Bodyslammin 1



OVERALL RATING: B (DVD quality scores a higher rating than the video)

117 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Alex Sanders

All Good Video/Digital Playground – 1998 (12/97)

THEMES: Semi-Public Sex

STARS: Sid Deuce, Anita Dark, Leeanna Heart, Julie Payne, Addriana, Candy Hill, Phylissha Anne, Alice, Dakota, Holly Body, Katie Gold, Jessie James, Alex Sanders, Pete Welch, Alec Metro, Steve Hatcher, J.D. Ram.


CHAPTER SELECTION-14 Full Motion Chapter Stops.


PHOTOTS- 25+ shots, hard and soft core. The quality varies from poor to very good.

SLIDE SHOW- Watch all the shots without having to click your remote. I’ll say it again, I love this feature.

DVD EXTRA RATING- B. Cool chapter selection menu and the slide show feature are models for other dvd companies to follow.


Watching this movie on DVD a few months after giving only a lukewarm video review may seem a bit strange, but with the superior picture and sound quality, it’s bound to be a better ride, so I’ll go back through and re-do as necessary…….

I have to thank a reader for pointing me in the direction of this video. It came so highly recommended, I added it to my shopping list on my last porn purchasing binge. Of course, it comes highly recommended AND I like the cast, so now my expectations are high. Is that good or bad news for Alex Sanders’ X-Games/Gonzo tape? How would I know that yet?

This tape starts off with a very high energy title sequence including some skydiving by Alex and Sid Deuce. In DVD format the music and editing are considerably more impressive. The high energy music fits nicely with the skydiving and is quite impressive. After this adrenaline rush, the pair head to the bedroom to turn the heat up. Alex goes right after Sid’s big tits, fondling and sucking them as he works her jeans off that perfect lower body of hers. Seriously, Sid has one of the best bodies I have ever seen, especially from the waist down, and that is where Alex spends a good deal of time, working on her sweet pussy until she nearly yanks all that hair out of his head. She turn the tables on him and inhales his rod. Some day I’d really like to know if the head Sid gives is as good as it looks. She doesn’t spend nearly enough time slobbering on his rod for my taste, but Alex seems eager to start fucking that inviting slit. Great shots here of Sid riding dick, the curve of her ass and those thighs are just out of this world. While she is busy getting herself off on his unit, Alex has Sid’s cheeks spread wide open, previewing things to come. With a vibe in place on her clit, Alex gets to bust those perfect buns, giving Sid a bit of sodomy and treating us to a rare anal scene from Ms. Deuce. It’s a single position butt busting, but the ass up high angle gives us a great view. (Tons of up close shots of her round buns, slightly gaped asshole and sweet crack.) Sid jerks him into her mouth, but Alex gets double negative points here. As a stud, for his dribble shot and as a director for fucking up the popshot, dousing the heat by making a slo-mo. Still, the rare anal and Sid’s great legs make this worth a look.

Next, Alex takes the camera into a strip club for some dancing action. I don’t know, the grainy video quality just doesn’t do it for me. While the music sounds great on DVD, the picture quality is still grainy but if you want to see stuff from inside a club, you have to go dark I guess. However, when a cute girl, Jennifer, introduces Alex to some new dancers with an interest in video work, things pick up a bit. Three of them, Candy Hill, Adrianna and Julie Payne come back with Alex and his buds for some fun. On the way to the pad, in the back of the moving van, the girls get warmed up by taking turns sucking his cock. Things kick into high gear at the apartment as Alex and a buddy get busy with the three lovely young ladies. The friend, clearly not a porn stud, jerks a quick, nearly invisible dribble onto Julie’s face so that Candy can lick it off. Alex keeps the new girl busy. This scene is really a mess. The looping of the two non studs, into the action is over done and distracting. The new girl is quite passive and though cute, gives off little heat. The anal with Julie isn’t too bad, but this scene just never gets off the ground. Although, on second viewing, Adrianna is pretty fucking cute.

