Seymore Butts Goes Nuts


Factory Home Video- 1994
DIR: Seymore Butts
STARS: Shane, Tabitha Cash, Rosie, Diva, Sophie, Sabrina, Butch, Mark Davis and the Cockness Monster
THEMES: Anal Sex
After seeing highlights of the last Seymore Butts adventure, Deep Inside Shane, (Highlights which are hotter than a lot of whole videos I might add) we are off to wonderland once again with porn’s hottest couple. As if on a mission to bring us ever increasing, cock stiffening, heart pounding action, Seymore and Shane once again take camera in hand and lend their talents to us all. I for one, think the world is a better place for the work they do.
OK, shameless ass kissing aside, I do think that the Seymore Butts series is the very best thing in adult video. The addition of Shane to an already smoldering was the icing on the cake. When we left off, Shane had taken off for the river, leaving Seymore on his own. She returns to him with tape in hand. How do I know that this is going to be a fucking scorching vacation video? What follows is a very long segment of Shane and her friends drunkenly frolicking about on the river. It’s mostly tease, with some girl/girl play between Shane, Yvonne and Sabrina. For those of you looking to dive right into the action, hit the scan button, but I warn you, if you do, you’ll miss lots of fun, sexy footage.
The action begins to heat up inside, as Sabrina shows off with a pool cue. Although this footage is rather poorly lit, it serves as great foreplay for the better looking coupling between Shane and this lovely, bleach blonde, Latina beauty. Shane dives right in, using her fingers, mouth and trusty vibrator to turn the lovely lady into a writhing, moaning sex kitten. The scene is a bit short on return action from Sabrina, but she makes up for it by sticking around for a long soak and shave in a makeshift tub.
All cleaned up and shaved bare, Sabrina waits for the “Cockness” Monster. Well, this beast, is literally that, some skinny guy with long hair wearing a ridiculous mask. He doesn’t even have a monster cock. Oh well, who cares, Sabrina is so sexy it doesn’t matter who they team her with, she is bound to look hot. The action here is very rushed, with less than thirty seconds of the lovely lady’s lips wrapped around tube steak. In fact, the entire scene, from start to cum dripping facial, takes less than four minutes. The whole thing is supposed to be shot by Shane and her friends, but after seeing this scene, I can believe it. I refuse to believe that Seymore shot this.
After viewing the footage, Seymore takes off for a walk with his dogs in the park. As only he can, the great Mr. Butts is drawn to a sunbathing beauty. The sexy brunette, Diva is a friendly sort. (Natch!) She has heard of Seymore Butts (Natch II) and is even somewhat curious about how to get into his movies. (Natch III) Not surprisingly, Seymore takes his new friend back to his place for a little tryout. Trouble is, Shane and Butch (TT Boy) are already there playing their own brand of casting couch.
Diva fits right in with Butch, making her video debut for Seymore and Shane to capture. The additional camera makes this scene something special to watch, even by Seymore’s standards. Now, even more of the hot action can be easily captured. As easily as Shane blends in on camera, Diva has an even easier time showing that she is a potential porn star of the future. (Sadly, she did not continue, or we might all be as impressed with this sexy brunette as I am.) The big question is which camera person will be the first to drop lens as it were and join in the fun. This time, it is Seymore who adds a helping hand and tongue to Diva’s initiation.
When it comes time for the serious fucking, Seymore backs off and lets Butch give Diva a first class drilling while the S and S cameras take it all in for our enjoyment. Diva is a wildly energetic fuck, taking all TT can muster and giving it right back to him. (Is it me, or does Diva look a lot like Taylor Hayes?) The outstanding action is capped off with a perfectly placed sperm shower from Butch across the newcomers pretty face. Outstanding stuff.
