Private Gold 16: The Summer Wind



Private- 1997

DIR: Francois Clousot

STARS:. Krisztina Schwartz, Jean-Luc Montant, Jonathan Morgan, Tricia Deveraux, Michael J. Cox, Mark Jowett,

THEMES: Euro-Babes



RAD Video, Inc.

3802 Rosecrans Street, Suite 500

San Diego, CA 92110



Private has long brought the best European porn to the States, giving us young, nasty women doing incredibly hot things for the camera. Along the way, they have also come up with some of the better done adult films as well. By that, I mean the whole package, lighting and writing as well as fucking and sucking.

This is the latest in the long line of fine Private films that actually have a script longer than three pages. Jonathan Morgan is the storyteller of this tale, and as such gets the first sex scene. It is a hard and fast romp in the back of the bar with a cute, short haired, Euro-brunette. As usual, there are lots of great closeups of this lovely woman with her lips working hard on a cock. Morgan gives her plenty of hard fucking while bending her over a table. Since this is a Private Video, and since Morgan probably has some issues with his boss (The woman is the boss’s wife.) He gives her a good hard assfucking as well. At long last, he sends her home to hubby with a big wad of jizz on her face.

The rest of the story revolves around a beautiful woman, Krisztina Schwartz, who frequents the club. It seems Morgan is somewhat obsessed. Not that one can blame him, this woman who keeps popping up is quite sexy. Too bad he is not the one who gets her first. That happens late at night in a field, as she ends her date with a lucky man by kneeling in front of his van and sucking his cock. This is not enough for the greedy guy and he lays her down on the grass to fuck her tight, shaved pussy. That pussy gets a good coating of cum rubbed into it before all is said and done.

Jonathan finally gets to meet her at a party, but crashes and burns. However, his sister, Tricia Deveraux does better with her party partner. This thick sticked guy is more than happy to accept her oral favors. Tricia is truly a wonder. She lights up whenever a cock gets anywhere near her. While she is being spoon fucked good and hard, giving us a great shot of her incredible breasts shaking about invitingly, the mystery woman has hit her own jackpot. Before we follow her however, we get to see Tricia taking cock up her ass. (With a great view of her full, bare lips) After such rough anal sex, what is a nasty girl to do but suck every last drop of cum out of his cock.

On the heels of that nasty pairing, Jonathan’s woman is proving she is no lady, taking on a couple of lucky studs she picked up on the dancefloor. From the way this Euro-babe attacks cock, he definitely missed out big time. Her enthusiasm for fitting as much cock in her mouth at once is something special indeed. Her reward for a blowjob well done is a double dose of love cream to rub into her pretty face.

Somehow Jonathan gets another shot, and this time he does it right. He takes her out for a nice dinner and tries to get to know her. One problem, the woman admits she loses control and just wants to fuck. So, what’s the problem? Jonathan wants more of a relationship than a quick fuck. Let’s just say they both get what they want. Since none of you give a shit if they ride off into the sunset to raise 3.5 kids and live in the suburbs, I’ll just tell you about the fucking. Her oral skills that were so well used in the three way are magnified her as she only has one cock to concentrate on. Lots of great eye contact this time as she slowly licks his shaft to full mast. With candle lit in the background, the two make themselves comfortable on the barn floor for some serious fornication. After nearly fucking her silly, Jonathan shows how much he loves her by dumping his load on her tits.

After this encounter, Jonathan moves her into the family and home and things go great for a while. We know this from the happy relationship montage that follows. To keep the sexual action going, we see Jonathan’s brother take a very beautiful and naturally busty blonde out into a field for a daytime affair. This pairing follows the Private template, lots of good oral with great eye contact, no pussy eating, straight to the fucking of her nearly hairless pussy. This woman has got a fantastic body on her and she does know how to fuck. More of this magnificent blonde please.

Things are not running entirely smoothly on the relationship front, but who can concentrate on that when, they throw an outdoor four was scene at us. This one features to very attractive Private girls who get all of their holes plugged. Nothing like a pair of young beauties being ass fucked and swallowing cum to take your mind off of the film’s plot.

We are left hanging at the end of this multi-part film. The sexual action and story line are reminiscent of earlier Private works like “The Tower” series. You have to expect the heat that the young looking, nasty Private girls always seem to produce, but production values this good make “Summer Wind” something a little bit different, and well worth watching.

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