Seymore Butts Deep Behind The Scenes 2



Ultimate Video- 1995

DIR: Seymore Butts

STARS: Taylor Hayes, Monica, Celina, Katarina, Elizabetha, Ursula, Tonya, Nina, Steven St. Croix, Jolte, Mike Foster, Hakan

THEMES: Anal Sex, Porn Movies, Facials



The last time Seymore set out to take us behind the scenes of a big budget porn film, the resulting video was very interesting but somewhat short on sexual action. The problem was the result of Seymore being in a bad position to film the sex, and from the fact that he turned the direction, in a sense, over to someone else. This time around, Seymore if off to Spain to take part in yet another look behind the glitz and glamour of the jizz biz.

Since this is a primarily European cast, some of the names are going to be a bit sketchy, but thankfully Seymore has added a bit of dialog over the video so we can get an idea of who is who. (Excellent detail.) Katarina is the first Euro bim to grace the screen in a three way with Steven St. Croix and Taylor. This time around, Seymore has much better camera access to the action so the sex is a lot more fun to watch. In this, her fifth Seymore scene, Taylor lives up to her incredible potential, attacking both of her partners, fucking and sucking like a wild beast. She is right in the thick of things as Katarina gets her ass fucked, and as Steven pulls out of that Euro butt, there is beautiful Taylor to jack him off onto her face in a nasty second hand A2M. A better scene than any of the second hand ones in part one. Still not a complete scene in my book, but for what it is, and what we get to see, well worth keeping an eye on.

Foot lovers will like watching Taylor and a Euro blonde suck each others toes for a bit. Taylor also nearly fists her ass. For the European tapes, she apparently does just such a feat, however, it is left for us to simply imagine. This action if followed up with a four way mini orgy with Taylor once again stealing the show. She takes on Hell of an anal pounding, and kicks like a wild bronco all the while. To top that off, she takes a facial from not only her stud, but also another A2M shot from the guy fucking her partner.

After a long day of shooting, Seymore, Taylor and two of the Euro stars take a trip to the local disco. OK, so they don’t end up shooting in a real club. They go to some room filled with more Euro porn stars to do their dirty dancing. Who cares, what matters is that after one and half videos, we finally get to see Seymore back doing what he does best. After some long partying, Taylor and St. Croix double team one of the Euro babes on a pool table. This is Seymore at his best, three horny people fucking each other’s brains out, with Taylor screaming all the way.

Sexy Taylor just moves from one hot woman to the next, fucking her way around the room like a true legend in the making. Each encounter seems to make this sexy woman hotter and hotter. Leave it to Seymore to take an American beauty over to outslut the very best Europe has to offer.

Back on the set the next day, Taylor gets herself ready for an anal pounding scene. Although he is shooting along side a European crew, this time around, Seymore has full access. There is some incredible close up footage of Taylor deep throating some lucky Euro-stud’s cock. Holy lack of gag reflex Batman, I may just blow my load. (Oh yeah, when you can’t think of anything clever to say, just whip out the Burt Ward smack Rog) There is also some incredible three finger anal banging before he gets around to nailing sexy Taylor. The pussy poke is brief and almost inconsequential when compared to the first class anal she takes. My oh my is she hot, and I LOVE the on the side, from behind anal shot. Fantastic. We get to see all of Taylor’s perfect form. This is a position that more directors should be using. Being the insatiable slut she is, Taylor is not happy until she has pumped a full load right into her mouth to cap off this killer scene.

Back at the hotel room, Seymore runs into a Euro stud named Hakan. This guy is one hell of a handsome man. Look out Rocco. (Cool down guys, just because I can recognize a good looking man, does not make me that way inclined, ya freakin homophobes.) Hakan is busy with the very lovely Celina. She sure seems to think he is worth looking at, the way she sucks his cock. It is almost more worship than it is sucking. This woman knows how to get down and dirty. Not only that, but she comes across on camera as very genuine and seems to be having the time of her life. Hakan isn’t doing to badly in the fun department himself, thoroughly enjoying the tongue job she does on his ass and then getting a mouthful of her juices as she fingers her pretty pussy. The gorgeous brunette seems to like his big cock in that pussy as well, as she pants and moans encouragement through a great three position fuck before dismounting and aiming his cream geyser right up his chest. Nice scene.

Back on set, the film crews are going wild capturing all of the action. Busty brunette Nina is hard at work in one room, while Taylor, Steven and a couple of Euro stars are really tearing things up. The action switches back and forth rather quickly, taking away from the heat in my book. I’ll bet these scenes would be great to watch one at a time, with Nina working two cocks furiously, and Taylor being her usual wild assed self. As it stands, we get to see just enough of the scene to get good and into it and then that is it. We switch forward in time. Can’t help but feel a little bit ripped here.

Next St. Croix hooks up with a blonde named Monica while Taylor is outside masturbating. Very well captured and a much better tempo on the cross cutting. Monica is an attractive, if not stunning woman who, like all the Euro chicks in videos these days, knows how to take a cock. Too bad we miss then end once again.

Once again, we go backstage to see Hakan working with a blonde, Monica who talks about doing her very first on screen anal. Got to tell you, the oral skills on the young lady are impressive indeed. She takes all of Hakan’s major sword and just purrs like a happy kitten. With Seymore lending a helping hand, we get to see a classic Seymore scene with a lovely woman going wild with a big dicked stud. While Monica rides atop Hankan’s huge cock, three fingers prep her ass for that first backdoor fuck. When the time finally comes, she slides her well oiled butt down and goes to town like a seasoned vet. My oh my! For a newbie to the anal game, she can sure take a pounding. The only way to end a scene this good is with a patented Seymore facial, which Monica takes smiling and licks up every last drop. Now, that is what I call smut.

Well, unlike the last Behind the scene video, Seymore gets to capture scenes pretty much his way this time around. Taylor Hayes is reason enough to watch this video. She is a true porn queen on her way to the top of the biz. The rest of the cast in nowhere near as beautiful, but they can all fuck like no others. Top notch sexual performers all. Some of the scenes are cut a bit too much, as Seymore tries really hard to cram everything into 140 minutes. I still like it better when Seymore has total access to the action, however there is a lot to like in this video. It is a better mix of hot sex and behind the scenes action than part one, and I more strongly recommend it. However, the previews at the end for an upcoming video, American Tushie looks like a blazer.

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