Takin’ It To The Limit 7


Takin’ It to the Limit 7 – Debauched

Seven, 1996

Director: Bionca

Stars: Porshe Lynn, Shonna Lynn, Liza Rose Harper, Candy Lix, Fonda French, Peter North, Julian St. Jox, Santino Lee, Mark Davis, Sean Michaels, Mr. Marcus, Jon Dough

This is the latest installment of one of my fave X rated series, and after buying and reviewing Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, I had skipped number 6 as less than on par with the others. Now with volume 7, it appears as if Bruce and Bionca have returned to the cutting edge of hard, nasty sex vids. This one is once again worth adding to the library.

There are only four scenes in this volume, with two of them standing out as outstanding. The other two are no slouches either. By now, I’m sure you know the set up of the TITTL vids. (If you don’t check out my reviews of 1-5) Bruce Seven and Bionca are in the business of making porn star’s fantasies come true. Unfortunately, Bruce has not recovered fully from his recent stroke, and visibly struggles through his dialog between scenes. As a fan and a great respector of Bruce Seven, it saddened me to see him in such a state. God bless him and lead him to a speedy recovery. That said, I truly wish Bruce had stayed off camera for a little longer, his presence is just a bit too distracting.

First up this time is brunette vixen Liza Rose Harper. Her fantasy has something do with giving a sexy dance, (OK, so it lacks originality, who cares, it gets Ms. Harper dancing and naked, what more do you want?) Peter North is the lucky recipient of her gyrations, and from the way he rises to the occasion, I can only assume that he loved it as much as enjoyed watching it.

After some very lengthy pussy and ass exploration by Peter’s fingers, which I found, frankly, boring and lacking any heat, the couple get down to some serious sexual exploration. As is to be expected from this series, the blowjob sequence is long and well shot. Liza does a nice job on Peter’s oversized knob, especially after seeming almost catatonic during the aforementioned digital probings. Unfortunately, she loses interest again as Peter DP’s her with a pair of dildos.

Once they get down to fucking, Liza seems to have lost interest completely, thoroughly sleepwalking through her reverse cowgirl cock ride. This serves as a lukewarm preview of the anal version of the same position that comes just a few minutes later. Atypical of Bionca, the anal sex is dull and uninspiring. I have to hold the director somewhat responsible for this, although, as they say, you can’t get blood from a stone. Even as Peter hoses down Liza’s mug, I can not help but be less than thrilled with the opening stanza of TITTL 7.

Just about the time it seems all is lost, Porsche Lynn saves the day in a huge way. Dressed in a combination Catholic schoolgirl uniform/ Leather bimbo suit, Ms Lynn looks as spectacular as ever as she describes her bondage dream. As per legal restrictions, her dream can only be shown in part, as she must be untied before she can be fucked. Still, just the brief sight of Porsche bound, is enough to get this scene started in a big way. Julian St. Jox and Mr. Marcus are the lucky men who untie and sample the lovely wares of the wayward lass. She looks hotter than ever before as she devours St. Jox’s meat as Marcus probes her two lower openings thoroughly. Her double blow job on these two black studs is porn perfection, and a great lead in to the inevitable oiling and fucking of her tight asshole. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this is only Porsche’s second, hetero, on cameral anal, and her first DP. It is brief, but scalding none the less. As only she (And a precious few others) can, Porsche dirty talk her two studs to a great double facial. This scene ranks among the best of the TITTL lot.

Sexy Candy Lix has a problem for B and B. She has never been able to get nasty enough (Can we say clichè¿© A tired line perhaps her coupling with Marc Davis and Sean Michaels is anything but ordinary. Good looking, busty, and very anal, this new starlet is someone to watch in the future. After nearly being fisted, she sucks both monster cocks to full mast before bending over to take an anal rocket from Mr. Michaels. Add Davis’ cock for a DP and you have one very stuffed, very vocal, very enthusiastic starlet. The inevitable double facial finishes off what can only be called a keeper of a scene.

Finally, in round four of this fuckfest, Shonna Lynn and Fonda French visit the B and B dream factory to have their wishes granted. Shonna dreams of being ass fucked while Fonda has a taste for swallowing loads of cum. Conveniently, Mr. Marcus, Jon Dough, Peter North and Santino Lee are happy to oblige. Fonda, a drop dead gorgeous black starlet, starts the scene off with a butt plug deep in her ass as the always nasty Shonna strokes her pussy. Is it me, or is Shonna getting skinnier every time I see her. That and the bad wig make her much harder to look at now than in the past. Still, as the guys come in, the stage is set for a rip roaring fuck scene. True to her name, Ms. French gives some great on screen head, and anorexic looking or not, Shonna fucks and sucks with so much intensity, she draws inevitable comparisons to Debi Diamond or Tammi Ann. The shot of Dough holding the tiny Lynn in the air while Marcus fucks her is incredible. Both girls get very vocal during their anals, with Shonna taking the brunt of the ass fucking and DP action. With her part of the fantasy fulfilled, it’s time to take care of Fonda. Shonna lines up the guys and coaxes cum from their cocks into a champagne flute only to pour the semen cocktail into her friend’s upturned mouth. This goes beyond just a facial, this is glass licking, cum gargling nastiness the likes of which are rarely, if ever seen.

In all, three of the four scenes are worth watching, with the Porsche DP and the Shonna/Fonda mini orgy the best of the lot. TITTL 7 is still a far cry from the first few, but at least things seem to be taking a turn for the better. Good work by Bionca as usual, and once again, God bless to Bruce.

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