Seymore Butts Bustin Out My Best


Fantasy Home Video- 1994
DIR: Seymore Butts
STARS: Shane, Danyel Cheeks, Alex Jordan, Devon, Rebecca Bardot, Sierra, Alicia Rio, Lacey Rose, Jazzmine, Celeste, Monique, Jessica Fox, Sheila Stone, Laurel Canyon, Brandy Alexandre, Yvonne
THEMES: Anal Sex, Best of Seymore Butts
Reviewing a “Best of” tape may be sort of silly thing to do. Some have suggested, I just list the scenes in this compilation and then refer people back to my past reviews to see what I thought of them. However, given the intense praise I heap on virtually all Seymore Butts features, I thought I would take this chance to review the scenes again, in the new light of a compilation. Still, the overall content of this review is likely to be a bit lighter than before so as not to cover the same ground again. So, when possible I will list which video the scene in from and feel free to refer back to that video for the detailed look at that scene.
Also, since each scene has be re-edited for this compilation, much footage has been cut so as to make them all fit. For example, the opening scene between Cousin Phil and Bianca Trump is all of two minutes long. The second between Alex Jordan and Justin Case is a bit longer at seven minutes, but still, both are much longer and hotter in their original form. The Alex scene still has one of the best A2M cum shots I’ve seen.
Alex and Justin go at it again in the wedding gown scene from SB & Honeymooners. Much of the heat from this scene is preserved in this version, however I strongly suggest you go out and pick up the original if you want to see this classic scene in its entirety. Defiantly a scorcher.
From this fantastic scene, we move forward in the history of Seymore to his infamous Love Shack footage. There is lots of fun party footage as well as shortened versions of sex scenes featuring Laurel Canyon, (Taking a nice facial from Ron Jeremy), Sheila Stone, Alex Jordan and Brandy Alexandre. This was a fun video to watch, and the footage shows that fun spirit. A final scene from “Love Shack” is highlighted more at length. See the review for the full blown account of the backyard orgy featuring Cousin Phil, Peter North, Lacy Rose, Alicia Rio and Celeste. For those who missed the review, this scene has a great A2M from Lacy’s A to Alicia’s M. Check it out.
Another backyard romp with Cousin Phil is up next. This time the beautiful woman involved is Sierra. It’s an oral only seen for Sierra and Seymore that ends in one of the best facial cum shots ever. Phil is instrumental in the next shortened scene as well. This time with rarely seen porn star Monique. This lovely blonde hooks up with Phil for an all out hot sex scene. Monique is back in the next scene as well, pairing with Rocco and Traci Prince for one of the all time best sex scenes I have ever seen. Traci and Monique just can’t get enough of the wild pounding only Rocco can dish out. Again, the facial here is a thing of sheer, X rated beauty.
Rocco returns in the next clip to give Danyel Cheeks the boning of her X rated life. Her deep throat action on his huge Italian sausage here is worth the price of a rental alone. In a similar vein, Ron Jeremy hooks up with Devon Shire for a little girl taking a huge cock scene. Some great anal action in this award nominated scene.
From “Deep Inside Shane” we get to see the backseat scene between Cousin Phil and Rebecca Bardot. Just the highlights of this scene are fantastic, but as with so many of these bits, I insist you check out the original. Awesome oral, hand and anal action here with a killer facial.
It’s back in the time machine now to SB&HM for the beach blowjob scene with Jazzmine. Follow up that ball buster with Jessica Fox from SB Blown Away, and you can see just how good Seymore can do with big busted beauties. Another awesome facial.
That is all for the old footage. The final scene is a new one between Seymore, Shane and her old pal Yvonne. With Yvonne naked and waiting in the love swing, Shane and Seymore get right to the action, he chowing on her English muffin and she sucking her man like only Shane can. With Shane there to help out, Seymore gives Yvonne a vicious one position fucking. Anyone who has seen the love swing knows that it brings out the best in perfect legged bodies like Yvonne’s. Lots of great close ups of her shaved beaver will keep everyone nice and happy. What follows is an all out orgy at Seymore’s with Shane and Yvonne providing most of the wild action. There is not even a complete scene in the traditional sense of the word, but what we do see is pretty hot stuff.
Overall, this is a very watchable tape. The cut down format allows for more bang for the buck so to speak, and since the material the scenes are drawn from is so good, then the highlights are fantastic. While I prefer to watch the Seymore footage in its entirety, there are plenty of facial cum shots, some very good anal sex and just enough of Shane to make this one keeper. Watch it if you have never seen the early Seymore stuff. I guarantee it will make you go back and pick up the ones you missed.
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