Takin’ It To The Limit 5


Takin’ it to the Limit 5

Bruce Seven Productions, 1995

Directed by: Bianca

Performers: Careena Collins, Dru Barrymore, Jill Kelly, Natalie Tizara, Christina West, Ariana, Yvonne, Channone, Peter North, Gerry Pike, Mark Davis, Luc Wylder

Themes: Dancers, Fantasies, Shaving, Lesbian Sex

Overall Rating: 7

By now, the TITTL formula is well know to anyone who has watched the previous 4 installments. The number of scenes has dropped to only three in part 5, but the added length gives plenty of time to enjoy your favorite segment.

The first, and by far the best scene in TITTL 5 is with Careena Collins, whose comeback to the porn biz is perhaps the best news of the past several years. She has been nothing short of spectacular, and this is no exception. She starts out with a solo scene that defies anyone to reach for the fast forward button. Using the Velcro sheets, Careena restrains herself while playing with some good sized toys and working herself into a serious frenzy.

Enter her two studs. The action melts the screen as Careena gets spanked, butt plugged, gives some very wet deep throat, gets three fingers shoved into her ass, DP’ed and pussy slapped. Watch for some nasty ass to mouth action on the butt plugs and a serious facial flooding, after which she licks up every drop from the sheets. This has to be one of the hottest scenes of 1995.

From there, anything would have been a let down, but there is a serious drop off to the group action that follows. Channone and Yvonne lead a mini orgy that has the usual good oral action, DP and facial creaming that save it from being a complete dud of a scene. Were it a scene from any other video, I might have been more impressed, however by the lofty standards of TITTL, it falls short.

The final scene in this volume is perhaps the strangest scene I’ve seen in a while. Sexy blonde, Dru Barrymore (Not much resemblance) is at the center of a huge lesbian orgy. The lengthy dance sequences featuring Jill Kelly and others is very hot. The ladies blindfold young Dru and give her a thorough oiling, followed by a head to toe shaving cream shower. What follows is the oddest shaving sequence imaginable. The women take turn cutting off Dru’s blonde locks and proceed to remove every tiny hair from her body, head to toe. Once Dru has been relieved of her hair, we are treated to a patented Bianca all girl orgy, with plenty of dildo, anal and toe sucking action. the highlight of this pussy fest has to be Jill Kelly fucking Christina West with a strap on. Just what any red blooded male wants to see.

Overall, the quality and sexual heat of this tape is far above average. It’s definitely worth the price of a rental, even more if you’re a fan of Careena or odd shaving scenes.

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