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Seymore Butts Home Movies- 1995
DIR: Seymore Butts

STARS: Shane, Yvonne, Nikki Sterling, Bridgette Monroe, Tabitha, Sid Deuce, Tizianna, Madeline Knight, Butch, Cousin Phil, Jake, Alex, Tom, Cladio and Seymore

THEMES: Orgies, Outdoor Sex



Here we go again, another Rog review of yet another Seymore video. You know, maybe if he would fuck up just a little bit along the way, and not make the absolute best vids in the business, I might not give him such blatant over representation in the world of Rog. Then again, I set the agenda, I decide who gets props and who doesn’t. (Someone knock Napoleon Van Rog here off his fucking pedestal will ya?) I say that so far, every Seymore video deserves props and with a cast like this, Pool Party is bound to be another in the long line of Seymore greatness.

OK, the back story on this one is a little bizarre. It outlines a series of notes sent by a mysterious stalker who is threatening our fave duo. You know, if this is real, then it is a scary indictment of the sort of things that do go on out there. If it is just a put on, a plot device to explain why S and S had to move, then I am not sure how I feel about it. Honestly, I know this should be something I pass over, but it just bugged me to think someone could be such a no life loser as to threaten people who just provide hours of entertainment to thousands of horny people everywhere.

Time to get the long awaited pool party underway. The action gets going rather quickly so you don’t even have time to set the starting lineups for this colossal collection of porn perfection. Yvonne and Shane are keeping each other company atop a floating raft in the pool, while Tabitha, an exotic busty darling, and Nikki Sterling, one of the most beautiful women in porn, heat things up on shore. These two lesbian scenes are great to watch, and would have been even more so, had there not been so much extra footage thrown in Don’t get me wrong, the underwater photography here is fantastic, I would just have rather seen the action focus in on one of the couples for longer than thirty seconds.

When the action does slow down long enough to focus on Tabitha and Nikki, these two brunettes can hardly keep their hands and tongues off of each other. With a pussy as pretty as Nikki’s, it’s no wonder. The camera work on this is so good, that it is really a shame to have to share it with several other scenes at once. Very distracting and in my opinion, it ruins what would have been a smoking outdoor lez fest. One of the distractions is Tom Byron spanking the shit out of decent looking blonde, Sydney St. James. So distracting is her yelling, that Nikki leaves Tabitha’s warm pussy to share a cock cocktail with Sidney. Tom seems to like Nikki’s mouth on his big cock while Syd licks his ass. Hey, beats working for a livin! Nikki’s well sucked pussy opens right up for Tom to fuck her in the pool and we are treated to a sight of sheer beauty.

Once again the focus is shifted, this time to Shane pulling Yvonne’s hair and making her squeal like a pig. This pair get the bulk of the coverage for a long while, and deservedly so. Meanwhile, across the pool, two of my very favorite ladies have hooked up, Sid Deuce and Bridgette Monroe. I liked Bridgette the first time around, before her breast implants, but she is still as hot as ever, and Sid, what can you say about her, she has one of the best bodies on the planet. Seeing the two of them on the diving board is a killer scene. Also, Nikki Sterling has moved on to Alex Sanders. God, this girl is getting around big time. Sid and Bridgette are still stealing the show, with Sid seeming to enjoy the tongue piercing of her partner. (Do you think if I got mine done, Sid might let me….NAH)

The action splinters again, with way too much going on for us to really enjoy the good parts. Alex fucking Nikki, Tabitha sucking on the overly endowed Jake Steed, and an underwater Yvonne strap on boning Shane sequence that is a show stopper. Someone shoot the editor for just a minute so we can watch these one at a time. Cousin Phil is the lucky one to get to join Sid and Bridgette for a fantastic double blow job. This, along with Alex fucking Ms. Sterling in the ass make for a interesting dueling fuck scenes. Nikki’s ass gets all the attention it deserves, as well as a good hard fuck. Once the British tart has been creamed, we go back to Sid and Bridgette, now each fucking a hard stud. Phil blows a load on Sid’s perfect ass, and then she pops his drooping cock into her mouth. Hey Seymore, two words for you my friend, MORE SID! Bridgette meanwhile, is keeping herself plenty busy with Jake’s swollen monster. (Note. There are other couplings going on, but they are less than impressive, so I am just hitting the highlights.) After being thoroughly skewered by Jake, Bridgette takes a thick load all over her face. Damn, that looks like fun.

After some uninspiring footage, we go into the house where Seymore runs into Sid in the bathroom. Donning an amazing red, white and blue bikini, the incredible Ms. Deuce is a picture of tempting perfection. After admiring her lovely posterior, Seymore spends a good long time spanking said derriere. A lovelier sight you are not likely to see anytime soon. This activity inevitably excites Seymore as much as it does the audience. The difference here is that Sid is willing to help Seymore ease his tensions a bit. After a generous amount of play with her perfectly enhanced hooters, Seymore gets some first class head. By now, everyone knows that no one shoots oral sex like Seymore, and when you combine his skills with a beautiful face and unbelievable set of lips like Sid is blessed with, you have the makings for a spurt inspiring scene indeed. Thirty seconds of this and I am once again wondering why the Hell I am not using my damn video production degree to get laid. The well delivered and well captured blow job is a thing of beauty, with Seymore taking extra time to slap his dick against Sid’s sexy face. My am I smitten. The healthy load of cum dumped right onto her tongue rounds out a spectacular oral scene that is the a highlight reel in and of itself.

Back outside the action continues, however, Sid never does make it back there. She stays indoors where she is joined by Alex Sanders for a pooltable romp. Dividing this pairing with that of a below average brunette and some Lex Luthor looking guy at poolside is kind of like cutting away from the 49er Cowboy game to watch Atlanta and Tampa Bay do battle. I know I have gone on and on about Sid, so suffice it to say that I watched this scene, and fast forwarded through the other stuff. Sid looks fantastic again as she gets bent over and drilled, finally taking another “finger lickin’ good” facial. Damn, she is one of my new faves!

Outside, Bridgette Monroe is taking it up the ass from Tom Byron and squealing for all to hear how good it feels. Not three feet away, Sydney St. James is being similarly violated by Jake Steed, which is enough to open anyone’s eyes. Both anal boffs are way too short, with Bridgette taking her pop shot on the ass (Damn the wasted opportunity) and Sydney taking hers on the face. This is some action that defiantly deserved more coverage. Perhaps we can see more in the next compilation of Seymore’s best.

As part one of Pool Party ends, the hot action is certainly enough to have me waiting impatiently for the second half. Although, I have never liked orgy scenes and the constant jumping from scene to scene, I must admit that this time it worked well. Not all of the cast is what I would call A list material, but there are a few true gems in this bunch. Most notably, if you have read the review, is Sid Deuce, whose body and face are sheer, coed next door of your wet dreams perfection. Shane is, as always, hotter than hot, and Bridgette Monroe is worth a good long look. While the orgy style keeps this from the top of my Seymore list, the action in it still makes it a must see and puts it in the upper class of porn. On to part two!

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