Private Performance Mason


58 Mins.
Jim Salyer Studio- 1996
DIR: Jim Salyer
STARS: Mason.
THEMES: Solo action, finger fucking, tit play, beautiful women.

Good solo videos seem to be rare in the porn world. Judging from the number of emails I get asking for such material, there must be a rather big audience out there. The question has always been, are tapes entirely devoted to a beautiful woman getting herself off, marketable in the adult world. If I had my say, there would be a whole lot more of them, but who am I? Still, I was excited to stumble upon a series of solo videos that are a not quite as large scale as some from the big porn companies. It sure helps when a woman a luscious as Mason graces the cover and fills the entire sixty minutes of action.
Mason, 22 is just gorgeous. She had a bit part in Showgirls as one of the dancers, and I was lucky enough to be on hand for a nude photo shoot with this beauty. (Yes, I did some posing as well, but for the health and general well being of all in involved, and the public at large, all Rog negatives were destroyed, leaving only some great shots of Mason, which by the way, know where to get if any of you are interested.)
Starting out in a lovely high cut bikini, Mason dances for the camera, showing off, long spectacular legs, and incredible ass and a face that just melts your resistance. Off comes the bikini, revealing a very nice body to match her angel face. After demonstrating a long tongue, able to taste her tempting nipples, Mason leans back and spreads her pedals wide for the camera. You know, I love to watch a woman suck on her own tits as Mason does here while she rubs her slit. She gives a long slow, teasing look at how she gets her pussy warmed up. Not a lot of hardcore insertion action at first, but who cares? Mason is so damn beautiful, watching her do anything would be erotic. As the action moves inside, Mason, now in stockings, gets even more up close and personal. Ever the sexy model, Mason knows just how to make eye contact with the camera and draw the viewer in. She writhes around and shakes her sexy ass for the camera, just begging for a good hard poking.
Feeling the heat (And stealing a page from the solo video I shot.) Mason grabs some ice to cool down her red hot body. Her nipples perk right up under the assault, and even her pussy gets a cold bath. With her mouthwatering breasts hanging over the back of a chair (great touch), she treats us to a long, close up look of a very tight, very wet little love hole. Hopping up onto the kitchen table, Mason makes a pretty mean indeed. She can’t keep her hands from exploring every inch of her hot body, and does a lot more of that tittie sucking that I totally dig.
In a final scene, Mason moves to the bedroom. This was shot after a really nice breast enhancement surgery, so her tits are even more full and delectable. Now, wearing just her heels and that million dollar smile, Mason goes to work once again on her perfect bod. She is a bit bolder this time around, pinching and working on her new tits a lot harder than before. Her fingers are a lot more daring down around her pleasure pot. Her fingers travel deep into her tight pussy and trust me, the sight of this incredible woman getting herself off is out of this world. Is it me, or does that pussy look like the tightest, hottest place you could possible put your dick?
This one hour solo tape is one of the best of its kind I have ever seen. Mason is quite simply, one of the most beautiful women you will ever see with or without her clothes on. Her career as a full fledged porn starlet would be a bright one. So far, she has not gone full hard core, but we can all hope. In the meantime, if you are a fan of solo scenes, grab this up as quickly as you can, it is something I highly recommend.

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