Alex meets sexy Anita Dark on the beach and one look at her in a white, string bikini, will have any beach going guy reaching for a towel to hide that embarrassing bulge. The outdoor footage looks so much better on DVD, very crisp. What a hottie! She blows away anything Baywatch could bring us and guess what, this babe goes further than just jiggle and tease. Anita loves American beaches, and apparently is rather fond of sucking American cocks on those beaches. The public blowjob lasts for a few minutes before Alex takes her back to his place where she can stretch out and really give his knob a spit shine. How great is it to watch this woman go to town on a cock with nothing to get in the way? (Hint to all you overwrought video editors out there. It’s all about the women!) Her fucking is not far behind, as Anita takes all of his cock in her pussy and wants it harder and faster. Really nice spooning shots here, showing off her legs and shaved lips. Once again, a great scene is fucked over by a slow motion cumshot. Alex, quit it. This is not fresh, it’s not erotic, it fucking sucks. Watching this a second time, the fucked up cumshot is even more of a tragedy. The rest of the scene is really hot, quite a blistering fuck.

Next up, a trip to a motorcycle convention to check out some hot bikes and hotter babes. After getting a good look at some bikes, a couple of brunettes I don’t recognize, go down on Alex in an alley. These women are pretty hot and this very public display of mutual sexual attraction is very appealing. However, it makes for some shaky camera angles and no cumshot. Still, points for creativity here. The bikes and breasts segment after the sex isn’t bad either. Back in private, the scene continues, with Alex enjoying a couple of warm, wet mouths on his dick. Leeanna Heart is one of the women, but while she looks, fine, her looks alone can’t save the rather dull action. For some reason, the video is grainy here, actually worse than it was in the alley. Good sex here, but with the bad lighting and without the element of a crowd just feet away, the scene just leaves me a little flat.

Now, one of the reasons I wanted to see this video was to watch petite cutie Katie Gold fuck. Imagine my dismay when she shows up standing with Jessie James, Holly Body and some blonde I don’t recognize. Sure Alex shows up to make sure it’s not an all girl orgy, but still, Katie shouldn’t be sharing the spotlight with anyone. Alec Metro is also along for the ride, and he does give the blonde a great bent over fuck. The action is just too choppy, too jumbled for my taste. If I don’t like it when Woodman does it, then what chance does Sanders have? Imagine the scene we could have seen had he just saved the money and let Katie do a two on one. Holly crosses over to anal sex first, and deserves some credit for looking hot during her bottom banging. However, Katie blows everyone away by taking a pounding in her own tight bum. Lots of hot close up shots and the scene does get better as it goes on, it just takes a while to find its’ stride. Bad news? The two facials get the digitized effect. Good news? Katie’s pretty face wears a semen mask.

Taking a page from Shane’s World, Alex hits the road for Havasou, proving that life is, indeed, a beach until you’ve been to the river. (No one outside of SoCal even gets that odd little bumper sticker reference.) We get a nice little montage of jet skis, babes in bikinis and other such river staples. After that, Alex takes a blonde home and gives her a solid poke. The girl doesn’t have much appeal to me and the scene feels rather rushed. (We are running against the clock now you know.) Nothing wrong with either, in fact the anal is pretty well shot and not at all bad looking, however, it just didn’t have much spark.

The impromptu scene on the boat between Alex and some blonde is actually better, since it at least has the element of originality going for it. The blonde bikini babe does some nice cock sucking and gets fucked over the front of the boat which I must admit, makes for a rather fresh scene.

So, did this highly recommended tape live up to its billing? Not completely. The stuff I liked on this tape are outstanding. Anita Dark is always worth a look and her scene is quite hot. Sid’s anal was a treat and for the most part, well shot. Katie Gold does some scene stealing, shedding light on an otherwise forgettable sequence. The rest of the sex scenes just didn’t do much for me. There is way too much post production on this tape for me. I don’t need to have every cool editing trick in the book interrupting the sex for me to know this is a Gen X porn vid. Keep it simple in the future, and I’ll be more likely to enjoy Bodyslammin’ 2. Now, to that add the fact that on DVD, the sound and picture quality do make it more enjoyable. Still, it’s too much flash and not quite enough heat. (Part two is much better in this regard.)

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