Takin’ It To The Limit 4


Takin’ it to the Limit 4 – Totally Smokin’

Bruce Seven Productions, 1995

Directed by: Bianca

Performers: Kaitlyn Ashley, Shelby Stevens, Misty Rain, Vixxen, Alicia Rio, Vannessa Chase, Anna Malle, Nancy Vee, Sofia Ferrari, Jake Steed, Valentino, Nick East, Mr. Marcus, Julian St. Jox, Vince Vouyer, Hercules & B

Themes: Dancers, Fantasies, Interracial Sex, Lesbian Sex

Overall Rating: 8+

Once again we are treated to Bruce Seven and Bianca doing their Mr. Roake, Fantasy Island bit. The first bit of fantasy fulfillment they do si to surprise hard working Vince Vouyer with Sofia Ferrari. She joins him on his ladder and the two engage in some hot foreplay. Sofia is a decent looking woman who give one Hell of a hot, sloppy blow job. She gets really hot while sucking him off, as she fucks her own ass with a dildo. The fact that this scene consists of no intercourse, only toys and hot oral sex, is a big plus. A nice change of pace to start of TTITL 4.

Next up is a personal favorite Kaitlyn Ashley. She wants to “push it.” and “Get Wild.” No arguments here. With the help of Shelby, Kaitlyn is stripped and displayed on Velcro sheets. She looks incredible here as we are treated to a typically hot B&B girl/girl scene between the two hot blondes, complete with oil, ripped clothes, multiple finger banging, spanking and some hot anal with a gold vibrator.

Enter, Nick East, who is ready to finish off the now blindfolded Kaitlyn. Heavy B & D themes in this scene. Enough can not be said about hot Kaitlyn Ashley is in this scene. After being thoroughly fucked, Kaitlyn is un blindfolded and after some wet oral sex, is lubed up for some hard anal sex. The scene is capped off by a decent facial cum shot. Unfortunately, Mr. East’s load is less than impressive, taking away from what otherwise would have been a perfect scene.

Next up is Vanessa Chase, a sexy little race car driver who just wants to be gang banged. The poor girl is seen as a Tomboy and just can’t seem to find a half dozen studs to treat her like a piece of meat. Thank goodness B & B are there to save her. They fulfill her request to be “fucked fast and hard.” They agree to do it in exchange for a very hot table dance that is as sexy as most fuck scenes.

Cut to the garage, where Vanessa, looking hot, is working on her rod. Enter a group of six black men. After a bit of hot talk, they take Ms. Vanessa on a ride she won’t soon forget. Forming a line, the men are treated to some great head from a standing Vanessa, followed by a fast and furious gang fuck. The sex here is sweaty, messy and loud, just the way B & B love to shoot it. At one point, Vanessa shifts things into high gear when she, with cock in her mouth, announces that she wants to get “fucked in the ass.”

The boys oblige her, each taking his turn at her cute backside before covering her face in three full loads of cum. No explanation as to what happened to the other three, but why be greedy. Vanessa ends up a mess, a beautiful, sperm covered mess.

The final scene is an elaborate lesbian fantasy starring Shelby. She is hallucination all sorts of hot lesbian sex, including a nice little trick with a lollipop that must be seen to be believed. the pay off here is a B & B standard, multi girl orgy scene. No one films girl/girl sex like Bianca. It’s a white hot group effort by Shelby, Vixxen, Misty Rain, Alicia Rio, Anna Malle and Nancy Vee complete with ass licking, anal dildos with each girl taking a turn at being the center of attention. Look for Alicia Rio sucking a dildo straight from her ass, (although, it may be a trick of the camera).

Overall, TITTL 4 is a great addition to the series. The Kaitlyn and Vanessa scenes are classics even the most remote happy chappy will want to keep his finger off the fast forward button.

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