White Men Can’t Iron On Butt Row



All Blew Shirts- 1997

DIR: Joey Silvera

STARS:. Mika Choix, Joey Silvera, Kristina St. James, Victoria Hill, Vince Steve, Mark Davis, Suzy Cat, T.T. Boy, Vivienne, Crissy Lee, Kimi, Meira, Delvin Knight, Zasu.

THEMES: Asian Women, Outdoor Sex.



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San Diego, CA 92110

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I have been a fan of Joey Silvera’s work for a while now. His Fashion Sluts and Butt Row Series have been occasionally off beat, but generally solid efforts with very attractive women getting down and dirty for the camera.

This one gets right to the action as sexy Asian Mika Choix teases Joey in her cute little black panties. This girl has an incredible set of natural tits and a bitchy pout that is nothing short of breathtaking. Take a look at her great cocksucking skills as well as she stares up at Joey with her big almond eyes. Just a few minutes of that does it for Joey, which is too bad because I could have watched two hours of this incredible sight. Instead, Joey inserts something for you foot guys out there. He cums all over her sandal clad (Sandals? How unsexy can something be?) feet, then licks up his own load. Not my cup of tea, but still a hot start because Mika is just such a sexy little bitch.

Up next, Joey hooks with a pair of relatively attractive women, Kristina St. James and Victoria Hill. Their teasing of Joey is just a preview of things to come as they team up with Nick East (Poor girls) in the kitchen for some ass worshipping, dildo sucking foul talking fun. Nick is not enough for them both, so they bring Vince Voyeur in on that action and his welcome to the group is a lovely outdoor blowjob. Very solid, if somewhat standard four way fuck follows with some decent oral, lots of anal by both girls and of course, a couple of better than average facial creamings. Not a bad scene.

Mika is back, this time in a wedding dress raking leaves. (You figure it out.) Mark Davis plays the lucky guy married to this nugget, and he happily performs his marital duties. Her tiny pussy looks sweet, all shaved and tight and Mark is sure to get a big time taste of it. Lucky for him, Joey has Mika spend a long time sucking his big cock, and she does it VERY well. She can make it nearly all disappear between her full, inviting lips and gives plenty of eye contact. Oral perfection. Her nearly perfect body seems too petite to handle all the meat Mark is packing, but her tight, wet pussy swallows it all up no problem. Faithful readers, here me now, check out this incredibly hot girl, you will not be at all sorry. Her legs are fantastic, her ass incredible, tits perfect and that face, oh man. No anal for Mika but she does get her sexy mug plastered with goo. Very hot scene.

Now things get really strange. T.T. Boy hooks up with sexy Suzy Cat, but she is wearing a gas mask. I’m sure that is what a lot of women want to do around Mr. Charming. The kink factor is high as she sucks cock through the mask, however, why cover a face this pretty with an Owellian looking device. (Dammit Bubba, there goes that Rog again, making up words. All this just to read about a fuck movie.) Thankfully, after the first half of the scene, T.T. takes her to a garage, where the mask comes off and beautiful Suzy strips for a new friend. Suzy has always lit up the screen. This is no exception as she takes on both hard cocks like a hungry, cock crazed slut. Lots of great oral, but the anal steals the show. By the time she gets DPed there seems to be no more room inside her for cock, yet her smile never fades. A pair of A2M facials cap off a scene that smokes once you get past the oddball start.

Vivienne is next, and thank God Joey doesn’t put her in a mask. Is it me, or does he really go out of his way to get some stunning women to perform in his videos? Vivienne, looking every bit the slutty fashion model, crawls around ad poses for a while before getting her fingers and lips wrapped around Joey’s cock. Once she does, it is nothing short of magic. This woman has great hand action and killer pair of dark eyes that just burn though the screen as she milks a load of sticky love soup from his stick.

That only serves as a warm up however, as Jake Steed happens by to fill her request to be fucked by a big cock. His is just about as big as they come, and Vivienne just can’t wait to get it into her mouth. With the help of some serious mouth, hand and titfucking, Jake’s pole is at full mast and ready to penetrate her in no time flat. (Thankfully, we get to watch for a while as she works on his fully hard cock.) Her tight pussy gets all the cock she can handle as Jake gives her quite a salami slam. Vivienne is not at all shy about it either, mounting Jake and slamming her whole body down on his cock as hard as she can. (Listen carefully and you can her cervix imploding.) After a great standing fuck, (Check the legs.) she takes her second load of the day right on that pretty face. Can anyone say star in the making.

Anyone who likes youngish looking women will LOVE Meira. This girl is right off a college campus somewhere in her belly shirt and mini skirt. Joey brings her by where she joins some other cuties for a show and tease session. Delvin and Kimi would seem to be the other two, but things get a little messed up in the cast list. Either way it is Meira who is really on display here as she and her friends hook up with Jake and Tom for two feet of cock and a trio of hot young pussy. All the girls are great to look at and seem to love sucking cock, however I couldn’t keep my eyes of Meira and her slut next door smile. You know, she looks a little like that chick in Jerry Magquire. (Yeah Rog, but we didn’t see Renee Zeilwiger take a cock doggy style in that lame movie did we?) (Not in the movie, but some of us have better imaginations than others.)

All five participants hit the pool table for a fantastic five way. Hot DP action of the real and fake cock variety, plenty of anal probing and a load licked from lovely Meira’s thin body. As well as a Jake Steed facial splashed onto the mugs of three lovely first timers. Killer scene for anyone looking for some new girls.

Delphin and Crissy Lee are the last pair to grace the screen, and what a pair of sexy Asian dolls they are. Fans of smallish all real tits will love the perfect God given sets on these two cuties. They are paired off with Mark Davis and Don Fernando. (Think they had a coin toss with the loser having to fuck Fernando?) He lucks out and gets Crissy while Mark tests the mouth of skinny Delphin. Crissy is better with a cock in her mouth, but then again, she only has half a cock to deal with while Delphin has Mark’s monster meat. It’s pretty standard stuff until Mark starts rocking Crissy’s world, and she really does look fantastic taking a big cock in her thickly bushed pussy. Delphin takes Don in her ass, which at least gets her moaning a little. In fact, the whole scene sort of picks up late as both girls get assfucked. Delphin takes a great facial from super stud Davis, but Don fucks up and shots on Crissy’s chest and not her angel face.

In all, this is a very good video. As usual, the girls are all among the very best of the new faces in the biz. The best of the bunch are lovely Asians Mika and Crissy Lee, as well as Meira who is a porn starlet to be reckoned with if she keeps working. Some of the in between stuff is a little goofy as is usual for Joey, but the sexual heat makes it worth sitting through. Pick this one up, it’s a winner.

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