Sugar Daddy 7



89 Mins.

Xplor- 1997

DIR: Dave Cummings

STARS: Shanna McCullough, Pandora, Carolina, Kiki, Morgan Navarro, Christann, Rod Fontana, Scott DeBone, Devon Shore.

THEMES: New Girls, Older men/Younger women.




Dirty Dave Cummins is porn’s reigning elder studsman. His Sugardaddy series has brought him front and center as an icon for the older men with young women crowd. This series has had some great moments, but has yet to bring a star with as much class and clout as Shanna McCullough. The fact that she is in the video means that there can be nothing less than one outstanding scene in this volume. Can the others match her fire and intensity?

Shanna starts things out, rehearsing for a scene with Dave. She looks simply stunning her bikini. My God, I don’t think her body has ever been in better shape. She decides that in addition to practicing lines, they should give the sex a little run through as well. Tough job eh Dave? A few too many effects for my taste as Shanna gets naked. (This is not A Blake, so why cover up the incredible Shanna with too many visual layers?) Watching her suck cock just has that school teacher gone bad feel to me. So much beauty and class and yet she inhales cock like she can’t get enough. (Someone turn on fan, cuz it’s damn hot in here.) Without tasting her red trimmed muff, Dave dives his dick in deep and starts pumping away. I really love the shots of Shanna riding his cock, her body is rock solid and the tan lines are delectable. She looks pretty damn hot bent over a chair as well. No anal this time out for Shanna, but her tongue does get a serious cumbath as Dave drips a good load right onto her waiting mouth. Not a drop gets wasted.

Devon Shore hooks up with Rod Fontana in a scene with no build up whatever. The opening shot is of Devon with her lips wrapped tightly around Rod’s rod. Not a bad sight I must say, as this young thing is quite the cutie. The tiny titted brunette gets him up and ready to go in no time and reward is a swift boning that seems to suit her just fine. Pretty standard fuck for the most part, but at least under someone’s direction, Fontana doesn’t try to be Rob Black. Instead, he delivers a solid, if standard, four position fuck, ending with a sticky load all over her pretty face. Overuse of the visual effects fuck up the facial, but Devon is a honey.

Busy honey Carolina is up next with Dave and he is appropriately eager to let her suck his cock. I was pretty anxious to see that myself, but Dave doesn’t let her do it for too long before bending her over his chair. (Is this becoming a pattern for him?) After an incredibly low number of strokes, he ends this one position mini fuck, but dribbling a small load into her mouth. Pretty much a waste of a decent new face and body.

With the help of a horny couple, Dave helps explore this young woman’s overly active sex drive. Shauna DoYaWanna and her partner Scott DeBone welcome Dave into their bed to help put out her fires. You should probably enjoy this performance, as I can see it being one of very few Shauna gives. She is just not that pretty, and in spite being teamed with two guys, gives off minimal sexual heat. Lots of cock sucking and a couple of decent facials, but basically this just doesn’t live up to the other scenes in this series.

Morgan Navarro shows up to tell Dave how tired she is after taking on three guys on a video shoot. Her answer to fatigue? To get fucked one more time. Dave is once again in the right place at the perfect time. However, once again, the scene is about two minutes long and ends with a dribble on her face. I can’t figure out why Dave edits scenes down to such short encounters. I know it makes the female cast list longer, but why not let us see more of the women you nail?

Kiki is a twenty year old first timer with a very horny little pussy. She fingers it into a good froth while sucking Dave’s member just long enough for him to be ready to pop it into her honey hole. This is the most impressive non Shanna oral on this tape as Kiki seems to know what to do with a dick in her mouth. Dave knows what to do with a horny young woman once his cock is at full length. He has her sit on his lap and ride his meat while he sucks away at her nipples. Kiki is a little soft in the middle for big time porn success, but she is genuinely pretty and fucks like a woman who likes having a dick in her pussy. I know, that should go without saying, but in today’s flood of porn stars, it’s a more rare quality than you might think. With a little lube, Kiki even takes a cock in her ass for the camera. It’s not a long or overly enthusiastic ass fuck, but give Kiki credit for trying. The facial cumshot is far more impressive, as Dave seems to have saved up a bit for her cute, blond, coed face.

Next up is the very eager, Cristann, who is glad Dave comes home when he does, so she doesn’t have to use a dildo to get off. The pair hook up for a long 69 with Dave slurping down tons of girl juice and Christann sucking his cock until it well spit slicked. Once again, Cristann gets to bend over the chair and take a super slamming from behind. Really nice legs on this young woman and an ass that has just the right amount of jiggle when their hips pound together. Her ass gets a lot of finger work, but not cock in it just yet. For that, you have to wait through a couple more positions, but it is worth the wait. Cristann takes full strokes up her ass and you can see her pussy getting wetter with every pump. Dave finally pulls out and shoots onto her beaver, but the newcomer quickly hops down off the table to lick his cock clean. Quite an impressive first time effort.

Sexy blonde Pandora is up next and she is more than ready for an early morning fuck to start her day off right. Since she may be the prettiest girl in this video, you can imagine my disappointment when the oral sex is practically skipped over, and even the vaginal pumping is clouded by overuse of effects. Also, this scene, which could have been the best, is rushed through to make it fit on the tape, which really sucks, since Pandora tales what looks to be some good anal and very mouth filling cumshot. Big disappointment here at the end.

Dave Cummings has once again assembled a good looking mix of new girls and established porn vets. Shanna McCullough is the most recognizable and gives by far the best performance here, but Kiki, Devon and Cristann all have a lot of potential. The Pandora scene is all but wasted by poor pacing and messed up effects. Dave needs to clean up the technical side of things a bit, strip it down to the basics and let the sex come through.

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