Real World Break: Sports

I know I hit this a weekend too late, but it is time for March Madness. I won’t come in and try to tell you that I nailed the sweet 16 because I didn’t. I got ten out of the sixteen which isn’t too horrible I guess. I’ll go on record now with my Final Four though. These are the names I put into the ESPN pool so I’m in decent shape. Georgia Tech, Oklahoma State, Duke and U Conn with Duke taking the title over Oklahoma St. We’ll have to see how I did in a few weeks.

Since we’re talking sports, check out the Raiders. Just when the Cincinnati looked like they had Warren Sapp all locked up, Oakland came in and took him away. I doubt if one player, even as dominant as Sapp will turn them around over night, but it was a huge coup anyway.

The news hasn’t been so good for the rest of the California football teams. The 49’ers are tearing their team apart and will really have a tough year. At least they are better than the Chargers though. Damn what a stinker of a team my hometown has. First they release their only decent pass rusher and then traded one of the best receivers in football for a bag of peanuts. Now they are going end up taking Manning with the top pick just so he can suffer through a horrible season with no O-line, no one to catch the ball and a stud RB who is going to get his ass kicked. It’s going to be a really, really long season down in LoCal.

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