Wild Goose Chase


Wild Goose Chase


Evil Angel, 1991


Director: John Stagliano

Stars: Julianne James, Jeanna Fine, Tamara Lee, Angela Summers, Patricia Kennedy, Champagne, KC Williams, Christie Keith, Candace Hart, Joey Silvera, John Stagliano, Randy West, Sean Michaels, TT Boy, Robert J. Boisverl, Mal O’ Ree, Brandy Boswroth.

OK, let’s get this out of the way right up front. I LOVE the work John Stagliano does on film. As great as his Buttman work is, I am an even bigger fan of works like Face Dance, Mystic Pieces and this absolute gem. It is exquisitely shot, well written, marvelously directed and miracle of miracle, very well acted. Be careful strokers, you may find yourself letting that remote sit next to you and get caught up in the mystery of the Wild Goose Chase.

We start off with the beautiful Julianne James shopping in an odd little store. She meets up with an unseen salesman who thoroughly probes her. There is plenty of adoring footage of Julianne’s perfect posterior before she gives him a well shot blow job. This entire scene is shot without ever seeing the mystery man who gives her a great standing fuck before dropping his load on her ass.

Cut to the office of Private Eye Sal Calipigi, (Joey Silvera) who is shown a photo of the missing Julianne. Like all good movie gum shoes, Calipigi takes some convincing, but eventually takes the case. Also, in the classic tradition, Sal fills us in on some back story with a flashback.

Enter Angela Summers, who long ago used her considerable charms to get a job working for Joey. To secure a raise, Angela lets Joey experience what can only be described as Heaven. This is early Angela Summers, and her breasts are considerably smaller, but she is still a absolute knockout. To see her bent over the couch is mind blowing, but watching Angela give head is indescribably beautiful. She even gives a little bit of self anal stimulation. If you have to live vicariously, then this is the way to do it. Once again, the scene is shot with maximum attention paid to the gorgeous female from. With visions of Angela’s perfect ass dancing in his head. Calipigi is on the case.

The action then switches to the set of a female wrestling video. Sal shows up to follow his only lead in the case. Along the way, we are treated to some great fighting action as a backdrop to the next clue. Joey even finds his way into the ring. Somehow, he’s just not as much fun to watch as KC Williams and Patricia Kennedy. Note also quick cameos by Bruce Seven and Patrick Collins. Wrestling is a theme that is not often used in adult features, but in this case it is quite erotic.

As Calipigi is recuperating from a serious ass kicking in the ring, not ten feet away, the festivities have begun again. This time, the action is out of the ring, as Randy West, in a great, mohawk wing, sprays down wrestlers Patricia Kennedy, KC Williams and Champagne, then takes a tumble with the lovelies. Unlike so many four way scenes, Stagliano works all three women equally, letting the very lucky Randy West, sample them all. Always a favorite of mine, Champagne steals this scene, looking ultra hot as she rides Randy’s pole and gets her ass spanked by Kennedy.

Hot on the trail, Calipigi ends up at the home of his next lead, Giovani Riggo, a photographer played by Stagliano. He isn’t much help with the case, but Giovani does provide us with some great scenes. First, resting model Candace Hart pairs with the photo assistant. I don’t know what name this guy went under in this film, but he was Candace’s off screen boyfriend. Before she had tons of surgery and became a the somewhat prudish glamour queen Caroline Monroe, this blonde actress did some nasty work. This scene is very short, but does contain some great shots of her ass being licked and a very good facial. Otherwise, it is uneventful at best.

However, Stagliano has action going on in the other room, as he hooks up with Silvera and Tamara Lee for a patio three way. Ms. Lee, who started out as a very thin brunette and even graced the pages of Penthouse, ballooned up tremendously during her short porn career. Here, she is in the latter stages of her career and is quite large. Most of her work from this time period was very mediocre, despite the fact that no matter her weight, she always had a stunningly beautiful face. Like the master that he is, Stagliano manages to get a great scene from Tamara, further demonstrating his ability to get the best from his performers. Sandwiched between Joey and John, Tamara seems to be enjoying herself quite a bit, and I think, she looks fantastic, especially as Joey fucks her huge, natural tits, covering them with his cream. No cum shot from John is a downer, but overall, a very good scene.

Back to the wrestling set where Jeanna Fine, looking spectacular, is wiping up the mat with her opponent. While cooling down, Ms. Fine exhibits her incredible stretching ability. It is while her legs are locked firmly behind her head. (Yes, both of them), that Jeanna gets a visit from cops Sean Michaels and TT Boy. The always spectacular Ms. Fine is at her best here as a filthy talking slut who insists on being fucked before telling them what they want to know. She does some great deep throat on TT while Sean fucks her with a big black dildo. This scene was working up to all time great status. Unfortunalty, Stagliano picks an inopportune time to split up the action. With such a great scene going on, he cuts back and forth to a developing one with Joey and a new girl who I can only assume is Christie Keith in the ring.

Let me say this now. I have grown to deeply despise this technique. It hurts the flow of the video to build the action up to a certain point, only to cut away from it and start over somewhere else. Here we are watching Jeanna deep throating Sean Michaels monster boner to a much less attractive girl in a wrestling ring with Joey. I realize that the action is supposed to be simultaneous and contributes to the story, but what a shame to waste the best scene in the whole movie by chopping it up.

Still, the Jeanna three way is fantastic. I just kept grabbing for the remote whenever it switched off. The lean, pre tit job Fine, is a wild animal here, bucking and screaming in the center of the TT/Sean sandwich. She is so hot here, she coaxes two loads from TT, the first smeared all over her pussy, and the later he adds his shot to Sean’s for a great, double facial cum shot. This one is one for the ages. A final note on this scene, Jeanna’s deep throating of Sean, is some of the very best oral sex I have ever seen. It is not to be missed.

Joey, meanwhile, has a moment of clarity while being smothered under three hot women in the ring. He figures the whole mystery out. Wish I could have that every time I need to figure something out. It might not help, but it sure would be fun. I won’t give away the plot twists, but suffice it to say, Joey saves Julianne and solves the mystery. His reward is our reward, a poolside fuck with Julianne. Once again, I must comment on how beautifully shot this scene is. Stagliano takes full advantage of the beauty of the setting and of his leading lady. He keeps Julianne in her bikini for a good part of the scene, making it all the more attractive to see her finally take it off. Julianne gives great head on camera and her deep throating of Joey looks great. Her body looks great as she squat fucks, reverse cowgirls, then lifts her perfect legs for some side to side fucking. Needless to say, I loved this scene, right up to its tit covering cum shot.

From start to finish, “Wild Goose Chase” is an erotic masterpiece. From tremendous sexual heat, to outstanding technical quality, this is perfection. The performances of Jullianne, Silvera, Summers and Fine are all brilliant. This is a film not to be missed. Find a copy of this one buy it. It is a great start to any porn collection.


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