Seymore Butts My Travels With The Tramp


Factory Home Video- 1994
DIR: Seymore Butts
STARS: Shane, Yvonne, Anita, Heather Lee, Jane, Sabrina, Santino Lee, Roy Bridge, Frank, Darren Dare.
THEMES: Gonzo, Anal Sex
It’s time once again to hop aboard the runaway sexual express that is Seymore Butts. With his lovely companion Shane at his side, the King of Gonzo porn is off to Europe for some hot and horny fun on the Continent. By now, we can throw out the opening paragraph praise, you all know how I feel about Seymore. Let’s get right to the action shall we?
After a few minutes of travel horrors and sight seeing, Seymore and Shane decide that a little contest is the best way to get over the disasters of international travel. I would tell you all the details, but it would take a whole page and you would never believe me. Anyway, Seymore and Shane decide to see who will have better luck in Milan. This sounds like a contest where we are the real winners.
On the streets of Milan, both contestants move in on the same blonde cutie. Seymore gets to her first and makes his best run at the sexy Euro babe. The problem is, she has a quick right hook and knocks Seymore on his Butt. Strike one for Seymore.
Shane cheats a little by going after a guy, (I mean come on, how long would it take Shane to get laid anywhere? Three seconds?) Roy spies Shane window shopping on the street and offers to buy her lingerie if she will model for him. That’s all it takes, and the couple are off to his studio. Seymore comes along and through the magic of a strategically placed hole in the bathroom door, spies Shane and her new boy toy, Roy getting real friendly on the toilet. Roy is making quick work of a Shane snack, much to the delight of the irrepressible sex kitten. To say she looks good enough to eat in no way indicates just HOW good Shane looks. When it is time to switch places, the sexy Shane more than gives as well as she got. As always, Seymore captures the best blow jobs in X, and Shane looks fantastic with her lips around a thick prick. Nice touch to put the couple in a window overlooking the street below. It adds a great sense of adventure and forbidden sexuality to an already stellar oral effort. Shane is none the less enthusiastic about being probed with this oversized Euro-wiener, grunting, groaning, creaming and moaning her way all the way through. There is no anal or facial here, but the furious pussy pounding action and admiring shots of Shane’s perfect body are not to be missed in this outstanding scene.
Once the ball gets rolling on the European action, it just won’t stop. Two hours later, Seymore returns to the hotel room to find Shane shooting a three way fucking between Anita and two studs. The rather attractive, blonde, Euro-Tramp is, shall we say enthusiastic about being stuck in between so much man meat. The action here is exceptionally well shot by both Seymore and Shane, who team here to capture the lusty trio from every bone inspiring angle. I especially like the shots of Anita being fucked from behind and using a big hard dick to stifle her cries of lust. That, and the bits where she has her legs pinned back to her shoulders so one of her studs can just go wild and fuck her silly. By this time, his friend has switched his attentions over to Shane. And we thought it was a feat when Seymore held the camera steady while getting head. Shane does it while being bent over and fucked good and hard. Now there are two couples vying for our viewing attention, and I have to say that this is an equally hot double feature.
Shane finally relinquishes her man to let him rejoin the couple on the bed for some very brief ass fucking action followed up with a great double facial. Anita’s pretty face looks nothing short of stunning with a two fold shot of sperm decorating it. So ends the Italian adventures of Seymore and Shane.
A train ride on the Orient Express seems to Seymore the perfect time to play with Shane’s tits and ass. (Is there a place where this would not be perfect?) This bit of fun leads inevitable and thankfully to a Shane blowjob on the moving train. As always, the combination of Seymore’s shooting style (The best blow jobs ever shot.) and Shane’s gorgeous face, make for a fantastic interlude complete with sperm facial. Fan-Fucking- Tastic.
With their vacation over, it is back home for Seymore and Shane. Back at the ranch, Seymore’s Cousin Phil is busy snacking on a the friendly pussy of Sabrina. This sexy Latina was introduced to us in the last Seymore video, but unlike the last time, we get to see her in a really well shot fuck scene this go round. She is a little on the skinny side, but very hot, with good sized, all natural tits and eyes that are to die for. You simply must check out the great sight of this south of the border princess sucking Phil’s cock. Porn perfection as only Seymore can deliver. Never one to be left out, Shane comes in and give his balls a good sucking. (Hey, how come shit like this never happens to me?) (Because, Rog, if it did, you would be too busy to write these reviews that the people on asm love and count on so much.)(Fuck you.)
After Shane takes over the cock sucking for just long enough to get Phil good a wet, Sabrina slides down onto his pole. From her reaction, I guess she must like something about Seymore’s horny cousin. With Shane masturbating in a chair nearby, Phil tosses Sabrina down onto the floor and pounds away on her sexy frame for a good long while. In order to get Shane more directly involved, Sabrina takes her fucking doggy style while the munches out on Shane’s box lunch. Sexy Sabrina doesn’t open her backdoor here, but she does open wide for a square on the lips facial that dribbles all over her sexy dark tits. Viva Sabrina!
To close out this tape, Seymore gets to view a tape Shane passes to him on his way to the editing bay. On that tape if footage of Shane and her pal Yvonne (Still billed as Rosie here) putting on a sexy strip show for a very lucky young man. How this guy keeps from blowing his load right from the start while watching these two horny ladies play with each other can only be classified as a miracle. By the time he joins with Shane in pleasuring Yvonne, most mortal men would have been running for oxygen. His reward for his superhuman control is to sit back and get his dick sucked by Shane while Yvonne fucks her doggy style with a huge strap on dildo. I just hope he is adequately grateful for this opportunity. I know I am grateful for the chance to watch such a ball busting sight. Fantastic work here by Seymore.
To wrap the great show, Shane settles in for a perfect blowjob. Yvonne joins in to make it a two woman show, which means that every inch of this guy’s cock is getting the royal treatment. After several minutes of tongue, hand and breast stimulation on his throbbing rod, the lucky man shoots wads of his cum all over Shane’s waiting chest. What a way to wrap up a tape. Fantastic!
Once again, Seymore and Shane bring out the best in each other. The duo are able to do together what might elude them separately, perfection. Shane is, as always, the one to watch in this video, but Sabrina is an outstanding contributor as well. Great oral action with some hot facial cum shots make this Seymore adventure a must have for any collector and a must see for anyone who loves hot women and hot sex.

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