
THEMES: Anal Sex, Gaping Assholes, Max.

In the past five years, no adult film maker has been more talked about, hated, loved and debated than mad Max. Through all the controversy and commotion, he seems to keep right on going, like some short, angry, misogynist Energizer Bunny with a pint sized hard on. Even with his incredible success, Max can’t seem to stay with one company too long, in fact, he as bounced around from company to company of late. So, what is the baddest boy in porn up to these days?
The production company may have changed, but the Max formula is still the same. Max takes his act on the road, finds three women willing to have his way with, and does everything humanly possible to their bodies. Blonde Euro-bim Dina Pearl is the first to cross Max’s path. Now, I have seen this girl in some Anabolic videos and she is a first class cocksucker for sure. Of course, Max wants her mouth on his cock, but the biggest difference here is that while Chris Alexander had Dina suck cock, Max prefers to hold a woman’s head and jam his little prick into her mouth. Sorry guys, but to me, this has about as much sexual appeal as those blasted WNBA equines who keep showing up on my TV. Please, directors and would be directors out there, don’t fuck up a good blow job, by not letting the woman (Or man, as I imagine this would apply to gay videos as well.) do anything. As usual, Max skips vaginal sex all together and has Dina hop on for some RCA that is pretty damn hot when I don’t have to listen to Max growl at her and call her a “Cunt” a thousand times. Hey, shut the fuck up, no one wants to hear you anyway. When Max is quite, the dildo helped DP footage is top notch. Dina is quite a slut and damn sexy in my book. There are a few too many gaping A hole shots for me, but most of you watching this video love that about Max, so enjoy.
Where I have to hit the fast forward button completely is when he pulls out the clear gyno tools. What the FUCK? This shit is not sexy. It has got to be one of the five most unwatchable things in all of porn. I will not watch this shit because it has no erotic value whatsoever. The facial is messy and Max does have good aim. This scene has potential, and some enjoyable moments, however, his constant growling, gyno tools and face fucking are just beyond redemption.
Back in the City of Angels, Max visits the annual VSDA show. With his clothes, on Max is actually pretty charming here, taking us on a tour of the show. Check it out, this is the only way you are going to see Chasey Lain and Nina Hartley in a Max video. This is really good video and I applaud Max for it.
After the show, Max knows he needs to find a girl who is not already established if he is going to get her on camera. Along comes cute Tori, and in no time Max has her on a rooftop on her knees. For a few magic moments, Max actually lets Tori suck his dick without tugging on her hair and forcing her. This blissful moment is short lived however, and soon she is being choked and dribbling gag goo down her chin. There is another thing I don’t get. Does anyone find this extra thick, pre-barf actually appealing? Like before, we skip from the oral right to RCA. Guess when you’re Max, doing things like going down or fucking someone’s pussy is out of the question. Tori is a hot little buttfucker and looks really hot. Close up dilation fans take note, there is a very up close look at her sphincter all stretched out. Another A2M facial that is ruined by Max grabbing her by the hair and forcing her head down. Another chance for me to miss the way Max used to shoot and wonder what the fuck he is doing now.
Next on his list of destinations, Max takes us to Las Vegas where he runs into Allyssa. The cute girl is a “personal entertainer.” What could have been a cute set up for a scene gets wasted as we cut right to her with a cock in her ass. So much for subtlety. She can keep up with Max in the dirty talk department, but Allyssa just looks bored as shit to be there, like she can’t even feel his cock in her ass. Can’t say I don’t feel the same way at this point in the vid. Nothing good to watch when the girl is only slightly appealing and the sex acts are completely unappealing. Close up ass gapers will like it though. I just went from bored to repulsed and back again. I think there is a facial cum shot here, but with all that fucking drool on her face, who can tell.
I’m sorry, but the magic that once drew to Max is gone. Where once, good, hard, dirty sex was his forte, now his work us just a mess of forceful face fucking, drool covered, semi ugly women, stomach churning dilation shots and way too much screen time for the most unwatchable porn non-stud in the business. If the new Max is your cup of tea, grab this one right away. If you’re like me, you’ll run to one of his videos from about four years ago.


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