Wicked Ways 3




www.WickedPictures.com– 1995

DIR: Alex Sanders & Jonathan Morgan

STARS: Kaitlyn Ashley, Sindee Coxx, Emily Hill, Morgan LeFay, Joey Vaughn, Jonathan Morgan, Alex Sanders, Dave Hardman, Jake Williams, Kyle Stone, Jay Ashley

THEMES: Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Gang Bangs




The team that has been busy bringing you the “Girls of” series takes a break from raiding college campuses to bring us what amounts to a star vehicle for last years starlet of the year, Kaitlyn Ashley. The anal themed video is going to be very big with those of you who like Ms. Ashley and/or hot anal sex. Those who don’t, well watch it anyway, if it doesn’t make a convert out of you, then go rush right out after the new Barbara Does Broadway CD.

The tape opens with Kaitlyn, shot in moody black and white, being asked about her masturbatory habits. This leads us into a solo scene with this blonde sex Goddess in a hammock with several toys. Clad in just the skimpiest of lingerie outfits, Kaitlyn already has a big dildo in her mouth and is working her fingers on her pussy. Her juiced up pussy opens up nicely for her plastic lover. My God, Kaitlyn looks so good here, and she sure seems to be having the time of her life fucking herself. (Hell, I would look like that too if I were having that particular pleasure) Not content with that, she breaks out an even bigger vibrator that looks like it could jump-start an eighteen wheeler. There are lots of long close up of Kaitlyn fucking herself with her toys which is fantastic. Add to that, a rather interesting twist of her biting the head off the long rubber cock, and you have a solo scene that is a step above. Now, breaking out yet another toy she does some doggy self stimulation. Apparently her rubber lovers do not please Queen Kaitlyn for she beheads the disembodied dicks with her teeth and spits them out. Sexy in a weird way, but wow does this give any of you other guys flashes of Bobbitt or what? From there, the insatiable Ms. A puts three, yes THREE small dildos into her ass while she uses that monster vibe on her clit. When she starts burying that vibe in her pussy at the same time, that is just about it for this guy. To cap it all off, Kaitlyn starts taking out the small dildos and biting them into small pieces. She actually goes so far as to swallow one of the pieces. Now that is what I call getting into your work. What a perfect solo scene. This is going directly into Rog’s Hall of Fame for masturbation scenes.

Up next is Kaitlyn describing her passionate relationship with Sindee Coxx. The two of them have a killer fight over some past infidelities and work it out the best way they know how, by fucking each other silly. The fight starts as a verbal exchange, but soon escalates to an all out food fight, complete with ice cream, whipped cream, honey and a few other sweet treats that make these two sweet ladies taste even more inviting. Their brief catfight soon cools down and we are left with a food enhanced lesbian love tryst. These two hot blondes always did to great scenes together and this is an absolute perfect example. Kaitlyn shows us the best way to eat an ice cream sundae. Right out of a hot pussy. Hey, where did that cherry go? Even better, Sindee straps on a king size cock and fucks the delectable Ms. A with it. Would have like to have seen much more of this, but it’s time to break out the ice cubes. Ever wonder what happens to an ice cube when it is shoved up the ass of a white hot porn star? After some amazing dildo play, Sindee breaks out the bubbly for a champagne toast done the way it should be done. What a perfect way to end s smoldering scene. Outstanding.

Morgan LeFay joins up with a grieving Kaitlyn in the next scene. The blondes have a very heavy make out session in the middle of a great big bed. Both women really take their time enjoying each other’s bodies with their mouths. Kaitlyn looks particularly inviting as she sticks her ass up in air while munching Morgan’s muffin. She takes a good long time before boyfriend Jonathan Morgan bursts in on the two ladies, none too happy about what he sees. (Yeah, like that is going to last more than five seconds before the idiot realizes what he is looking at.)

Somehow Jonathan as a rough guy just makes me laugh. Not that it takes anything away from the scene, if anything it makes it easier to watch. He makes Morgan suck his dick while Kaitlyn is forced to watch. No offense, but I much prefer to see Kaitlyn sucking pipe than Morgan, and thankfully, that is not long in coming. No revenge would be complete without the angry boyfriend fucking his gal with the new lover sitting right next to her. (What sort of parallel universe IS this?) Who cares, it looks great, fantastic missionary footage of Kaitlyn getting drilled. (Duck, big breast fans just all blew their loads at once.) An equal opportunity fucker, Morgan fucks Morgan as well, but just as quickly as they begin, we switch again. This time Kaitlyn is riding Jonathan, while LeFay works on her ass with a dildo. After all this, Morgan pulls out and sprays cum all over Kaitlyn’s spread pussy lips. For anyone with this fetish, you will love the close up shots. Not bad, but you all know my preference. Good scene, very good.

Kaitlyn decides that the only way to cap off is with a killer orgy. Kaitlyn, Alex Sanders, Jonathan Morgan, Emily and an uncredited, but very cute blonde all find a way to make moving day a lot more fun. Lacking the funds to adequately tip her moving partners, Ms. Ashley, in perfect porn style, tips them with a taste of her luscious bod. Emily spends most of her time with Morgan, while Alex takes turns with the other two, seeing which pussy he can fuck the hardest. Hard to tell who won that one, but he passes the unknown gal to Morgan while he grabs Emily. The two friends make sure that their partners get equally well butt fucked, with Emily seeming to take to this activity a little less enthusiastically than her boisterous pal. Not one to be outdone in her own video, Kaitlyn also proves why she is an anal porn queen with no peer. While she is taking a good buggering, Emily take s a facial that her friend gladly shares with her in a passionate cum coated kiss. To cap this one off, Kaitlyn goes for a great facial herself, marred only by the low angle that shuts us out of the best view until the load has been spilled. Still, a really good scene, with plenty to look at.

To cap off this video, Kaitlyn shares with us a four on one gang bang with Joey Vaughn, Dave Hardman, Kyle Stone and Jay Ashley. The four lucky fellows sneak up behind this sunning beauty and descend upon her in no time flat. With her mouth filled with cock and her legs throw high in the air, Kaitlyn could not look any more inviting. God, this woman is just too perfect. All the guys get a shot at taking her from behind, which is outstanding since she looks so great that way. The entire time she is getting drilled, Kaitlyn never lets her mouth rest, sucking cock like her life depends on it. As the action moves onto a raft in the middle of the pool, Kaitlyn gets down to some serious and sexy one on one with Jay. After this brief romantic interlude, a second cock comes in and we get some hard and heavy DP action. That is nothing compared to the same stuff on dry land, easily some of the best double action you will ever see. Fans of extreme close up anal action will get an eye full of some deep pounding, followed by some double pussy penetration. Hey, no one ever accused Kaitlyn of not giving her all in her scenes. (Is it just me, or is DPP about the most homo thing you can think of?) (Disclaimer.. The use of word Homo is meant as a joke, so how about if all the PC police just back away.) The icing on the proverbial cake is when the lovely Ms. A makes a cup of her hands and accepts with pleasure, four thick loads of cum which she laps up like a content kitten lapping milk. OK, so it IS milk in a lame attempt at a big fake cum shot, but hey, just watching her lick milk off of her breasts is hot enough for me.

Thus ends what amounts to a one woman fuck a thon. It is basically the sort of thing that any fan of Kaitlyn’s MUST own. Anyone else who is at all fond of this incredible woman should pick it up, as should fans of anal, DP and DPP. This is hard core raunch at its best, wall to wall. Grab it if you can.


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