Bodyslammin 2





118 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Alex Sanders

All Good Video/Digital Playground – 1998

THEMES: Euro-Babes, Dancers.

STARS: Missy, Wendi Knight, Temptress, Dru Berrymore, Syvia, Reka, Nikki Anderson, Amanda Steel, Judith Grant, Tyger, Christgen Wolf, Alex Sanders, Mark Davis, Vince Vouyer, Tommy Ray, the Big D.


SELECT CHAPTER- 14 Full Motion chapter stops


I was pretty harsh on Bodyslammin’ 1 because I found it was too heavy on the X Games action and not strong enough in the sex department. While this one seems to have plenty of good times and the sort of high tech whistles and bells that Alex Sanders is so in love with, the cast would indicate that the sexual heat this time around will be plenty high to justify all the bungee jumping, partying and thrill seeking the cast of river rats wants to do.

Missy starts things off, joining Alex for a bungee jump off a bridge before ever getting to the sex. Though she makes it though the jump, Missy looks like she’s about ready to puke from fear. This sort of adventure stuff is something I enjoy, though it’s a lot more entertaining when part of a flowing gonzo adventure. What we get here are some nice shots of a number of jumps, from the ground, the bridge and even a first person run that looks pretty hot. What I didn’t like was the way it was cut, with a bridge blowjob from Missy, all in slow motion, to a slow hip hop song. Bungee jumping and a Missy blowjob in slow motion? With slow jams in the background? Alex, these are extreme acts and call for some kick ass music and please, for the love of God, drop the slow motion stuff. After surviving the jump, Missy joins Alex in bed for their own adventures. Thankfully, the slow motion tricks are left in the editing bay and we get to enjoy one of the most beautiful, sexually enticing women having her pretty pussy eaten raw. (Hell, if I were Alex, I would have stayed down there all day.) All that slit sucking has Alex hard and ready to do, so he holds Missy’s thighs apart and buries his cock into her. This must be where the title comes from because Alex really starts slamming into her pussy with all his energy. He gets her legs pumping hard in the air and has Missy cooing like a contented kitten from his fierce fucking. Time to turn her over so we can get a good look at Missy’s super fine ass, which seems to be begging for a hard bone. However, instead of fucking her ass, Alex fingers it while Missy gets a chance to once again show what a totally hot cocksucker she is. Having experienced two of her three holes, Alex finally gives Missy’s ass the hard cock it deserves. While her face is buried in the pillow, she holds her butt high and spreads her cheeks for a wonderfully shot buttfuck. To close out this great opening scene, Missy gets back on her knees and works a load out onto her face with her talented mouth and hands. Missy is fantastic and until the very end, Alex resisted the urge to slow things down.

Alex has a bit of a problem. He has five gorgeous Hungarian women in town visiting. Thinking quickly, he turns them lose in a sexy store for a little shopping spree. (Alex, you better hope this movie does well, these ladies look like they could break the bank, and I know you ain’t gonna tell them they can’t have anything their hearts desire.) This time, the shopping montage cut to the slow jams works. Screw house of style, I want to watch these Euro-babes trying on bikinis and lingerie. Luckily, the store has a mattress in the back and Alex has buddy Mark Davis along for the ride. So, with Mark helping out, Alex takes the five Hungarians, Sylvia, Reka, Judith Grant, Tyger and the most genetically perfect female on the planet, Nikki Anderson to the mattress for an all out fuck fest. While I can never support having Nikki share a scene with four other women, I’m not about to complain with four such lovely women working together. They are all fantastic looking, but even in this fine quartet, Nikki is head and shoulders above the other women in looks and cocksucking. There is no shortage of action here as everyone sort of piles in together and starts sucking and poking each other, but things really hit high gear when Nikki starts getting drilled. If you’re a fan of gaping, she does some of that while Alex drills her ass. Eventually, they all get fucked in the ass, but none are as fine as the two blondes, Nikki and Judith. Again, nothing against the rest of the women, it’s just hard to rave about them when every second of screen time they get takes away from us getting to se Nikki.

