Seymore Butts Monkey Business



Ultimate Video- 1996
DIR: Seymore Butts

STARS: Taylor Hayes, Taren, Teri, Tom Byron and Seymore

THEMES: Anal, Squirting Women, Black Women



The first several minutes of this video consist of a long explanation from Seymore about his on and off screen problems with his partner/wife Shane. I have a feeling a lot of you are just going to fast forward through this, as he often rambles, however, this is something to listen to. It will answer some of the burning questions about what happened and what will happen to the most active horn dog this side of Congress. It seems that it took a couple of letters from willing young women to snap Seymore out of his doldrums.

The first of these two lovelies is Teri, a gorgeous African-American lady with a little bit of Tyra Banks in her look. In an interview segment that is vintage Seymore, he talks her though a very sexy conversation in which she shows her amazing flexibility, discusses her love of anal sex and confesses her lust for Tom Byron. Low and behold, who should walk into Seymore’s living room, but……….Tom Byron! (NATCH!) He starts out the lovely Teri’s initiation into porn with a serious hard spanking. Fans of this activity will love it, and the rest of us can just marvel at her beautiful backside while Tom gives it a whack.

She opens up to give Tom a wet blowjob, even jamming her tongue into his asshole. Some women just know how to give head on camera, and this nasty newcomer falls into that category in a huge way. Teri seems to have Tom’s seasoned fuck stick dancing at attention from her amazing oral talents. After a groin stirring blowjob, Teri bends over the couch to take a major boning. She is having so much fun, Seymore has to give her some direction. Normally, this looks cheesy, but here, it seems to serve as a reminder to this incredible looking woman not to get so lost in her passion that we can’t see her face. After some more spanking, Tom gets her to beg for his cock up her ass. With two fingers in her pussy and two in her ass, Teri goes nuts, flopping about and seeming to cum a few times before actually getting ass fucked. With her legs pulled back so far, Shannon Miller would be jealous, Teri takes all Tom can dish out and then some. Once again, Seymore has found a woman who is gorgeous and fucks like no one could dream of. After a very long ass pounding, Seymore zooms in for a close up of an A2M facial all over this incredible woman. Teri is as hot as any woman you will see in porn.

Seymore, we are truly grateful for what you have brought to us, and we are not worthy!!!!!

Lucky Tom pops up again in the letter of a second newcomer, Teran. This young woman is as pretty as you will ever see, and if this letter is legit, then she has a monster sexual appetite as well. Unable to keep his hands off her for the entire interview, Tom cuts it short and spends a good deal of time exploring her clothed body with his hands. Nice change of pace here, very erotic. Don’t worry raincoaters, after a few minutes of this, Tom is goatee deep in her asshole and working on her pussy with his fingers. You see, Teran is a squirter, a talent which Seymore, in later videos, would actively seek out. Is this beauty the impetus of his obsession? Could be. Far from a one trick pony, Teran also attacks oral sex like a starving wolf, scarfing down Tom’s tube steak with abandon, and shoving nearly its full length into her throat. It doesn’t hurt that she is so pretty, always a plus during blow job scenes.

Well ready for more, Teran just can’t seem to get enough cock inside of her tight body to keep her happy. She is an insatiable performer, matching Tom’s wild strokes and fucking him nearly as hard as he fucks her. She takes time out from a hard doggy fuck to spread her cheeks and dirty talk her way right into a serious bit of buggering. The RC anal is my favorite here, as Teran bounces up and down on Tom and it lets up see more of this lovely lady without Tom’s tattooed bod in the way. I was hoping to see her squirt while being assfucked, but no luck. No luck on a facial either, as Tom sprays her ass instead. Teran does lick his cock clean in a semi A2M. Great scene with a fantastic looking woman who we MUST see more of.

A call from Taylor has Seymore taking off for a job. That cuts short the fun with Teran, however before she leaves, Seymore pulls over to the side of the road for a backseat romp. With talented fingers working furiously, Seymore soon has Teran spraying her girl cum all over the back seat. Sure, we’ve all seen Fallon do it, but Teran is a wild squirter and Seymore is relentless in making her shoot no less than three times in succession. That sends Teran back home, while Seymore is bound for Mexico.

South of the border, Seymore hooks up with Taylor, who is down there for a still shoot. The problem is, that the male model in the shoot refuses to be taped with Taylor. Something about his girlfriend finding out. What a puss. The absolutely gorgeous setting is the perfect backdrop to get to know Taylor better. With waves crashing in the background, the lovely Ms. T goes down for a Seymore snack. Somehow Taylor manages to have a conversation while sucking his cock. Now, that is some talent. Also among Taylor’s talents is her ability to talk as dirty as can be. God, this woman is sexy. If her oral antics don’t get you going in a big hurry, then mister, you best check your pulse, cuz you must be dead. She works for Seymore, pumping a thick load right into her mouth, barely spilling a drop. Well, OK, she spills quite a bit, but it’s on purpose.

What follows is something that is not for everyone, so hear me out and you decide. Taylor and Seymore are sharing drinks and talking to the camera. Seymore interviews Taylor for well over ten minutes. If you don’t want to hear from this lady, fast forward. However, I think this is one of the best non sex scenes in porn in years. Is it real or is Taylor It is hard to tell, which tells me that it just might be her being real. Very sexy in my book, but those of you who are not into this, you have been warned.

The next morning, Seymore comes upon Taylor who is waking herself up with a big vibrator inside her. Damn, this thing is as loud as a leafblower. You know, in addition to getting the best oral sex on film, Seymore also shoots some of the very best solo scene around, and this is one of the best of the year. Taylor is absolutely stunning and all that is before she takes the biggest dildo you will ever see right up her ass. This is seriously some of the most intense anal play I have ever seen, and the fact that it all comes from a raving beauty like Taylor, only makes it that much hotter.

After some more off camera still shooting, Taylor has to come back for another cock and cum break. Lucky Seymore, and lucky us. This time the Taylor blowjob turns into a brief doggy fuck followed by a doggy anal that again shows Ms. Hayes to be an anal queen without peer. After screaming her way through a serious climax, Taylor spins around quickly to take a full A2M facial that is a brilliant facial. What a face, what an ass, what a screamer, what a body, what a woman!

Well, if there was any doubts about Seymore’s work lately, this should put them to rest. This is one of the very best videos he has ever shot. Taylor continues to rise rapidly in the adult superstar ranks, and with her looks and sexual heat, the top is within reach. (Jenna Jameson eat your heart out.) Teri and Teran are also total hottys, with Teri one that I want to see more of immediately. The King is back, all hail the King!

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