Freshman Fantasies 1



78 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Professor Mike
All Good Video/Digital Playground – 1997 (6/97)
THEMES: Young Looking Girls, Sex in Water,
STARS: Dee, Shay Sweet, Katie Gold, Lil’ Mickey, Jade, Wynona.
CHAPTER SELECTION- 14 Full motion video chapter stops. Nice versatility, allowing you to start in the middle of the scenes as well as at the beginning.
CONTACT INFO- Digital Playground 2115 Devonshire St. #304, Chatsworth, CA 91311.
PHOTOS- 18 rather average quality shots. A few nice hard-core shots, but nothing that really shows off the very hot cast.
SLIDESHOW- Very nice feature that scrolls, slowly through each shot for you. I have been waiting for someone to put this into a DVD. Makes up for the average quality of the photos.
EXTRA RATING- B- The photos were disappointing, but the slideshow feature and the expanded chapter selections made up for it.
I’ve seen a few of Professor Mike’s stuff before, but have never reviewed it until now. While a wall to wall or gonzo video does not generally gain as much from the DVD format as a feature film, it is still nice to see some companies taking a shot at bringing the more stroker oriented porn to this fast rising new format. Besides, all porn can benefit from the sharper picture and better sound quality offered by DVD and don’t we all want to see hotties like Katie Gold, Dee and Shay Sweet in as much detail as possible?
The format, for those of you who have not seen Freshman Fantasies before, is simple. Professor Mike does a short interview with the girl, finds out her fantasy and makes it come true. The first such fantasy comes from nineteen year old Jade. This naturally breasted brunette sports a nice semi-short haircut and tells us that her fantasy is to make love to a man and a woman in the water. In exchange for making this come true, the Professor asks Jade to masturbate while telling us about what she wants done to her. This footage is mixed in with some of the scene we are about to see and serves more as a transition than a solo scene. Since her fantasy guy has long hair, Mike brings in Alex Sanders to make Jade’s aquatic dreams come true. He starts working on the bikini clad young lady slowly, kissing her neck, breasts and stomach while working his fingers on her pussy, lubing it in anticipation of his turgid love muscle. Not wanting to let that sweet juice go to waste, Alex gets a good taste of it while sucking her shaved lower lips. Wanting to be fair and return the paper, Jade stands in the pool and works her mouth over Alex’s cock, sucking and stroking it for his pleasure and our viewing enjoyment. Though some more eye contact would have been nice, Jade does a nice job sucking cock for the camera. With the preliminaries out of the way, Alex prepares the little water nymph for her watery coupling, bending her over the edge of the pool and entering from behind. Jade is a very vocal nearly screaming as Alex doggy fucks her. (They’re in the water, would it be froggy fuck?) Into this hot scene comes Lil’ Mickey (Who looks a lot like Mickey Lynn but is not.) Lil’ M’s strap on in considerably bigger than Alex’s cock and keeps Jade panting like mad as she tries to swallow his prick and take that fat dildo at the same time. The harder Mick fucks her, the faster Jade’s head bobs in Alex’s lap. Really nice full body shots from high above here. They switch and let Alex fuck her again while Jade tastes her own cum off the plastic prick. Out of the water, Jade kneels and uses her mouth while Mickey jerks Alex off until he pops all over her mouth and chin. To her credit, Jade won’t stop sucking until she has licked every drop of jizz from his dick.
Dee, who I consider to be one of the most drop dead sexy women on the planet, has a fantasy for Professor Mike. She says she has a big crush on her neighbor and dreams of laying out, topless and blindfolded to see how he would react to the sight of her perfect, naked flesh. OK, so the guy playing the neighbor is her husband. Still, it’s a hot idea and we get to watch Dee sunbathe topless. As part of the deal, she has to get herself warmed up for the camera and we get a brief, but hot solo finger fucking. When Rob enters the yard, he moves immediately to Dee’s beyond perfect breasts, fondling them for a bit before deciding to taste her taught tuna taco. He slowly licks her pussy, working her into a heavy froth before peeling off her bikini bottoms. Now naked and aroused, Dee spreads her thighs and tastes his cock, though only for a few seconds. Rob just can’t wait to get Dee up on her hands and knees to fuck her fine body from behind. (And who can blame him.) The blindfold finally comes off and Dee shows her incredible muscle control while fucking Rob from above. After a long, athletic fuck, Dee puts her mouth back to good use, licking the underside of his cock, getting it ready for another dip into her dripping slit. This time Rob pulls out and sprays cum all over her titties.