After some pretty impressive computer graphics that could be part of a Bodyslammin’ video game, Alex takes Christgen Wolf to a car show. He is clearly more interested in her oral skills than the street rods. Like with Missy, Alex mixes a slow motion sex scene in with his shots of the cars. Interesting choice, but I think I would have just done some kick ass cuts of the cars and then moved ahead to the actual sex scene with takes place in a bedroom. This blonde knows how to make a hard cock disappear in no time, proving that for some girls, there really is nothing quite as tasty as a pulsing meatstick. Alex moves quickly to her ass, sliding two fingers into her tight butt and getting her ready for some assfucking. Her pussy gets a taste first, but from the very start, her ass is the target and Alex finds his rhythm in her butthole. No gapes here, but plenty of close up, bun pounding action in this very nicely shot scene. In the end, Cristgen gets a load dropped onto her face.

We get some footage from Spring Break down in Texas. I have been waiting for someone to really do a good gonzo in one of these college hot spots and this is about as close as it gets to capturing the drunken mayhem. Moving from the crowded night clubs to a quiet hotel room, Alex heats things up with Wendi Knight (Who looks like she would be right at home, partying with the coeds.) He spends a lot of time caressing her breasts and super fine ass. In return for the generous foreplay, Wendy straddles Alex, letting him taste her pussy while she sucks his cock (Which reminds me Wendi, we still have to do that interview at some point.) When his cock and her pussy are spit slicked enough, she spins around and starts grinding her hips like she was back on the dance floor. The way he’s holding her cheeks open, it’s like he’s inviting us to make their scene a DP. (I’d volunteer for that duty in a New York minute) Some of the best shots of the scene come with Wendi on her side and Alex entering from above. Oh yeah, and it leaves her backdoor unguarded so he can do some assfucking as well. Great doggy anal, showing off Wendi’s thighs and butt as well as her tight sphincter. The cumshot is in the mouth, but Alex does the slo-mo trick, gutting much of the heat and leaving us with a shot of Wendi, smiling through her cum mustache.

We go inside a famous LA nightclub after hours, for the final scene. This time, Vince is along to help Alex fuck a trio of hotties, Dru Berrymore, Temptress and Malitia. The lighting is a little funky, but stick with it because Dru and Temptress are just stunning and watching them suck dick is a fucking treat. Temptress is especially fetching as she goes one on one with Vince’s cock, sucking and stroking it in a thoroughly dreamy manner. When Dru gets her chance with Alex, she gives a great two fisted handjob that shows what a totally cock obsessed little hosebeast she is. Malitia ends up playing a distant third fiddle to the two super hot babes when they mount their men and start fucking. Temptress is a tall, wonderfully rounded mound of sexual perfection and someone tell me what the hell is keeping Dru from blowing up as one of the hottest porn slutlets since Tammi Ann. Alex, you have to bring both these women back and let them shine in their own scenes next time. Dru taking a standing doggy from Alex and talking dirty right into the camera is a highlight, as is watching Vince power fuck Temptress and have her beg for more. With her cheeks spread wide, Dru gives Alex easy access to her rear for repeated insertion shots followed by a solid pounding that brings forth even more hot talk from the pint sized blond starlet. Vince ends up dropping a load mostly onto Temptress and the other two girls lick her clean. When it’s time for Alex to pop, we once again have to watch as she goes slo-mo, fucking up an otherwise VERY hot blast into the mouth of Temptress.

With the sex over, Sanders adds an interesting and well shot music video/dance footage segment to close things out. Certainly, I enjoyed Bodyslammin 2 more than part one. Missy, Wendi, Nikki, Drew and Temptress assure that the sexual action is top notch. After a slow start, the movie finds a rhythm that makes it more than just strokeable, it’s a very enjoyable piece of gonzo video. The Missy scene is incredible, though I would like to see the pre-sex re-cut. The Eruo-babe scene is well done, though personally, all I want to see is Nikki, so you may like it more than I did. Conversely, I have a massive crush on Wendi Knight, so I enjoyed her scene more than anyone, expect maybe the lucky guy she was fucking at the time. The final scene is fantastic because Dru and Temptress are just so fucking hot. Alex did well this time to pick hot women and keep the focus on the sex, while still slipping in the stuff he loves the most. Nice balance and a very high recommendation from yours truly.

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