Takin’ It To The Limit 1




Bruce Seven Productions, 1994

Directed by: Bianca

Performers: Danyel Cheeks, Heather St. Clair, Kaitlyn Ashley, Debi Diamond, Tammi Ann, Suzie Mathews, Vixxen, Alexis Payne, Sydney Dance, Randy West, Peter North, Tom Byron, Sean Michaels, Alex Sanders, T.T. Boy.

Themes: Dancers, Oil, Spanking, Mild B& D, Blondes, Fantasies.

Overall Rating: 8+


This five vignette video from Bruce Seven and Bianca does indeed push the porn standards to their limit. In the first volume, the sex is about as hard and raw as you will find in today’s market, and it is BRILLIANT.

I must admit that Bianca never did much for me personally as an actress, however, as a director, at least in this instance, she had hit the mark dead on. The ‘plot’ as it were of TITTL centers around fantasy fulfillment. In each mini story, the leading ladies come to Bruce and Bianca with a special desire in mind. The wicked duo play Mr. Roarke-like fantasy fullfillers, much to the delight of the women, and the audience.

Leading things off is a tall blonde, Heather St. Clair. As Bianca takes some sexy shots of Heather, she can’t help but comment of her innocent girl next door looks. Bruce echoes her sentiments, much to the chagrin of Ms St. Clair, who loudly declare that she is tired of being seen as innocent and really wants to be “Fucked by a big, black cock right in the ass.” Let the games begin.

After a very sexy table dance for B and B, Heather is introduced to her fantasy men, Sean Michaels and Tom Byron. Again we are treated to a great dance from Heather, including some hot three finger pussy banging, oil and some spanking from her guys. Although Heather can’t swallow all of Sean’s monster cock, she does give a valiant effort, bathing him in a very wet blow job. This is followed by some nice anal dildo work, some doggie fucking and finally a great DP. Any woman who can DP those two monster boners is a piece of work in my book. They end with a good double facial, forever ending any image of innocent that may have plagued Ms. St. Clair’s career.

Next up is my favorite scene in the vid. Kaitlyn Ashley has a fantasy to be dominated by another woman and made to take it in her ass. Once again, B and B are there to save the day. This time, the dance they require is even hotter. Kaitlyn is the hottest lady in the business and it is easy to see why in her dance. She and Bianca play around a bit. If table dances were this hot, men would never come home!

When it comes time for her actual sex scene, Kaitlyn is paired off with Danyel Cheeks. The coupling is filled with some good B and D action, toe sucking, shoe licking, spanking, oil and some great dildo play. Enter Randy West and Alex Sanders. The four pair off for some hot sex. Kaitlyn’s blow jobs are the messiest in the business and she gobbles Alex like he’s dying of starvation. The two couples both give good anal fucking with both lovely ladies taking loads of goo on their pretty faces. This scene is a keeper!

To be honest, things go down hill a bit from here for me, but only because the first two scenes were so hot. Vixxen stars in the third fantasy. She wants to be with a group of women. Bianca puts together a nice trio of blondes to go along with Vixxen. Again, we get to see Danyel Cheeks, this time bringing Tammi Ann and Suzie Mathews with her. The table dance this time if from Suzie and is good. Although Girl/girl scenes are not my favorite, this one is pretty hot, with some great four way action, oil, and anal dildo play. Stealing the scene, is pig tailed Tammi Ann, who is a huge star waiting to happen. She takes some big toys into her pussy and makes this scene better than most I have seen.

Next up is a B and D scene with Tom Byron getting a dominance session from Alexis Payne. Most of the sex he gets comes from Alexis’s slave girl, Sydney Dance. Sydney is a lovely brunette with great big, natural tits and a hot shaved pussy. If this sort of thing is your cup of tea, enjoy it. Lots of ass licking, ball tying, spanking and some serious dildo ass fucking. This time, its Tom who gets his ass fucked by Alexis. I’m sure this will turn off a bunch of the homophobic types out there, but I’ve got to say, it made for a hot scene. Although, I was disappointed that Tom didn’t get to stray onto Syd’s hot face.

Finally, and poorly placed I think, we get Debi Diamond. Naturally, her fantasy is to drink cum. The sexy blonde is treated to Peter North and T.T. Boy. There is plenty of cock here even for the ever insatiable Ms. Diamond. The highlight of this scene is the hot nasty talk that Debi delivers. There is not enough of this in videos to suit my taste, but this is some of the best I’ve heard. Again, we see plenty of spanking, some deep hard penetration and an original cum shot. Debi, literally funnels the two loads of jizz into her mouth. Since the guys are notorious spurters, you can bet this is one HOT cum shot.

The overall quality of this video is very good. Typically good camera work from Seven’s company, some original twists, hot talk and hotter sex make TITTL a must have for any collector and makes me hard and waiting for part two.

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