Anna Nicole Smith Exposed


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54 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Raymond Martio and Anna Nicole Smith.

Fanstay Home Video- 1998


STARS: Anna Nicole Smith, Morgan Daniel, Ahmo Hight, Jason Schnuit, Christian Gann.


JUMP TO SCENE- 12 still shot chapters search points.

PHOTO GALLERY- 11 High quality shots, soft and hard core.

THE CAST- 5 mini bios with star’s stats, selected videography and picture.

DVD RELEASES- 5 other titles, linked directly to trailers for each.

TRAILERS- Previews for 5 other Heatwave titles.


OK, so it’s not a hard-core movie. In fact I’m not even sure if this is a soft core, but since is’t the closest we have ever seen to Anna Nicole going full bore, I figured I would review it anyway. By the way, I may be the person most eager on earth, to see Ms. Smith actually go all the way and do some porn vids. Keep that in mind when reading this review. If I get a little overly enthusiastic, you’ll understand.

Anna introduces this as basically a day in her life. While I doubt anyone is buying that, it’s tons of fun to think that this busty blond beuaty spends her whole day just fantasizing and having sex. One of her first lines is that she wakes up every day and masturbates at least once. Her houseboy may have something to do with this. Having this guy around seems to get her motor running early in the morning. As he dwarsher bath, Anna is lost in a fantasy world where her houseboy enjoys the pleasures that can be found only while wrapped tightly between Anna’s legs. We obviously don’t see any penetration, but this guy spends a lot of time sucking on her huge tits before workign his way lower. There is some simulated reverse cowgirl and mish that is about as explict as ninty five percent of what you see in a lot of Vivid movies. Come on Anna, you’re almost there.

We follow Anna to a photo shoot and watch as she poses and tease through a shoot that will undoubtedly become here 1999 calender. This is fun to watch, a lot like the stuff Playboy does with their videos. Exhausted at the end of her day, Anna relaxes with another fantasy

Not only does Anna enjoy her houseboy, but she also keeps the female staff close at hand. She says her favoritate place to masturbate is in the tub. The warm water and bubbles send her into a torrid fantasy with her sexy French Maid. Her maid scrubs her back, then joins her boss in the warm water. The women enjoy some deep kissing for a while and then Anna goes to work on the maid’s tits. Anyone have any doubts left that Ms. Smith has had her share of trysts with other women? Soft-core or not, this is some seriously stroke worthy material.

Anna has some thoughts on oral sex as well. She says it’s the most honest part of lovemaking as she sucks some cream from a very lucky strawberry. The guy in the kitchen watches Anna as he kneads some pastry dough. The sexual tension here is high and the fanstay Anna busts in, taking control of the situation and forces herself on him. (Poor fucking guy.) Her tits are pracitcally bursting from her sexy corset and the look in her eyes as she lowers herself down his body is downright steamy. The guy uses the same hand action on her breasts that he used on the dough, working those world famous funbags into a frenzy.

We go back and see some more of the calender shoot, which is rather fun to watch. Anna has always looked incredible in still shots and if this video is any indication, this year’s calender is going to be a stunner. The next fantasy again involves the maid, this time, waking Annay from a hard slumber with soft kisses on her neck. Anna lets her hands move betweenher legs as the maid strips for her boss. It’s a pretty tame scene, but it is really great to see Anna’s body back in such good shape.

More calender footage leads us to the next fantasy. This one has Anna as a producer, running her own casting couch. Dressed in heels, panties and a jacket, Anna is in full bitch mode. Dismissing men right and left, she finally picks he guy who is most willing to do what it takes. I don’t konw if this is just Anna fantasizing about turning the tables, but that idea works for me. Her chauffer ends up being the best man for the job and he proves it by tending to her needs. Lots of kissing, groping and some more simulated woman on top sex. As they simulate the missionary., I can’t believe I am the only one wondering if she really wraps her legs around a man so tightly when she makes love.

That closes out the main portion of the movie, but we get a bonus. Anna talks about her movies roles and shows us the highlights of her earlier work. The love scenes from ‘To the Limit’ were steamy indeed and having them on this disc will save you from having to buy the whole movie to get to the really good parts. We get both the love scene and the shower scene. The highlight reel from ‘To the Limit’ has some action as well as sex. Of course, who needs the gunfight when we have another fantastic Anna in the shower scene to enjoy. (Why do I feel like I’m fifteen again and re-watching ‘Zapped’ for the nine thousandth time?) A final love scene, this time on a picnic blanket, and feature a topless Anna riding her lucky boyfriend, close this out. As Anna says “Now you’ve seen all there is to see.” At least for now.

OK, so this is basically a Playboy or Penthouse level soft-core with only a few moments of really edgy stuff. Still, if you’re as big a fan of Anna as I am, this will have to do for now. Until such day as she actually graces us with a full blown porn video, we will have to watch things like this and fill in the details on our own. Anna comes across as very charismatica as always, enjoying her fantasy roles and showing off her trimmed down bod and always world class chest. The common theme in her fantasies seem to involve her household staff. It’s nice to know that a world famous model has sexual harrassment on her mind twenty-four seven.

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