Not wishing to seem ungrateful, Diva shows Seymore her appreciation by giving him a wonderful blowjob. For those of you who have not heard me say it a thousand times, Seymore captures oral sex like no other. This fantastic bit of head is not exception as lovely Diva gives tons of eye contact and tongue action as she gobbles knob like a seasoned vet. Credit her especially with lots of good hand action, something that is sorely lacking in virtually all porn sex scenes. As we have come to expect, Seymore plants his hefty seed right across the outstretched lips of Diva, leaving her a sexy mess.
The next day, Seymore comes home to find Shane playing with friends Rosie (Yvonne) and Mark Davis. The two women are busy showing Mark how they treat a bachelor to be during their private parties. It’s not long before the would be groom is naked and enjoying the fruits of the demonstration. With so much perfect female flesh surrounding him, it is a wonder Mr. Davis doesn’t just explode right there in his chair. The two take turns showing off their oral talents. How would you like to be the judge of this cocksucking contest? The real winner here is Mark who gets his cock good and polished up before the girls just leave him hanging to move on with their show.
The girls next turn their attention towards each other, providing us with an outstanding view to a very hot lesbian pussy feast. Shane and Yvonne really get into each other here, which makes sense in context, since they are such good friends. Never one to shy away from a big cock, Shane greedily takes the strap on fucking of a lifetime from Yvonne as she screams loudly against Mark’s long cock. It’s hard to tell which one Shane liked more. As pay back, Shane shoves some big beads deep into Yvonnes’s pussy before going to work on her swollen clit. The full fledged three way that follows is nothing short of volcanic. Both Shane and Yvonne suck and fuck with equal gusto, so much so that Mark seems to be nearly torn to shreds by these she-devil versions of monsoons. Yvonne takes most of the fucking, with Shane there to add her two cents when needed. I love the way she sucks Mark’s cock clean after he fucks Yvonne’s pussy for a while. The cumshot is somewhat less than spectacular, but overall, it’s still one Hell of a scene.
In a brief, but notable side trip, Shane gives Seymore one fantastic blowjob in the lavatory of a plane. It’s a very short oral scene, but the facial is one in a million. What a total turn on. Leave it to Seymore to make even the shortest interlude a classic.
Back at home, when Seymore comes home with Butch and his other friend (Break out the digital face again.) they find Shane, auditioning Tabitha Cash and Sophie for some future work. The two foreign fuckers are hard at work bringing each other off while the guys watch. Tabitha has always been a favorite of mine, and the way she steals the early action is amazing. She sucks cock, gets fingered and directs the scene all at once, amazing all who see her in action. This French pastry attacks any cock that comes within two feet of her luscious mouth. (God, have you ever seen such lips?) You know, Spohie might be pretty hot too, but to be honest, with Shane and Tabitha around, I didn’t even really notice her.
Butch does most of the pussy pounding, with the mystery man adding only a bit of action. Tabitha takes Butch’s hardcore fucking and in her all too sexy French accent, begs him to fuck her harder. (Any fans of aural sex, this is some great sounding dirty talk.) Sophie takes a brief anal before going over to suck off the mystery man, leaving Tabitha and Butch for the mail course. With TT Boy delivering the anal pounding to Tabitha’s lovely backdoor, you just know it is going to be a scorcher. Ms. Cash, takes all his meat in her ass with a huge smile on her face, and a wicked stream of dirty talk coming from her mouth. Into that mouth, shoots TT’s stream
s of hot cum directly from deep inside Tabitha’s ass in a fine ass to mouth cum shot. The shot is so hot, it even prompts the mystery man to shoot all over Sophie’s face.
That is all there is for this volume of Seymore and Shane. As we leave this time, it is with the knowledge that the two are on their way to Italy for the next adventure. This adventure, while not as perfect at Deep Inside Shane or Seymore Butts in Paradise, is nonetheless a stand out piece of erotica. Yvonne and Tabitha Cash are both high on the boner meter, and Shane is as always a delight. The stuff with Sabrina is a bit weak, but, not everything can be a ten, and even Seymore’s sevens are better than most of what is out there. Defiantly a high recommendation for Shane, Tabitha and Yvonne.

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