Freshman Fantasies 3


120 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Professor Mike
All Good Video/Digital Playground – 1997 (6/97)
STARS: Nellie Pierce, Kimi Gee, Angelica, Kim, Julie, Missy, Mickey G,
CHAPTER SELECTION- 14 full motion chapter stops. Stop at the start or in the middle of each scene.
PHOTOS-16 good quality hard-core shots. Some really nice ones. More would have, but much improvement over the last set I saw.
SLIDE SHOW- Allows you to just sit back while the photos all flash across your screen. This is a really nice feature that shows off the photos nicely.
DVD EXTRA RATING- B. Slide show and some good photos. More is always better, but it’s still plenty solid.
I was all set to review volumes one through three of this series this month, but as soon as I saw Nellie Pierce on the cover, I just had to get to it right away. In her short time in the biz, I saw her do some incredible scenes and then she just vanished. The fact that she is in a series that a am liking more and more with each episode is no small consideration either. The first volume was packed with some very hot babes in well shot and sexy scenes. The good Professor has a knack for putting women in some interesting fantasies that all seem to end with young hotties getting fucked raw and spooged silly.
Nellie opens up in a car, telling us her fantasies. The sexy little beach babe wants to bone a lucky lifeguard. Before Mike will make that come true, Nellie has to do a little self stimulation in the car as her interview plays and we get clips of the fantasy. I don’t know about you guys, but I prefer the scenes where he has the girls talk about their fantasy and masturbate without cutting back and forth to the actual scene, but that’s just a matter of personal preference. Nellie approaches a lifeguard who is more than happy to take a long walk with the curvaceous brunette. Her bikini top and tight shorts show off her wonderful boobs and ample butt. They find a secluded spot and get to work making Nellie’s fantasy come true. Her dark nipples make a lovely appetizer and the lifeguard sucks and bites at them for a while before sliding the leggy brunette out of her shorts and going south to play in her dark bush. As tasty as this, it is when Nellie gets her pretty face close to his hard cock that things heat up considerably. She does her best, but can’t quite take it all down her throat, however that doesn’t stop Nellie from giving one super fine blowjob. With her bikini top still on Nellie covers his shaft, balls and head with loving kisses and long slow licks. Wherever this little hosebeast is, I’m sure there is a guy who is stoked as hell to be getting head like this from such a hottie. Up against a rock, he starts fucking her from behind. Really nice shots here as Nellie has her leg straight out at her side, giving us all a nice gander at her long legs. The harder he fucks, the more Nellie grinds her ass back against him. More great shots, this time from below, showing us close ups of her tight pussy as it clenches his shaft. They move to a towel for some hard pounding mish that has her titties bounding all over the place. During the long mish, we get lots of close ups of her pussy as well as medium shots of her fine body. Finally, he feeds her a protein spray that covers the owe half of her face and left a big wad of jizz on her titties.
Is it me or does Kimi Gee sound like Jennifer Tilley in helium? As she describes her fantasy of being fucked on a poll table, her breathless, naughty girl talk wears a little thin. (Brooke Ashley could pull this off, but it just sounds ludicrous here.) Still, Kimi is a total whore who is more than capable of taking on the two guys who find her shooting pool. When Kimi has a dick in her mouth, her voice can’t get in the way and what we get is a somewhat too thin, totally cock starved, little slut being fucked in her mouth and pussy. The lighting in the pool hall is a little dim, which thankfully keeps Rod Fontana’s mug hard to see, but also obscures some of the close-ups. They spread her skinny legs wide and they guys take turns filling her shaved slit and eventually, her asshole. When one at a time is not enough, Kimi mounts one cock while another penetrates her exposed ass. Extreme close ups of her twin treasure holes being stretched wide by a full force DP. At one point Rod sticks a poll cue into Kimi’s mouth, which is certainly something I can do without. The last thing I need is to hear Rod babbling on about why she needs to suck the cue. Finally, as Rod fucks her, Paul Coxx beats off for several minutes before finally cumming on Kimi’s face. Rod then adds his spunk to the mix, leaving Kimi with one seriously glazed face. Fans of sticky facials rejoice, you have something to cherish in this popshot.
