Seymore Butts Musical Tushies


127 Mins.

Ultimate- 1997

DIR: Seymore Butts

STARS: Taylor Hayes, Jordan McKnight, Drew Berrymore, Montana Gunn, Pandora Rye, Tom, Ron, Sean..

THEMES: Anal Sex, Interracial Sex, A2M.



It has been a long time since Seymore Butts graced us with one of his jizz soaked, ass stretching erotic masterpieces, and I for, think this one is long overdue. The master of the gonzo tape returns with a cast of cum hungry cuties, ripe and ready to rock.

Late at night, when Seymore’s doorbell rings, you just know it has to be Ron Jeremy with hot women in tow. This time it’s Pandora Rye, Drew Berrymore and Montana Gunn, three hot and wet blondes who are ready for their auditions. Drew grabs Tom and leaves the other two to tend to Ron. Drew is one of my new fave sluts, and believe me, that term is a perfect description of her nasty on screen demeanor. The action is a bit frantic, with the three girls all vying for the attention for the two oversized salamis. To be honest, Drew is so head and shoulders above the other two, that she was stealing all my attention. Quite honestly, as hot as the action here is, and believe me, it is blistering, I liked it better when Seymore stuck with one on one action better than the mini groups like this. There is so much close up pussy and ass action that telling one from the other gets a bit muddled. (Rog, the old fashioned guy that he is likes to see who’s ass is being fucked.) (Fucking Victorian Rog) All these women take some serious deep anal, with Drew being reamed royally by Tom, then Ron, then Tom again. Sexy Drew just turns her ass up in the air and invites cocks to ram her backdoor over and over. (Anyone else having celebrity flashbacks?) Pandora is no slouch either, riding Ron’s cock with ass and making use of his long anal probe. Damn, all this white hot anal footage really reminds me of just how much I have missed Seymore. This is simply the sort of porn I want to see more of. (At this point, Rog passes out after about 9 beers in the hot SoCal night) After nearly an hour of hot anal action, Drew hops off Ron’s spurting cock and Montana takes it right into her mouth. Then repeats the act with Tom’s fresh from Pandora’s ass.

After this really long, perfect anal porking scene, things get a little strange. In what is an obvious dream sequence, Ron and Seymore change roles on the ladder, with Ron insulting and degrading Seymore as he fucks a pair of uncredited girls. It’s pretty good action, with some impressive RCA and a nasty A2M suckjob by a very horny, and quite pretty French girl. Good assfucking with a high nasty element thanks to repeated ass to mouth suckings, but after that first scene, it would have taken something spectacular. Instead we get a lot of Ron calling Seymore stupid before the final A2M facial that is licked up by a greedy cum hungry slut.

Later, after a hard day of water-skiing, Seymore is busy checking out his killer web site and jacking off to the hot action. As it turns out, he is just passing the time before he is joined by Taylor Hayes and Jordan McKnight, who are, without a doubt, two of the most stunning women I have ever seen. With the help of Tom Byron and the Sibian, Taylor goes to work making Jordan feel like a queen. Her body is about as perfect as you will see and that face is just dying for a creaming. While Jordan goes to work on Tom’s big cock, Taylor sucks his ass. Tell me, has there ever been a starlet more anally obsessed than the drop dead gorgeous Taylor? When both women go to work taking turns gobbling knob, it is something so perfect, so sexy, so unfucking believable, that Tom deserves a medal for not blowing a load right then and there.

This black/white combination is the perfect blend of covergirl beauty and downright nympho. Tom has them one on top of the other and fingers Taylor until she squirts girl cum all over Jordan’s ass. No one shoots as much as Taylor does. It looks like a fucking water hose going off. After that, Jordan is plenty wet to ride Tom’s cock while Seymore fingers her backdoor. (With Taylor licking his fingers fresh from her butt.) Taylor just knows how to work it. Check her out as she announces her plan to pull Tom’s cock out of Jordan’s pussy and suck on it. For her part, Jordan seems to be enjoying riding Tom’s big cock. With Taylor holding her cheeks open, Jordan takes that cock up her well lubed asshole and just seems to come alive as he drills her. All I can think as I watch the way she takes Taylor’s hand in a DP, is what a terrible shame it is that HIV may very well have stolen one of porn’s hottest stars. Taylor talks her way through pulling his cock out of Jordan’s ass this time and sucks it clean before shoving it back in. Damn, she has near insane sexuality. After a long assfuck, Tom pulls his cock out of her ass and rains down on Taylor’s beautiful face. Great scene with two great ladies.

After that big scene, Jordan hangs around with Seymore and they begin to discuss Taylor’s big squirting talent. Jordan has never heard of such a thing, and Seymore generously volunteers to give it a try. Using the techniques he has shown off in a number of recent videos, Seymore goes to work on her pretty pussy, trying desperately to make her squirt. (Hey, what’s the worst that could happen, he doesn’t make her squirt and just gets a face full of pussy juice?) Instead, with Jordan squirming wildly, Seymore brings forth a fountain of girl jizz from her sweet pussy.

The return to action of Seymore Butts is just as fine an example of nasty anal sex as there is on any porn shelf in the land. Taylor Hayes lights up the screen anytime she is on it with a beauty and sexual flare that is unmatched. Jordan McKnight looks fantastic and her ass gets plowed big time. Drew Berrymore is the other highlight in this anal fuckfest. I am going to pick up anything with her sexy face and hot ass in it right away. The man is back my friends, and the magic has come back with him.

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