Streets Of New York 7


Pleasure Productions- 1996
DIR: Neville Chambers
STARS: Heather, Angelique, Vivienne, Jessie, Christie, Frank.
THEMES: Outdoor Sex, Public Sex
Pleasure Productions
P.O. Box 946
Hightstown, NJ 08520
Outdoor and Public sex scenes have always been some of my very favorite in porn videos. Good ones, however, have been few and far between, and usually played very safe for obvious reasons. The reality of Seymore Butts public shots are one of the reasons I heap so much praise on his work. However, the undisputed King of public sex tapes is this innovative series. After some early inconsistencies, our friends at Pleasure seem to have settled into an effective formula to bring us the very best sex in public places video you are likely to see.
Heather Fields and Ray are up first in this seventh volume of Streets of New York. The couple stroll through Battery Park on a dank day in the Big Apple, looking for some shelter from the elements and some privacy from the prying eyes of the city. One of the things I love about this video is that the editor leaves in many of the start and stops made necessary by passers by. This is just as real and as hot as it gets my friends. After finding a semi private spot, over some objections from the blonde Heather, she quickly strips out of her sexy black dress and into a trenchcoat, making later access to her private parts a bit easier. She is clearly a bit apprehensive, but somehow manages to take Ray’s cock standing up on the street. It is tricky going, and the couple have to stop a few times, but somehow they manage to give us a few minutes of very nice standing doggie right there on the streets before heading for shelter. Thankfully, they come back just long enough for us to get a quick glance at the impressive oral skills of Ms. Fields. Marred a only by her visible fear of the people who seem to be all around her, this is a fantastic opening tease to this first scene.
Once on a boat, Heather is visibly more relaxed and bares her breasts for all to see, showing off her long tongue by licking her natural beauties. Still, this location is not what they are looking for and its off for a drive to search for a new location. In the moving car, Heather once again shows that her mouth can take all the cock Ray has to offer. You have to give her credit for being a very enthusiastic participant. A suitable place for this woman to wrap her lips around a cock is not hard to find. I’d say anywhere will do, and after the car, she does some good sucking in a nearby elevator. This time around we get to really enjoy the site of her drooling all over his meat for a while. Looks good to me. That does it for the public sex. Heather and Ray retire to the bedroom to finish what they got started. By now, if this tease doesn’t have you ready to see her filled with cock then nothing will.
After examining her close up, Ray lubes up and goes in for some good old fashioned missionary fucking. Special note, Heather keeps her thigh high leather boots on, so people with this fetish are going to want to check this out. She is quick to show that her hesitation from earlier was about fear and not about a lack of lust for cock, as this blonde fireball fucks like a wild woman. She takes a pounding from behind until her body just collapses under his and still she asks for more. To top this opener off, Heather begs for a load of cum on her face, and takes most of it right on her tongue. A great ending to what was a long, and very erotic scene.
The next adventure begins on 5th Avenue with Angelique and her fella Sebastian. The three take a stroll down F.D.R. Drive where the exotic brunette flashes her assets a bit. High atop a bridge, with cars all around, the daring woman pretty much bares all and even gets fingered while making out with her guy. Watching him bend her over to eat then fuck her is too much. The traffic is zipping by on the road below making for a highly sexy setting. The cold drives the couple to a more secluded spot, but to prove her willingness to exhibit her body by flashing a bunch of guys in a truck. Having had enough of the cold and crowds, the couple finally retires to the bedroom to complete what they had started. They skip right past any oral sex and go right for the fucking, which is a bit rushed for my taste, but I have to say that there is some great footage of Angelique reverse riding his cock. Outstanding action. She may be just an average looking woman, but I have to say that she if quite vocal and takes an enthusiastic anal from behind. In fact, it is a very long anal that seems to switch back to a vaginal penetration for the while around facial cum shot. You know, from the displeased look on her face as he discharges all over, this could have been an A2M. Angelique just looks completely disgusted by this messy shot. Not a bad scene, just not as hot as the opener.
