Seymore Butts In Paradise


Factory Home Video- 1994
DIR: Seymore Butts
STARS: Shane, Nina, Devon, Ron, Paree, Seymore Butts
THEMES: Dancers.
After a lot of waiting Seymore is finally going to meet his dream girl Shane. The long, drawn out introduction of this new porn queen took forever, and with the payoff finally in sight, Seymore’s bad sense of timing might cost us a look at this Goddess. Wow with plot devices like that, who needs any sex at all. Yeah right and we watch “Friends” for the witty dialog and not to see Jennifer Aniston’s nipples.
Upon picking Shane up at the airport, Seymore learns quickly that he is in for a wild ride. (Gotta love that naked beneath the trenchcoat shot in front of LAX.) A few minutes later, the lovely Shane has convinced a reluctant Seymore to pack a bag and head south of the border with her. Who could say no? Once she gets Seymore down to Puerto Vallarta, Shane shows her adventurous side, choosing to take a parasailing trip over the ocean. OK, so watching Seymore and Shane parasailing is short on sex appeal, but it adds to the feel of the tape. Very real and spontaneous, like some home movies that you wouldn’t mind watching you know?
With the thrill seeking over, S and S return home where Shane shows what she is really good at, giving head. Standing on the balcony outside his hotel room, Seymore gets to experience first hand what he has been dreaming of for so long. Shane’s on screen oral debut is nothing short of brilliant. As always, Seymore gets the hottest footage of cocksucking, and it doesn’t hurt that Shane looks fantastic chowing down on tube steak. Complete with shades and hair ribbon, Shane looks straight out of a Spring Break fantasy video. With people down below spying, Seymore turns his lovely new friend around and nails her from behind. Are her moans real? Is this as hot as it looks? Can’t say for sure, but if it is fake, then it is a good fake. What is defiantly real is the big load Seymore pops onto Shane’s perfect ass. Clearly, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
What comes across most here, is that Shane has something, some intense charisma in front of the camera that makes her all the more sexy. Just enjoying their banter and spying on the vacation footage is fun to watch and builds tons of sexual anticipation. The highly charged couple are out for a night on the town that eventually lands them at a very cool bar, down in Cazamal, Shameless, (Appropriately named if I may say so.) Shane soon makes herself at home, picking up a stunning dancer named Nina. Displaying a technique that is sure to be the envy of all guys, Shane soon has the lovely dancer ready to play. Here is where some people will disagree with me. The flirting, teasing and dancing sequences are very long, but for me, that is a plus. Others, who just want to see Shane get good and fucked, might get bored. I, on the other hand (No pun intended) enjoy seeing what looks to be realistic playing between Seymore, Shane and their new friend. The dance number between the two ladies is pure heat, and worth watching this video for in and of itself. Obviously, Shane feels like I do, as she is so horny, she just has to pull Seymore aside for a bit of semi-public cocksucking. (Shouldn’t we all have a girl who gets horny and has to suck cock to cool the fire?) After once again spraying Shane’s perfect tits with sppoge, Seymore wanders backstage to pop the question. Nina is quick to accept the invitation of the amorous couple.
Later that night, Nina is in her best party mode. Unfortunately, Seymore and Shane are too tired and have to sleep for a bit before they can get down to anything serious. Fast forward to the next day when both lovelies spend some time getting to know one another on the water. Once again, this sort of eye candy might not be for the hard core strokers, but it builds so much for me, that I just can’t resist watching every sexy second.
A few moments later, Seymore heads up to the room to see how his two lovely friends are getting along. Well, it’s hard to understand what Shane is saying, what with Nina straddling her face, but I’m guessing the pair are getting along just fine. The lengthy girl/girl action that follows is nothing short of scalding. Both women look fantastic and have a genuine college coeds on Spring break look about them. Similarly, the sex looks more like two women enjoying themselves than two porn stars acting out a scene. This makes the entire scene infinitely more interesting and a lot more sexy. Shane is as in love with eating pussy as anyone, male or female I have seen on screen in some time. (Who can blame her? Nina looks absolutely melt in your mouth tasty.)
After a short break, complete with a cute interlude with an unsuspecting room service guy, it is back to the horny action. This time, Shame breaks out a vibrator to help her with her lusty pal. Seymore is also slowly working his way into the action. (It’s about damn time. I’ve heard of sacrificing for your art, but give me a fucking break man.) He introduces Shane’s tight box to a very large dildo as Nina shows her ass kissing skills. Not surprisingly, Shane not only fails to object, she starts cumming almost immediately. In fact, the lovely Shane is so pleased with Seymore’s skills with the plastic penis, that she takes the camera and lets him have his shot at Nina.
