Seymore Butts Deep Behind The Scenes 1



Ultimate Video- 1995

DIR: Seymore Butts

STARS: Taylor Hayes, Melissa Hill, Nici Sterling, Madelyn Knight, Felicia, Crystal Gold, Kristi Lake, Caressa Savage, Stephanie Swift, Steven St. Croix, T.T. Boy, Alex Sanders, Peter North, Mickey Ray, Jonathan Morgan

THEMES: Porn Movies, Anal Sex



Now that the Seymore and Shane era is over, Senor Butts is about to enter into bold, new territory. Can Seymore take the heat level up to his incredible level without the most active little nymph on the porn scene? Here’s a hint, long before Shane came along, I was praising Seymore’s work as the best in the biz. Somehow, I think his work will be just fine. Also new to this video is a slight switch in Seymore’s formula. He goes to visit the set of a high budget video “The Palace.” It promises to be not only jam packed with sex, but also an interesting behind the scenes look at the world of X vids.

On the set, Seymore runs into a very promising sign from the very start, Taylor Hayes. The woman who stole the show in Pool Party Two just happens to be on the set. That has to be a good thing. The first action Seymore spies is Nikki Sterling with Peter North. Peter’s thick salami is too big to even fit into Nikki’s mouth very well, but she gives it her all in true X queen spirit. The camera work here is odd, in that we are seeing a shot from beyond the actual cameras shooting the feature. There are light stands, stage hands and all sorts of other things that often get in the way. For me it takes away the erotic heat of this scene and makes it more of a documentary shot. Interesting, but not all that sexy.

The next scene is between Melissa Hill and Steven St. Croix. I have always found Melissa to be incredibly sexy. This scene is a bit less encumbered by distractions, but still we lose more than half of the shots of Ms. Hill sucking cock. We do get a pretty clear shot of some very hot doggy. Man, you gotta love a woman who fucks back like that. The rest is pretty standard porn stuff, with a missionary cum shot that is mostly blocked off. It might have been a good scene in the feature, but with all the blockages it is not nearly as erotic as it might have been.

Best of all in this video, is the backstage access Seymore has. He is interviewing Caressa Savage in her dressing room, and it is interesting and sexy. This is the sort of raw look at the X biz that this video was made for. The next sex scene is hampered by the same problems as the first two. Alex Sanders is paired with Crystal Gold and Stephanie Swift. The latter is one of the cutest little brunettes I have ever seen. She steals the minimal heat that this scene generates. It is just really short and there is not that much access to the sex. Again, the behind the scenes banter between Seymore and the stars is really spontaneous sounding and very cool. Much better than the “reality” interviews of Ed Powers and Randy West.

Nikki Sterling and Madelyn Knight get together in a bubble bath for the next sex scene. We don’t see more than about thirty seconds of action before moving on, so I guess we don’t actually count this one. After some more backstage footage, Crystal Gold and St. Croix pair up for an only scene that turns into an improvised full fuck. Again the action is less than four minutes and more interesting than it is sexy.

An uncredited Sid Deuce is backstage for some sexy play that makes me really wish she had just been the focus of this video. Most of a Jonathan Morgan, Nikki Sterling, Madelyn Knight three way is seen through a black and white monitor, complete with annoying flicker. This is s a scene that I will look forward to seeing in the actual production. It looks pretty hot. Then we see several more minutes of behind the scenes footage, highlighted by Caressa Savage taking a lollipop inside of her, courtesy of Crystal Gold.

Late in the day, Taylor hooks up with Seymore to watch another three way. Taylor seems to have as much fun watching as the participants are. Taylor is very natural in front of the camera, a true porn starlet. Overcome by the erotic sights all around her, Taylor lead Seymore outside to an old car where she gives him a little show. Now, all of you should know where this has to lead. It wouldn’t be a Seymore video if Taylor didn’t pull down his pants for a first class blowjob. Ms. Hayes has all the ingredients for the very best on screen head, a beautiful face, full lips, gorgeous eyes, and active mouth and killer attitude. Any doubt that she is going to be a huge star? Not from where I am sitting. Finally, after a very long, and perfect oral sex scene, the payoff arrives as a perfectly aimed stream of jizz catches Taylor right in her mouth. Undeterred, this hot slut just keeps smearing the juices all over her face. This scene belongs in the Seymore Hall of Fame. Bravo Taylor!

Crystal Gold and Crysti Lake take some time off from filming to play around for a bit. It’s not a complete scene, but it does hint at some fun times had off camera. This leads to an actual scene between Caressa Savage, Felicia and Madelyn Knight. I know that Felicia is a big time favorite among lesbian sex lovers, but for my money, Caressa Savage is the bomb. She spreads herself wide to take a pounding from an oversized plastic phallus. All three ladies really get into the spirit of the scene and like many others in this video, it left me dying to see the actual movie. The same can be said about the Melissa Hill/Alex Sanders pairing. (God, how long is this movie going to be anyway?) Again the scene is somewhat hindered, but at least we get to see a good facial taken by Ms. Hill.

In one of the back bedrooms, Seymore sneaks off to meet Taylor for a bit of fun on the side. Whispering nasty invitations, Taylor is a picture of temptation too great to be denied, and in no time, Seymore is naked and getting more of that great head Taylor is quickly becoming famous for. Unhindered by the other camera crew, this is vintage Seymore Butts, with some great hand held shots of gorgeous Taylor getting fucked and screaming every second of the way. In a few short moments, Taylor’s ass is sprayed with a thick load of cum.

So ends Deep Behind the Scenes Part One. While I did enjoy watching this video a great deal, I have to tell you that it is anything but a wall to wall fuck fest. Most of the sex scenes are incomplete and shot from poor angles. The two exceptions are Taylor’s pair of boinkings, and they are nothing short of volcanic. It is an interesting and, in my opinion enlightening look into the backstage goings on of a porn set. The women are spontaneous and up front which is nice to see. I will recommend that people see this video if they want a closer look at X film making and to see Taylor Hayes burn onto the scene. Beyond that, stick with another Seymore title, or go out and find The Palace somewhere, it looks plenty hot.

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