Seymore Butts Honeymooners


Seymore Butts and the Honeymooners

Factory Home Video, 1992

DIRECTOR: Seymore Butts

STARS: Jasmine, Sierra, Teri Diver, Alex Jordan, T.T. Boy, Justin Case, Tony Martino

THEMES: Anal Sex, Brides, Public Sex


Adventure number three from Seymore Butts gets off to an auspicious start. Upon waking up, we are treated (?) to the sight of Mr. Butts spanking his monkey over some polaroids. OK, different is good. Now that we have tried to be Orson Wells, how about showing us some babes Seymore?

Not to worry, as always Seymore know how to deliver the women. First up is a very hot little scene on the beach with newcomer Jasmine. This bikini clad brunette is sunning herself on the sand. Seems the poor thing just lost her boyfriend to one of her best friends. (Did someone say revenge fuck?) Low and behold, Seymore recounts the story of his first adventure (Remember Bianca Trump in the first two Seymore vids?) The idea appeals to the busty beach bunny, who in no time is cuddling up in Seymore’s lap, fishing his cock out of his trunks. I can’t say for sure, but the interruptions here on the public beach seem real enough and add a great deal to the sneaky sex appeal of this scene. Jasmine keeps her sunglasses on during this scene, which I really think adds a great deal of mystery to the whole thing. As does the lengthy hand job tease sequence. Sure, we can’t wait to see her full red lips wrapped around his cock, but in this case, getting there is half the fun. She finally does slip it in and gives Seymore a long, very slow blow job, letting her shades slip just enough to let us see her smoldering brown eyes. After a long hand job, Jasmine finally works a load from Seymore, carefully keeping all but one small glob off of her face. Not since Fawn Hall has a woman been so tight lipped about anything.

Back at Casa De Butts, Jasmine showers off. She looks even better with the glasses and the bikini off than she did on the beach. Seymore’s friend, Butch, (T.T. Boy) shows up to finish the revenge fuck video. So excited is T.T. that he hops in the shower with his jeans and shoes still on. The busty brunette makes it well worth his while however, dropping to her knees for a water splashed blow job. As erotic locations go, the shower is always a winner with me. Great standing shots of the pair as Jasmine first rides, then gets rammed full of T.T.’s cock. After a brief stop on the bathroom counter, it’s off to the bedroom where the still dripping couple continue their furious fornicating. T.T. seems to greatly enjoy pounding Jasmine face first into the pillows, so much so that he pulls out and sprays her crack from behind in an unfortunately shadow obscured cum shot.

Seymore is off to Vegas now, to film the wedding of Alex Jordan and Justin Case. I would say that this is an actual wedding ceremony, which makes this a novel situation. However, as someone who shoots weddings professionally, I must say watching someone else’s wedding is about as much fun as watching paint dry. Once the novelty wears off, the only thing to really watch here is how incredibly beautiful Alex looks in her wedding dress. What a gorgeous woman she was. Seymore somewhat saves the total boredom by throwing in old footage of Alex to keep us entertained as the couple exchange vows.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds retire to their honeymoon suite. Thank goodness Seymore is allowed in there to capture the really good stuff. After carrying his new bride over the threshold, Justin tosses her on the bed and the consummation begins. There is just something really appealing about Alex in her wedding dress. The fumbling with intricate hooks and zippers is real and adds to the spontaneity of a very erotic scene. Leaving Alex semi clad in her boustier, garters and stockings is a stroke of pure genius. Poor Justin just can’t seem to keep his hands off his new bride, or his tongue out of her ass for that matter. For her part, Alex treats her first blow job as a married woman like a religious experience, playing for the camera in the most perfect way imaginable as she swallows all Justin has to offer. Gladly taking his turn at oral satisfaction, Justin sends Alex over the edge with his talented tongue and fast fingers. There is just something wonderfully erotic about these two together that I enjoy more and more with each viewing of this scene. As the action moves out onto the balcony of the hotel room, Alex talks up a storm about being fucked on her wedding day. Fucked well from the looks of it. Some great shots here of Alex, with her lace stocking clad legs pulled way back to her shoulders getting the crap fucked out of her and loving every second of it right up to the cum shot that drips across her backside and down her pretty pussy.

Meanwhile back at the Ponderosa, someone has been sleeping in Seymore’s bed. Or more to the point, someone fucking in his backyard. Cousin Phil is on the patio with a welcome home present, the lovely Sierra. Remarkably, this cute babe loves Seymore’s videos and wants to be in one. She does a tantalizing strip tease then moves on to bigger and better things. That is if you call Phil’s cock bigger and better. Sierra is really cute here, a combination of the girl next door and pure white trailer trash. (Maybe she’s the girl from the trailer next door?) Both Seymore and Phil take turns fingering her juicy pussy while Sierra just sits back and smiles. She returns the favor by sucking Phil off. Sierra plays to the camera here in a big way. This is the stuff Seymore has become famous for, and it is hot here. She does not let up until her pretty face is well coated with Phil’s cum.

Not to be left out, Seymore takes his turn at this cutie. Shooting his own cock being sucked is a Seymore favorite, and who can blame him. With Sierra’s eyes staring right into the lens as she wolfs down his stick, it is hard to think of anything beyond what must be sheer Heaven. Sierra finishes off our hero by wearing his sizable load all over her cute face. A very messy facial capping of a great scene.

There is a lot of good in this video. Outstanding in a good crop is Alex Jordan. She will be sorely missed. This may be her finest scene, capturing her beauty and passion in way that actually touched my heart. (Stop your eyes rolling you people.) Jasmine and Sierra are also great. Too bad we didn’t see more of Jasmine, but I guess that’s the way it goes. A final note, there are shots on the box that did not make it into the final cut and Seymore explains that they will be in the next video. (Which I will review next week.)

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