With Shane ever present on camera, Seymore goes to town on beautiful Nina, savoring every drop of juices as he licks and fingers her pussy to climax. Now, the question on all of our minds, can a hotty like Nina give head as well as she gets it? I would ask Seymore, but he is too busy trying not to blow his load early as the sexy dancer gobbles knob like a pro. She doesn’t have deep throat capabilities, but she makes up for that deficiency with an aggressive attitude and plenty of eye contact. Then she takes a condom coated fucking to end all fuckings. Would someone tell me why this sexy thing did not continue her career in front of the camera? She is fantastic. The dripping facial she receives from Seymore looks like a fire hose went off on her mug.
The cherry on top of this Mexican side trip is a return to the balcony where Seymore gets blown by both Shane and Nina. (Did someone say more fun than mortal man deserves?) If you don’t like two sexy coeds sucking cock, licking balls and providing the landing strip for a 747 sized facial cum shot, then please do not watch this scene.
Back at home, things have not changed much for Seymore. He is not Stateside for an hour when old bud Ron Jeremy pops in with sexy brunette Devon in tow. This is a return to smut by the infamous Devon Shire (Remember her from the early days of the OJ trail?) Since Devon is playing the video virgin angle, we can accept that Seymore has to take her into the bedroom to shoot a few pictures. Of course, Ron is a tad suspicious of this whole scenario. (Remember S.B Blown Away?) Seymore directs the initially shy Devon through an increasingly more revealing photo shoot that loosens the brunette beauty to a point where she lets Seymore suck on her breasts. Color me shocked when that leads him down south for a bit of muff diving as well. Devon is pretty grateful for this tongue bath. (Of course she is grateful, she came over to fuck Ron Jeremy for Christ’s sake.) In exchange, lovely Devon shows why Ron brought her over in the first place. The oral skills that so impressed Mr. Jeremy are equally acceptable to Seymore himself.
OK, no matter how many times I see an oral scene shot in the classic SB style, I can’t help but think that this is the way all BJ’s should be shot. Nothing comes close to the outstanding eye contact and fantastic facials he shoots. This one is no exception, with Devon leaving her encounter with Seymore wearing a lovely shade of cock juice lipstick.
Now that she is all warmed up, it is time for Devon to fully explore her on screen abilities. After giving Ron a very nice blowjob, with some of the best close up action I have ever seen, Devon opens up wide for his
foot long hose. While Devon takes some good hard stroking, she has the screen presence to add some very throaty hot talk to the mix. (Got to love to hear her beg for his cock in her ass…oh yeah.) Ron is careful to shorten his strokes while he buggers the sexy brunette, but she still manages to take more than her share of hard cock up the backdoor. Cap this one off with a good cum splash right on Devon’s ass. Hell of a scene. Bravo.
The next morning, Shane awakens Seymore, not with a blowjob, but with a surprise. She has brought over a new girl for a tryout. While the lovely Shane takes off for Las Vegas, Seymore is left to discover what lies behind curtain number one. Like some sick Let’s Make a Deal joke, what he finds is truly frightening. Paree, is a leather clad black girl, who I would bet the farm was not born a female. (Don’t flood me with protestations to the contrary, I’m just saying what she looks like to me.)
Seymore seems to really like what he sees however, and dives right in. He gives her ass a good fingering while the boisterous woman rubs herself off. What is with that blonde pussy? Paree looks like the illigitimate child of Rue Paul and Dennis Rodman. Whatever she is, Seymore can’t get enough of the first class head she gives him. Paree sucks him long and hard until Seymore shots a load all over her face. A bit of a wild one is this Paree, I just can’t get over the while gender doubting thing. Not my cup of tea.
For a long time, I considered this video to be one of, if not THE very best Gonzo tapes I have ever seen. Shane blows away virtually anything in X, Nina is a total hotty and Seymore even manages to make a relative retread like Devon Shire seem fresh and new. Having seen the heights that Seymore and Shane have reached since, my overall opinion of this video may have slipped a bit, but still, it is head and shoulders above the standard in adult entertainment and is more than worth watching. It is worth revisiting, if only to see the magic that is achieved by only the very best in the business. Seymore Butts in Paradise is the best, to this point, in a great series, I recommend it wholeheartedly.

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