Seymore Butts Blown Away


Seymore Butts Is Blown Away
Factory Home Video, 1993
DIRECTOR: Seymore Butts
STARS: Jessica Fox, Danyel Cheeks, Tara, London, Rio, Alex, Rocco Siffredi, Ron Jeremy, Seymore Butts
THEMES: Anal Sex
Ever the kind soul, Seymore starts off this adventure by brining us up to speed onwhat we missed in Seymore Butts Swings. In a highlight package that outdoes even ESPN’s Sports Center (Yes, even the Big Show.) we are quickly at ground zero for the sexual meltdown that is Blown Away.
Picking right up where we were so rudely dumped last time, Seymore has the incredible Danyel Cheeks on his couch with Rocco Siffredi. The blonde bimbette is plenty ready to show the Itallian stud the intricate workings of Seymore’s hanging love swing. Thankfully, the sight of Danyel in her indescribably sexy outfit is more than Rocco can take and he and Seymore have to shut up long enough for Mr. Siffredi to go to work on Ms. Cheeks. Danyel looks especially good with her firm, round rear end up in the air while Rocco toungues it deeply. The question remains, can Danyel do an equally deep job on the monster cock that lurks beneath Rocco’s trousers. The answer my freinds is, (Insert obvious and gratuitous Bob Dylan reference here.) not quite. It appears that the rather huge piece of cockmeat is a bit too much for even Ms. Cheek’s talented throat to handle. However, this does not make for bad bit of oral, quite the contrary, Danyel seems mesmorized by the huge member and does her best to please Rocco in every way possible. (Nice use of that sexy outfit if I may say so.)
It would be tough for me to say which view of Ms. Cheeks riding high atop her Itallian stud I liked better. In standard style, her perfect ass in well highlighted, and when she turns around from some reverse cowgirl, it is her lovely shaved pussy that draws my adoring stare. Now, quickly, someone who has seen this movie, just what the fuck to you call that wild ass position these two fuck in next. It’s sort of like reverse missionary or doggy gone flat, with a twist. Anyway, whatever it’s called, it is a serious bit of fucking that eventually serves as only a warmup to an even more ferociaous bit of doggy style boning. If it were not for Rocco’s solid grip on Danyel’s shoulders and hips, he would have pumped her right through the wall. To her credit, Ms Cheeks matches his powerful strokes all the way and manages to fuck him back with equal enthusisam. By the time they get to the love swing, Danyel has already taken more punishment than an army of hookers in Michael Irvin’s hotel suite. (That’s right, all of you pretend you got that one.) Still, Danyel is begging for more for Rocco’s love misile in the swing. The whole swinging fuck sequence must be seen to be believed. And then, to top it all off, Danyel tries again to get all f Rocco’s cock into her throat, almost suceeding this time before returning to the swing, this time for reverse cowgirl like you have never seen it before, with both participants riding in the swing.
We get everything here, but anal sex, but Danyel more than makes up for that in the scenes final sequence. After giving Rocco’s ass a good rimming, Danyel finally makes it to the root of his cock with her sweet lips. An impressive bit of deep throat if ever I have seen one. For some unknown reason hoever, Rocco chooses to herk himself off rather than let Danyel do it. As a result, his cum shoots all over his body and not hers. Oh, if only this hadn’t been messed up, what a perfect scene it would have been. Still, this scene is enough to melt the VCR if you play it too often. Wow!
At this point, Seymore turns the action over to the Ă´amatuerö videos that people have sent him. Now, obviously, this is a nice little ploy to mix in some mid grade amateur work, however, there is some intersting stuff here. Although it is not up to Seymore’s usually high standards, some of it is worth a look. First up is a skinny little redish haired woman named Laurie. I have seen this woman in some other pro-am stuff, and she is mildly cute. She gives her man a really sloppy blowjob with a pretty darn hot facial to boot.