Ray is back in the center of the action as he takes Vivienne to the Wiliamsburg Bridge, a noisy, very public place for some mischief. After a curbside change of clothes, the chesty redhead dons the familiar trenchcoat designed for easy access to the fun zones. The daring duo use the cover of their car to let her have her first taste of his cock. I would have liked to have seen more of this, but they are forced to move on. Never fear, this is New York and there are plenty of places to take an overheated hottie for some out in the open fun and games. The oral action at this stop is top notch as Vivienne squats and stuffs her face full of meat, looking great as she does. Not bothered by the passing traffic just a few feet away, Ray has a good time playing with her wonderfully full breasts for a while before moving on again.
Up on the roof, the pair strip down for some outdoor sex. This is the first real good look we get at Vivienne’s body and she is defiantly on the large side south of the waist line. Now, I have never had a thing for really skinny women, but this set of thighs is just huge! Nevertheless, from the waist up, she is nothing short of stunning, and once again, shows off some good technique in a standing suck. That is about all that is really good here, as the fucking is chopped up and there is little to see in this stairway boff. A decent cum shot in between her huge boobs saves this scene from being really disappointing, but it still is nothing to write home about.
Jessie and Frank hit the streets for some fun, seeming a lot more comfortable than her somewhat nervous partner. There are obviously people watching them and she seems more than happy to just rub her pussy and smile. Now this is the sort of woman who could get a man into all sorts of trouble. This thin, brown haired babe can’t wait to crouch down and give some of the head that has made her a star. Right in the middle of this, a he/she street walker, which brings the cock sucking to a close for now, but actually makes for one of the most interesting moments I have ever seen in a porn video.
From the looks of things, Frank just can’t wait to get his dick back in Jessie’s mouth, as he stops the car and has her suck him some more at curbside. She not only looks great sucking, but spends a little time fingering her asshole before they move on. This is far and away the best stuff in this video. A keeper for sure. Not content with that, they stop off for two more brief blow jobs on their way to the bedroom. This is just the perfect way to lead up to a full scene, far and away the very best I have seen in a while.
Once in bed, Jessie is quick to spread her thighs wide and keep sucking, managing to tell us between gulps of tube steak, that Frank will have the pleasure of her backdoor. She doesn’t make him wait long, skipping the pussy fucking and straddling him with her tight hold for some deep ass pounding. The RCA here is well shot, with good close ups as well as the all important full body shots. (Very good, feet up on his thighs, gotta have that.) Jessie just takes all the ass fucking Frank can dish out and dirty talks her way through it. Her
screaming orgasm is followed by a nice jerk off cum shot directly into her mouth. (A personal fave of mine.) Right as he starts to pop, Frank stands up and lets his thick load drip down onto his nasty partner’s pretty face. This scene is far and away the best of the tape, do not miss it.
Finally, we wrap things up with Chritie Lake and Ray out on Pier Seven. They must have some good privacy, as she strips down to her panties and starts sucking his cock right on the water, with the New York skyline as the backdrop. Outstanding and brazen. The are even able to fuck sitting on a post, damn, this is public sex as seldom seen. Only after a very long fuck, do the couple take off in search of a new location to exhibit their wares. Coney Island is the selected place, and it too, provides a great dropback for some hot sex. Underneath the boardwalk is the perfect place for a little blowjob.
From there, it is time to head back to home base to finish up. There, Ray takes full advantage of this very willing blonde and goes straight for her inviting pussy. As hot and horny as this leggy babe is, its a wonder he doesn’t pop right off the bat. In addition to being a willing fuck machine, Christie also has a talent for hot, dirty talk. She demonstrates that as she coaxes a load from Ray right onto her face. Nice finish to a scene that shows what a true adult star Christie is becoming.
It is rather rare these days to see anything original in adult videos. However, the Streets of New York series has taken a new look at sex. Not all of the volumes have been great, and few live up to this one. Volume seven is packed with some very outrageous acts of public sex and as a bonus some very good looking women. Jessie James is the best of the lot, but Christie and Heather are nothing to sneeze at either. Check this video out. IF you are not already a fan of public sex, then this one will make a convert of you.
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