Strong Sensations


Pleasure Productions- 1996
DIR: Paul Norman
STARS: Samantha Strong, Felicia, Kim Kataine, Crayola Blue, Tabitha Stevens, Kim Cummings, Marc Davis, Vince Voyeur, Dave Hardman, Rick Masters
THEMES: Club Sluts, Anal Sex
Almost before the credits are finished rolling, the action in this moody video is underway. After watching a handful of women primping for a night on the town for all of about sixty second, two of them get too hot to wait and go at it right on the couch. How is that for cutting through the BS and getting right to the heart of it? The two women, Felicia and Crayola Blue are both dressed to the nines, but soon toss the clothes aside and get down to a serious lesbian lust fest. Felicia, who always gives great girl girl scenes is quick to get at Crayola’s shaved, pierced pussy. Although she sports a bit too much body jewelry for my taste, Ms. Blue is quite attractive and is a very vocal receiver. Judging from the reaction she gets from Felicia, Crayloa (God, that is one of the worst names I have ever heard.) does more than her share on the giving end as well. There is some extensive close up fingering shots of Felica’s pussy being invaded. Overall, this is a very well shot, if somewhat standard lesbian tryst between two very good looking and enthusiastic women. Nice way to start.
Felicia gets left behind, but Samantha Strong and Crayola hit a local night spot for some dancefloor action. It doesn’t take long in the flashing lights and crowded club before Samantha is out in the back alley for a rough and tumble romp with Vince Voyeur. Semi clad in a very sexy black latex thing, Samantha is bent over in a flash and taking a pounding from behind that makes her pleasantly rotund rump shake wildly. Although, I have often found Sam to be somewhat lifeless in her scenes, in this one, she is anything but, screaming and rolling around in the trash filled alley. This scene is truly sexy, with both participants getting into their characters and attacking each other with total abandon. One problem though, the lighting a bit too moody, it obscures most of the shots of Sam’s lovely face stuffed with cock. There are a few, and WOW does she look hot, but just not enough to make me happy. (Picky, picky, picky Rog) In a move that spits in the face of her prissy attitude, Sam begs to be fucked in the ass, and Vince obliges. With his unit safely packed in rubber, his gives her full backside a solid drilling before dribbling a load onto said butt. A very good scene, high energy and again, well shot.
The women’s night of fun takes an odd turn as Sam ends up alone in an after hours club. Marc Davis takes our protagonist (Do porn videos HAVE a protagonist?) on a tour of this sex filled little playland. While they explore the back rooms, bartender Tom Byron and patrons Tabitha Stevens and Kim Kataine hop up on the bar for a three way boning. Kim is a cutie I have reviewed before, but Tabitha is new to me. In spite a wild hair style, this woman is H-O-T! A great body and underneath a bit of mood make up, a very pretty face. She steals the scene from her attractive but not as stunning partner. She gives some great head, making good eye contact and devouring the dock shoved in her face. Kim takes the first boning, but the scene gets much more interesting when Tabitha takes a standing doggy with her tits hanging into her girlfriend’s mouth. After handing it back over to Kim for some reverse cowgirl, both women share a facial that misses the mark because of that odd positioning thing that causes Tom to fire straight into the air. Still a very nice scene that makes me want to see lots more of Tabitha Stevens. .
Sam is still on her tour with Marc, and has to remove all of her clothes to continue. (Good idea) They spy a brunette woman, Kimberly Cummings, suspended in mid air and servicing two studs. There is little to this scene, but the pure sexuality of it, as Kimberly hangs from chains and takes a big cock up her ass. The second man does little for the scene, only getting blow for a few seconds near the end and shooting a load into her mouth. An interesting scene from a mood standpoint, and lots of anal close ups, but other than that, just your average stuff.
Sam is apparently more effected by the scene, as she shoves Marc up against a wall and drops down to drool on his dipstick. This time, the lighting is better for the blowjob footage, and Sam looks like a dream. Huge props to Paul Norman for getting one of the rare passionate performances from this mercurial sex starlet. Marc repays the busty blonde by sucking her shaved pussy. I have to say, that Sam has a very pretty pussy. (Oh God, if you say “Looks good enough to eat” I’m gonna puke.) Fans of thigh high boots will be happy to know that Sam takes her boning in such creative footwear. As they fuck on a staircase, there are plenty of great shots, emphasizing Sam’s curvaceous bod. Once again, Sam’s ass gets creamed at the end of a very good scene.
This is an interesting video. I loved the lighting and camerawork. Samantha Strong is alive and very much into her scenes for a change, and Tabitha Stevens is a reason in and of herself to watch this video. It’s a bit dark at times, but I enjoyed the artistic qualities in addition to the sex. Not for the Max crowd perhaps, but one everyone should take a look at. Norman has done a lot of great work, and this is really enjoyable.
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