Katie Gold is next and sadly, her fantasy is not to fuck a porn critic, however she does want to be submissive and as good as she looks, who can complain about that? She relates the tale while stripping off al her clothes. Jay Ashley is the lucky guy who gets to tame Katie, getting her into a collar for the festivities. Katie’s solo is the hottest yet as she works three fingers into her sweet little hole. Jay starts by spanking her cute ass, but moves quickly to having the sexy blonde suck his cock. For such an innocent looking girl, Katie sucks dick like a total whore, which of course, makes everyone love her all the more. (Poetic much?) Not wanting to miss a chance at that sweet treat, Jay moves down and starts lapping up her flowing juices. The camera moves back as he starts to fuck her, allowing us a great view of Katie’s petite frame as Jay pushes her thighs back and starts fucking the shit out of her little slit. (Knock that off now.) If you are at all fond of watching small women take some serious dick action, this well shot, totally hot scene will blow your doors right off. Wanting to make sure she really feels submissive, Professor Mike has Katie get fucked in the ass and the sight of her flat on her back, legs flailing in the air as Jay goes balls deep into her butthole is worthy of watching over and over. Great close up shots of the doggy anal here. The only way to close out a scene like this is with a facial and that’s just what Katie gets, right from her ass into her open mouth.
Looking even more beautiful and nearly as innocent as Katie, Shay Sweet strips down to tell her tale of lust for men in blue. No, she doesn’t want to fuck the LA Dodgers, she wants to get banged by a cop. After a short finger fuck, Shay’s fantasy begins. When her neighbors complain about screaming, Shay explains that she was just singing. After hearing the ear splitting din, the cop decides to let her off with a warning, that is until Shay asks if he would like to strip search her. What guy in their right mind would say no to a chance like this? Shay gives his nightstick the royal treatment, swallowing it to the root in her warm, lovely mouth. Great cocksucking footage here as Shay not only goes deep, but also happily sucks on his balls and licks the tip of his dick. I can’t think of any reason for any guy not to go down and much that cute little muffin until Shay say Uncle. (That’s a whole different kind of video Rog.) After sucking her pussy, the cop happily makes Shay assume the position and begins fucking her tight pussy from behind until the only screaming the neighbors are hearing is her intense, orgasmic squealing. Since she is on a path to trouble, he decides to show her what prison sex will be like, slam fucking her tiny asshole until she’s raw. (Dude, sodomy is a male prison sort of thing, what’s up with that?) With that lesson out of the way, he lets her hop into his lap for some reverse cowgirl vaginal and finishes her off by fucking her mish on the kitchen floor. Shay gets a really nice load dropped down into her mouth and that big blast is followed by a smaller wave of protein that the nasty little cop sucker drinks down as well.
Finally, Wynona shares her fantasy for having two cocks at once. While not as cute as Katie or Shay, she is still very easy on the eyes and watching her play with her pussy in semi-public as she describes her fantasy is quite a turn on. She continues her masturbatory play in the car on the way to a hotel, but once inside, Wynona is face to face with those two cocks she has been dreaming of. (Somehow I doubt too many women actually fantasize about Rod Fontana, but I’ll let that one slip by.) I have to give this woman credit, she handles a pair of guys with relative ease. The problem is that after three scorching scenes with super hot women, she is a step down and hampered by a very annoying and intrusive male presence in the form of the aforementioned Fontana. When the camera stays focused on Wynona, she does seem to be having a great time sucking dick while being fucked. The harder these guys fuck this twenty year old, the deeper she sucks. Her squat fucking of Rod is damn impressive. The threesome use the bed, the couch, even the cut out in the wall for some very athletic fucking. I don’t think I have seen Wynona do anything else, but her sexual skills sure are impressive. Any woman who can keep fucking in all these positions is worthy of some sort of combat pay. Facials once again end this hard pounding three way.
All five of these scenes are good, with the trio at the center bordering on or actually achieving greatness. Dee, Katie and Shay are three of the hottest women in porn and they show why in this movie. On the strength of these three scenes alone, I highly recommend this movie. If you happen to like the little story lines, or solo sex, or sex in water, or just like watching hot young women fuck without some ego-maniacal director getting in the way, pick this one up. I’ve got mine all set for a second viewing, so if you’ll excuse me…

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