Seymore Butts Bustin Out My Best Anal


Factory Home Video- 1995
DIR: Seymore Butts
STARS: Shane, Devon Shire, Danyel Cheeks, Monique, Traci Prince, Heather Lee, Julianne James, Rebecca Bardeaux, Tabitha Cash, Many more.
THEMES: Ummmm, maybe anal sex?
Once before, Seymore busted out his best scenes in a very good compilation. As before, I will keep my reviews of the old scenes brief. Feel free to refer back to the original reviews for more details, but we all know I hate to repeat myself. (Yeah right Rog, and Rosie O’Donnell hates Twinkies.) This one, which promises to bring us his best backdoor scenes is so full of potential it should be money in the bank. After all, Seymore shoots the best stuff in porn, how could a best of the best be anything short of brilliant? Can this compilation live up the such lofty expectations? Let’s find out.
We open, as we should all be lucky enough to open, with Shane in the bathtub. After a bit of precursory chewing out about his punctuality, or lack thereof, Shane rewards Seymore with a partially submerged blowjob. (Excuse me if I flip Seymore the bird here. Most of us married guys feel lucky to get head when we paint the house, cook dinner AND bring home roses, and you get this for fucking up? Kiss my ass pal.) As always, the oral sex is superbly shot as Seymore uses the mirrors to get Shane from every angle. (I’ve seen the tapes and she is perfect from every angle, but please feel free to keep shooting just in case I missed a flaw here or there.) After the great blowjob, Shane bends over and takes Seymore right up her well lubed back door. The rather short anal scene seems to be a bit of a stretch (MOAN….), even for Shane. After driving her to a screaming orgasm and leaving his load on her well fucked backside, Seymore leaves her drained and exhausted in the videos great opening volley.
Up next is a favorite scene of mine from S.B. & Comeback Brat, between Rocco Siffredi, Monique and Traci Prince. Traci never did a better scene in her short career, and Monique takes Rocco analy like few before or since. If you love to see women get drilled by a huge cock, while another woman has her face up close for the action, this is the scene for you. The facial shot straight from Monique’s ass onto Traci’s face, and then into her mouth is one of the best shots Seymore has ever captured, and easily the highlight of Traci’s career.
Devon Shire and Ron Jeremy are up next, from S.B. & the Mystery girl. This is the award nominated anal scene that really started people noticing Seymore’s work. It is also a great site seeing little Devon take Ron’s footlong and scream for more. I wonder if OJ and AC got the same treatment from this hot, underused brunette. A definite keeper.
Up next from S.B. My Travels With the Tramp, is a good example of how all men want to wake up, right next to a naked, spread and masturbating Heather Lee. (Pre-silicone madness Heather is a huge step up from her as she is now, so check this out.) The pussy eating action is very good, with Seymore spending ample time between Ms. Lee’s inviting thighs. From there we skip right over the usual blow job and standard fucking and get right down to the backdoor action. Fear not Seymore-ites, after a hard ass pounding, Heather is more than happy to wrap her full, sexy lips around his tube steak and blow like the Santa Ana’s sweeping through the Malibu Canyon. A fine facial tops off this very good scene. Perhaps Heather’s best work.
The next scene is pulled from the classic Deep Inside Shane and stars Tony Martino (Cousin Phil) and Rebecca Bardaux in the back seat of Seymore’s moving van. I raved a bit about this scene when I first viewed it, and let me tell you it just gets better and better. Rebecca, who has never been a fave of mine, attacks Tony with total abandon and looks really hot here. As always, the oral action is top notch and Rebecca takes her pussy pounding with a screaming enthusiasm that must be seen, (and heard) to be believed. Fantastic anal action from all angles and a nasty A2M cum shot top off a really hot scene.
From S.B. My Travels With the Tramp, comes a nice three way/ four way from Europe. Most of the action revolves around a pretty blonde Euro Babe who spends a lot of time bent in half being fucked through the bed while Shane gets hers on the side. I liked this scene the first time, and it is even better the second time around. She takes some severe anal pounding before opening up wide for a great double facial. Leave it to Seymore to take on the challenge of another continent and kick some Euro ass!
Sophie and Tabitha Cash start off a killer scene from S.B. Goes Nuts. How can you not just love Tabitha anyway? T.T. Boy is on hand to help out once things get good an going, and even Shane lends a helping hand or two in this all out fuck fest. Sophie is hot, but Tabitha steals the show with her perfect cock sucking lips and her ready for anything ass taking on anything and everything in the room. Great A2M caps off this perfect scene. Tabitha lovers beware, this could be fatal to anyone with heart conditions.
When Seymore met up with Julianne James in S.B. Meets the Comeback Brat, the results were a near meltdown. The once pristine Vivid girl is back, with a few extra pounds a filthy talking mouth that rivals any porn queen past or present. Julianne is off the chart wild here, but something is just not as good as it could have been. I never have been able to put my finger on it. In spite of some fantastic anal and Julianne’s obvious charms, this one just falls short. (Yes, I know I’m being too picky, but I expect more from Seymore than from anyone else.) (Why am I justifying anything to you, this is my fucking review and my fucking opinion.) (Actually, it is your opinion on fucking, which in way is sort of ironic don’t ya think.) (Shut the fuck up you Alanis wanna be, before you make the readers go out and get their dictionaires.) (Shut up the both of you, I’m trying to work here.) The cum shot is a bit less than brilliant, as Seymore seems to be out of position. It looks to me like Ron may have lost it a bit early. A good scene, just not as good as some of Seymore’s best.
Well, that wraps up the review of this comp tape. To call it Seymore’s BEST anal would be off base somewhat, but it is still outstanding stuff. As I said, more can be found about each of these scenes in my previous reviews. Someone new to Seymore’s work should pick this up as a primer, and of course, the Hardcore fan must grab it up. However, I still think a complete Seymore video is better than either of the two compilations. Still, it’s worth a watch, and then some.
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