Angelica is a busty, thick Hispanic girl of nineteen with a super pretty, shaved, plump pussy. As she rubs that wet pussy, Angelica describes her fantasy of being caught asleep by an intruder and making him for get all about stealing her VCR. This woman does some crotch stirring finger fucking and her big boobs look like perfect place to spend about a day just hanging around and having a good time. To make her fantasy come true, Professor Mike gets Alex Sanders to break into her house and surprise her. They do a little bungling along the way that runs a bit long, but is worth a chuckle. Finally in the bedroom, Alex starts rummaging through her stuff as Angelica sleeps a few feet away. When she awakes, Alex is somehow convinced she has a gun under the covers and he finds himself on his knees at the mercy of this hot blooded lady. As can only happen in porn, the woman in charge demands that her burglar please her sexually. He starts by lapping at her smooth lower lips, bringing forth a flood of sweet juices as she slit lubes itself in preparation for some serious fucking. Pushing her thighs back against her chest, Alex mounts Angelica for a quick fuck. With the taste of her pussy no on his cock, Angelica stars sucking it clean. Her mouth happily accepts his hard cock and Angelica works her tongue over hi balls as if trying to end this scene in record time. I can’t be the only one who totally loves watching this thick lipped Latin make every inch of Alex’s shaft disappear into her mouth. This is one very hot blowjob. Getting back on top of her, Alex turns up the heat and power fucks her hot slit until her tits look like they might just shake off her chest. Check out the way she grabs the sheets and slams her butt back to meet his fierce strokes in this high energy fuck. Alex finishes off by shooting onto her outstretched tongue as Angelica keeps right on fingering her pussy. You know, this woman could spice up my life any freaking time she feels like.
Kimberly (AKA Candy Hill) says she has never been with a woman before and would really like to give it a try. This request is no problem for Professor Mike, but first, Kim has to take off her clothes and give us a little preview. Again the solo is cut up by shots of the g/g pairing, but the masturbation stuff we do get to see is rather hot. Katie Gold come rushing in and quickly gets Kimberly out of her short dress. The younger blonde enjoys the taste of Kim’s pussy so much that not a millimeter of her exposed vaginal flesh goes unlicked. Nothing like having your first time be with a girl as oral as Katie is. To make sure she doesn’t feel totally out of place, Katie uses a plastic cock to keep Kim’s pussy full, even holding it in her teeth for a while as she fucks Kim from behind. For a supposed first timer, Kim is strangely skilled at fucking Katie with a silver vibrator. In fact, this toy assisted fucking is the best stuff in this scene. Someone please tell me Katie, such a young and fresh looking Texas girl, got to be such a huge fucking slut. Watching her spread her thighs wide to take a plastic cock into her tight little ass is so completely hot it should make even the most experienced porn strokers stop and take a second look.
Last but not least, redheaded Julie (AKA Heaven Leigh) wants to have sex with another man and woman at the same time. Her tender pussy takes three fingers quite easily as she tell of these desires. Professor Mike enlists the help of Missy and Mickey G. to make this all come true. Luckily for Julie, and for us, Missy and Mickey love to fuck and they love young pussy. Missy starts off lapping up Julie’s juices and soon has the sexy redhead primed and ready. When Missy mounts Julie to let her return the favor, Mickey gives his lovely wife a cock to suck on. As always, watching this blonde Goddess sucking dick is amazing, she deep throats his cock and looks just painfully beautiful as she does. Julie gives hose honking a try as well, looking dangerously cute with that fat dick in her mouth. (Heaven, CES is coming up, interview time and you’re welcome to show me if you’re as good as you look here.) With both women so ready to go, Mickey has to choose which one to fuck first. He gives Julie the first try. Nice close up shots from underneath let us all see what a totally tasty, hairless pussy she has. They get into a good rhythm and give a fine scene. Not to be left out, Missy has some high energy fucking to do as well. You know, spending an evening with these two ladies might be old hat to Mickey, but am I alone in thinking I could die happy after fucking two such sexy creatures in one sitting. The cumshot is in slow motion, which I don’t care for, but Julie’s face gets creamed and Missy laps it up, so I’d have to say it’s still quite the crotch stirring event.
I was right in thinking I would love Nellie Pierce’s scene. This woman just should not be missed, ever. Her scene is worth the price of the dvd, but is by no means the end of the hot action. The Kimi Gee scene is just nasty enough for a lot of you to love it and the facial is brilliant, nothing short. Angelica was the biggest surprise for me. This busty Latina with the big ass knows how to fuck and suck in ways most women can only aspire to. Katie Gold and Candy Hill do a very nice lesbian pairing, especially if you like dildo assisted veggie fucks. Missy is another highlight in her amazing three way with Heaven Leigh. If that scene doesn’t leave you short of tissues, then you need to have the equipment checked.

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