Up next is a little scenario piece with Rio and her boyfreind acting out the old repairman/housewife scene. To be honest, there is little to like about this scene. Neither of the participants are very good looking and thier sex is medicore at best. To top it all off, the whole thing was shot in Ed Power’s bedroom. (Tell me I’m wrong here.) Not even the anal sex here is anything to save this waste of tape.
The final tape Seymore puts in is the one to watch. It is sent in by a mystery woman, but Seymore vets will soon recognize that sexy voice behind the camera. For now though, let’s just play along with the sense of the unknown. Our mystery girl sneaks up on her roommate Lisa to capture her on video. Lisa is a below average looking young woman who is just slightly more than chunky. Still, she shows off her newly enhance breasts to the camera and they do look good. Watching this girl go to town with her two headed dildo is pretty damn impressive. Looks aside, this makes for an interesting piece of video. Then, when it is over, the mystery woman poses in front of the mirror, with her face hidden as she promises more tapes in the future. Now that is something to look forward to.
After the amateur hour is over, it is back to Seymore shooting his own stuff. Buddy Ron Jeremy has sent over a fresh new beauty, Jessica Fox, for a try out. This auburn hiared, busty babe comes dressed in way too short shorts and revealing top. Too bad for Ron, he is running late. What is poor Seymore to do with all that extra time? Why not just take a ride up to Inspiration Point? Once their, the bubbly Jessica discusses such important global issues as her breasts and, well, pretty much just her breasts. Not a bad topic if you ask me. The gracious dancer is happy to let Seymore take a gander and cop a feel at this perfect pair.
This little public display of affection is very erotic as Seymore explores her mammaries in a place where people could catch them is very erotic indeed. Although it would come as no surprise to me to learn that the guy in the car nearby is a plant, just the idea that someone might be watching as Jessica shows off her other charms to Seymore in his front seat is wild. Jessica soon has both her pussy and her ass filled with Seymore’s probing fingers. This serves as just an appetizer however, as Jessica takes over the job of fingering herself in the front seat. As much as I love the whole public masturbation scenario, it pales in comparisson to what Jessica does next.
The sexy vixen goes down on Seymore in her best Devine Brown imitation. Even for the brief moments we are treated to this Texas tart with her lips streched wide with cock, it is a memorable sight. She takes a faceful of cum and smears it all over her smiling mug in such a sweet, sexy way, you just can’t help but think of steamy nights in your father’s car, with the girl of your dreams (Teenage translation..Girl of your dreams= any girl who will suck your dick.)
That business taken care of, it is back to Seymore’s to hang with the tardy Ron Jeremy. After a bit of jealous banter between the two guys, Ron settles in and figures that a Fox in the hand is worth a few in the bush. Speaking of bush, we get plenty of great shots of Jessica’s neatly shaven pussy while Ron snacks out. PRoving that her front seat sucking of Seymore was no one hit wonder, Jessica puts her other lips to good use, straining for as much of Jeremy’s man sized meat as she can possibly swallow. While she is no Jeanna Fine, Jessica does give a better than average effort here, and looks fantastic as well.
You know, the white tube socks that look so lame when Marc Wallace wears them are oddly sexy on little Jessica’s feet. She just looks dilectable here as she seems to defy all the laws of spacial science. (How does that all fit in her tiny hole?) You just have to see her squat fucking Ron in the love swing. If that doens’t make you rock hard, then I know so
meone who has a whole collection of showtune records for you. Then, as if to top even that, Ron and Jessica try that whole swinging fuck thing that just defies description. So cozy in Ron deep inside of Jessica that he just has to spray her hot pussy down with a load of his jizz, thoughly rounding out this tape in fine fashion.
This volume of Seymore’s adventures is rather like a bland sandwich on fantastic bread. Danyel Cheeks and Jessica Fox give such stunning performances that the mediocre stuff in the middle is even less appealing. With the exception of the mystery woman, there is little to do in this portion of the vid, other than fast forward through it all and recover in time to see Jessica. Watch this video for these two scenes as they are classics. Plain and simple, Cheeks and Fox are way off the boner scale. Can’t wait to see what Seymore has in store for us next.
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