Temple Of Lust



85 Mins.

VCA- 1995

DIR: Ona Zee

STARS: Tanya Rivers, Ona, Zee, Marc Wallace, Mike Horner

THEMES: Lesbian Sex.



RAD Video, Inc.

3802 Rosecrans Street, Suite 500

San Diego, CA 92110

Email: sales@radvideo.com



Ona Zee has carved a nice little niche for herself as a director of couples friendly porn. She has done so rather quietly, without the big money backing that comes with a lot of these movies. Often softer, “chick” porn bores the Hell out of me. (Femme videos for example.) However, as a married whose wife is fine with porn, but just can’t get into Max Hardcore or Greg Dark, I am always anxious to see if someone like Zee can come up with something worth a look for both genders.

Mike Horner plays a man who is having some problems making love to his wife Tanya Rivers. (Charlie Sheen’s ex.) He needs to watch some hot sex videos to get him in the mood. No problem there, except the video he puts on has Ona Zee taking on two guys. Now, I was going to save my thoughts on Ona as a performer for another time, since this is a critique of her direction, but then she had to throw herself into the mix. I never, ever found her even the slightest bit attractive when she started a decade ago, and I find her even less appealing now. I know a lot of you are going to bash on Rog for this one, but I can’t help but think, as she takes on Marc Wallace and another stud in a DP (With mini-Marc in her ass of course) that she looks like Teri Weigel’s grandmother. This had me fast forward just so I could get back to the plot for God’s sake.

It seems that the reluctant Rivers is hearing voices coming from the porn vids. Not sure what to do about them, she shines them on and goes about performing her marital duties with hubby Mike. Tanya is incredibly beautiful and looks particularly good with her full lips wrapped around a hard cock. The pacing is a bit quick for me, as Mike and Tanya move rapidly through the oral scenes so she can mount him. Great legs, natural, handful tits, skin that is simply perfection, what more could you want? Three positions move too fast for me, as I wanted to see more of Tanya with those legs in the air, but Mike is just too far gone. He blasts a pretty good load all over her back and ass. Nice scene, if only to look at Tanya’s sexual perfection.

Ona makes a magical appearance in Tanya’s bedroom, telling the confused beauty that she must come to the Temple of Lust to complete her lesson. At the Temple, Ona starts Tonya on her journey into sexual exploration. She explains to Tanya that Mike’s problem is that he sees his wife, not as a lover, but as a Madonna. To help him, Tonya must learn to be more of a whore.

The first lesson comes in the form of a very odd, music video like tease scene that eventually becomes a three way lesbian scene between Melanie Moore, Porsche Lynn and Teri Diver. Some interesting lighting, heels and hose, and tons of curly hair highlight this lez lust fest. These three always did like their girl/girl scenes, and they are all very enthusiastic here.

Porshe serves as Tanya’s guide, leading her and us, through a series of lessons in creative lovemaking. (Oh I get it, it’s like an instructional video.) First lesson, do a sexy strip tease. Porsche does just that for Marc Wallace, showing off her considerable skills. I love dance scenes in videos, don’t ask me why, but they are a great turn on. After the very long tease scene, Porsche has Marc in the palm of her hand, literally, stroking his cock to full attention. Once it’s hard, she goes to work on it with her mouth. Now, this is a woman who deep throated Sean Michaels, so you can imagine what she does to Wallace. He is so grateful that he returns the favor, sucking he pretty pussy for a long time and making the beautiful sex kitten purr wonderfully. Once they are both warmed up, Porsche pulls her legs back wide (Love it) and invites him in. Porsche looks fantastic and gives her always brilliant sexual best in this scene. After being fucked, Porsche gives us a textbook example of how to suck cock, lots of tongue, both hands working and frantic dirty talk mixed in. God, this is fucking hot. Slow motion fucks up an otherwise scalding spray of jizz to her face and mouth. Still worth looking at, but I just don’t dig the cum shots unless they are in real time.

Next, Scott Irish and another stud do their own long strip. This is something for the ladies to ogle a bit before Teri and Melanie come in to make it a four way dirty dance. Melanie always gives her all in her scenes and she looks great here. Few women look like have as much fun sucking cock as Mel and that always makes for good video. The rest of the scene is rather slow paced and somewhat vanilla, nothing really to crow about. Worst of all, the editing cuts in after the Mel’s guy has shot into her hand. Too bad.

By now, Tanya is begging for sex. They send her back and she is more than ready to make Mike see her in a whole new light. She dresses to thrill and struts out in front of hubby and a business partner, Irish. She strips for them. (Funny how Mike has NO reaction. If Mrs. Rog came out and stripped down while one of my buds was hanging out, I MIGHT question her.) Instead, both men take full advantage and strip down to enjoy beautiful Tanya’s willing mouth and pussy. This time, with two cocks, we get to see one in her mouth for a lot longer, and I am glad we do. She looks great getting fucked while sucking, and her standing doggie is beautiful. What a body. Tanya takes one load on her tits and Mike explodes all over he back.

While I would not say this video is strictly for couples, it does have many of the features, or actually lacks many of the features that turn most women off. There are no anal shots, only one facial, and there is a bit of a story. Still, Tanya Rivers is gorgeous, and Porsche Lynn is scorching and Melanie Moore does a good job. Again, if you have lady, watch it with her, see what happens. Also if you just want to see the stunner who Charlie Sheen got so crazy over, enjoy Tanya.

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