Seymore Butts Meets The Comeback Brat



Factory Home Video- 1993

DIR: Seymore Butts

STARS: .Julianne James, Shaleen, Tanya, Meekah, Brazil, Laurie, Rocco Siffredi, James Shaleen, Ron Jeremy, Mr. X, Alex, and the Mystery Girl




Before the credits are even through to open this Seymore adventure, our hero is already introducing Rocco Siffredi to two very lovely young ladies, Tanya and Shaleen. Apparently, these two lovelies are college coeds who were just dying to share a man on film for Seymore. He shows us some polaroids that the girls sent in. Now, don’t go straining yourselves trying to figure out if it is real or not. It probably isn’t, but who cares. This young, blonde and brunette tandem are very attractive and ready to go at Rocco straight out of the gate.

Blonde Shaleen has an outstanding body, but I really liked Tanya. She really could be the coed sitting next to you in Western Philosophy. You know, the one you stared at and just prayed the professor wouldn’t call on you because you had a raging hard on from thinking of her buck naked and fucking. Well, here is your chance.

Both girls seem to love Rocco, and why not. What is not to love. They are with an extremely handsome man who happens to be hung like a freaking horse. For supposed amateurs, both ladies seem to be able to handle all that Rocco can dish out. No small task when you consider the force with which he slams that huge cock into Tanya’s little body. Shaleen does her friend one better by hopping aboard the A train to take Rocco deep in her backdoor. For someone who is not a grizzled porn vet, she takes the anal pounding like a pro. Props to sexy Shaleen.

Always the good friend, Tanya is never far from the action, lending a helping hand, finger or tongue to the hot action. Her pretty face remains inches from the assfucking for the final minutes of this scene, leading up to a direct pop shot when Rocco pulls his hose from Shanleen’s ass and rains cum down on the sexy brunette. Very hot little opening number indeed.

It’s off to the duplication house for Seymore where he opens up a new batch of viewer mail. In this group are some more amateur looking scenes that we saw in the last volume. I already mentioned that this is not my favorite stuff. An interesting idea, however, this is anything but real amateur shit. In the first scene, pro-am stars, Laurie and Brazil munch out on each other for a long while before introducing a plastic lover to their pairing. Neither of these woman are all that attractive, but they do seem to get into their lesbian sex toy play quite a bit. Had it been part of some other video, it might have been passable, however, crammed in the middle of a Seymore tape, it totally drags things down.

Continuing the same scenario, Brazil next has a boy girl scene. I have to say, the sexiest thing about this scene are the lacy stockings on Brazil’s legs. Very nice indeed. Beyond that, this is a typical, borderline boring three position boy gir scene with no anal and a lame ducked facial cum shot. The participants are so fake and so lame that this is literally a waste of time. Skip over this one if you like.

In a very odd twist, Seymore insists the help of his friend…… Well, shit, we never know what his name is. Every time someone says it, they are bleeped out. This mystery man is supposedly a friend of Seymore’s who is also a soap opera actor. So, in addition to the bleeping of his name, we get to see an entire scene shot with a digitally altered face. (Why can’t they do this with Ron Jeremy’s gut or Ed Power’s ass? Or Max Hardcore’s…Well, just Max Hardcore.) Along for the ride is a moderately attractive brunette Meeka who first dances for us and then strips down for some real action.

You know judging from the underwhelming size of this guy’s unit, maybe he is not hiding his face to protect his anonymity……. Regardless of his reason’s, the average looking Meeka makes short work of this non pro, giving us a disappointing money shot. Then she takes a Seymore blast on her chest, before moving to the love swing. Once there, Mr. soap star is back in the saddle for a second go round. This time he lasts long enough to at least get some brief anal in before yanking his condom off and spooging on her bush. To be totally honest, this scene holds not that much sexual interest. It is kind of fun to wonder who is behind the funky circle, but beyond that, it’s a snooze.

Just when things look bleak for this Seymore vid, in rides the cavalry. Porn vet, Julianne James is back from the grave. Well, not exactly, although she looks like she might have been. She is not the cute little “Brat” she once was, in fact, she looks a bit out of shape, pale and hung over. Still, there is something even more sexy about her looking less dolled up. Perhaps it is the new, insatiable sexuality that she brings to the screen. Julianne can’t keep her hands off of herself here, and she looks utterly fuckable.

Seymore lends a helping hand, well OK, so it was only a finger or two, or three, or four, but still, his digital probings soon have the delectable Ms. James writhing about in complete ecstasy. Ever the one to spread the wealth, Seymore gives his buddy Ron Jeremy a ring and invites him to join Julianne. Ron has to think the proposition over for, oh say a nanosecond before agreeing. He returns with a present of Julianne, a huge dildo stuck to the window. After slinking over on her hands and knees, Ms. James proves herself unafraid of the monster phallus. After giving it a good tonguing, she turns around and takes it inside of her doggy style. Talk about your disappearing acts. Where the Hell does it all go Julianne?

Ron arrives just in time to put out the blazing fire between Julianne’s thighs. Suspended in the swing, the former Brat begs for his big cock. With little preliminaries, Jeremy shoves his footlong sausage into her, bringing forth quite a reaction from the blonde cutie. After briefly boning her pussy, Ron tears away any shreds of the one time Vivid girl, by deep fucking her ass so hard that Debi Diamond would be envious. The trouble with this really hot scene, is that it is WAY too short. There just is not enough of Julianne to make the difference. Nice idea, but on this occasion, Seymore fails to deliver.

We end this time, with Seymore racing down to the editing room where a tape from his Mystery Girl is waiting. Will this be the one where we get to see if her face matches her perfect body? Stay tuned.

Overall, this may be the least appealing Seymore adventure in the entire series. Despite a good opening scene, and the return of one of my favorite porn sluts, Julianne James, the overall result is less than thrilling. Pick it up if you are a true fan of Seymore, Julianne, or if you just want to see some pro-am work or a supposed soap star get fucked. Otherwise, spend your time revisiting classic Julianne or Seymore titles.

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