Sex Freaks


101 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Gregory Dark
Nu Tech Digital/Evil Angel – 1998 (Orig Prod. 2/96)
THEMES: Mind Control, Revenge Sex, Gang Bangs.
STARS: Stephanie Swift, Lovette, Nici Sterling, Kim Kitaine, Nyrobi Knights, Missy, Caressa Savage, Paisley Hunter, Lennox, Tom Byron, Alex Sanders, Nick East.
Although I don’t think as much of Greg Dark’s work as I used to, this movie has such an incredible cast, I couldn’t pass it up. Besides, the colors and sets of Dark’s movies are always quite interesting and seeing them on DVD can only make them more visually stunning. As usual, the opening title sequence is exquisitely edited and a rather nice piece of film/music video making. (Anyone who remembers New Wave Hookers knows just how hot this stuff can be sometimes.) One thing we know we can count on, these women are going to be put through some rather intense sexual scenes. I just hope we get it before the plot gets too whacked and we all end up with massive headaches.
The story this time revolves around an odd man, Julio Midnight, played by Ryp Hymen. (Typecasting anyone.) Brother has some sort of weird power that allows him to use dolls to control women. When he spies Prissy Stephanie Swift and street walker Nyrobi Knights, he works his magic and the two start making out at the bus stop. Along comes a clown, played by Tom Byron and its off to nutsville we go. The three now march around in a circle, spouting their dialog, which of course has Stephanie admitting to being an uptight feminist, “A total waste.” (Subtlety was never a Dark strong point.). After that, she parties right beside the professional girl as they team up on Byron’s big cock. Stephanie looks just stunning and is already showing the signs of sexual greatness that won her Performer of the Year last January. The sex is quite hot, but the ultra quick, MTV edit style plays hell on the stroke value at times. When no such impairment interferes, watching Stephanie get fucked is a total treat. Tom really lays some serious wood to the petite bundle of perfection. He pulls her hair during their doggy and the harder he fucks, the more she loves it. Since he’s got a condom on, we get an interesting shot. After cumming while insider her pussy, Tom pulls out, takes the rubber off, empties it onto her face, then shoves the rubber into her mouth as well. Tom still has enough in the tank to fuck Nyrobi as well, moving his cock from her pussy to Stephanie’s mouth in rapid succession. Fans of interracial anal will get what they want as he fucks her tight black ass as Stephanie adds a few fingers making it a near DP. This time condom free, Tom fires his load on Nyrobi’s ass and Steph’s face. Take out a few minutes of hyper cutting and you have near perfection.
Julio breaks into a monologue, explaining that what he is doing is awakening meaning in people or something like that. Bottom line, he is putting on a TV show of sorts, cleansing the undesirables. He receives his orders from a TV monitor image of a female mouth he calls “Lips.” He wants something a little more challenging than feminist lawyers and street crazies. He gets it in the “art girl”. Paisley Hunter is the perfect uptight beatnick chick. After a little poem by Julio, he turns lose a couple of flies on the badly in need of a cleansing art girl. Watching a couple of guys in fly costumes go after the average looking Hunter is a bit odd at first, and coupled with the quick edits, makes for a rather uncomfortable opening few minutes. However, when things settle in, poor art girl seems to be loosing some of her pretentiousness and just enjoys the taste of the two cocks in her mouth. Paisley can take a dick as well as anyone and gets slam fucked while her mouth gets stuffed. I like her hair pulled back like this and how can you not like the way she swallows fat prick. In order to really get that smug, coffee drinking grin off her face, the two bugs both fuck her at once, Dping art girl right into screaming submission. They both end up cumming on a plastic jar that holds the Art Girl doll and Paisley licks it clean. Odd little scene, but hot sexually.
Julio is feeling rather proud of himself when a new challenge strolls into his office. Lucy Juicy (Lennox) is a former porn star turned government funded performance artist. She wants to use his venue to stage her latest show. She plays “Free Speech” and is surrounded by devils, all waiting to rape and destroy her no doubt. For her show, she happily allows herself to be violated. They toss her around pretty good, poking at her pussy and positioning themselves for shots at her orifices. She ends up with way more than five fingers in her pussy, got to love those laws at work. To make the work easier for her, Lennox brings back Paisley to help lighten the load. Still, it is the exotic woman of indeterminate ethnic origin who steals most of the heat, taking some serious assfucking before sharing the cumshots with her blonde partner.
Julio has an alarming conversation with Mr. Marcus, a janitor, who tells him he once had the same powers as Julio. Despite his warnings that time is short, Julio just won’t listen. He takes a little trip to the local massage parlor where he gets to watch a sex show not of his own making. Leading this four way lesbian lap fest is Lovette, who is called Sweet Meat and is part of some devious plot. Lovette licks away at Caressa Savage while Kim Kitaine and a mystery woman get acquainted on the cot next to them. Lovette’s long tongue gets Caressa going as she rims and fingers the super nasty dirty blonde. All the women end up in one big pile, groping for a fat dildo to use on one lucky pussy at a time. As usual, Caressa ends up getting fucked with a huge dildo. Damn, that girl has an elastic pussy. Fans of plastic cock fucking lesbian scenes will love this all out veggie orgy.
Somehow, Julio has been stripped of his powers and he is understandably upset. His tantrum does little good however, in fact, he ends up dressed as a baby, on the sidelines for the next tryst. Missy and Nici Sterling get their claws into lucky Alex Sanders and take him on one hell of a ride. Putting these two women together in the same thing is a pretty brilliant move since either of them make any scene worth watching. Their double blowjob is fantastic and Alex gets bonus points for not turning cartwheels out of sheer joy. After a quick vag fuck, Nici’s ass gets busted. With his dick in that British bum, Alex gets a good taste of Missy’s blonde muffin. Hey, is that Dave Cummings in a diaper? Anyway, Missy takes and even harder ass pounding than Nici. Frankly, if this scene didn’t get a nomination for best anal scene, then the people doing the voting are severely fucked in the head. After Alex sprays a load into Missy’s crack, Nici licks up ever drop. Nici Sterling, marry me. (Dude, she’s already married and so are you.) OK, Nici Sterling, fuck marriage, let’s just have nasty, sweaty sex for a day and a half.
Julio and Sweet Meat seem to be growing closer together, but she has a little curve for him. After getting all dressed in black face for her, in she walks with another guy (John Decker) in tow. She makes him watch as she puts on a sexy striptease of her new man, shedding her clothes like a real pro and rubbing her already enormous tits in his face. (She has tripled the size since this video.) Lovette has strong, thick thighs, a lovely round ass and a pussy that just screams to be eaten. He licks her slit while finger fucking both of her snug openings, warming them up for what should be some hot fucking. With a mouth big enough to swallow a small city, Lovette always seems to overmatch any cock she is paired with. No exception here, as she swallows his meat with ease, warming it in her hot mouth and taunting Julio all the while. Great oral footage here, from a total hot little cocksucker. Her hands work frantically on her pussy and ass as she fucks herself. John moves behind her and starts popping his pecker i
nto her soft pussy from behind. If you like food with your sex, Lovette eats various fruits as she gets pumped. I don’t know about you guys, but half chewed nectarine is not a wood enhancer from where I sit. John gives her athletic body a good hard fuck, watching her tits shake wildly, before putting some cream on her fruit for an interesting cumshot.
Sweet Meat has plenty to say to Julio and none of it is very nice. She tosses him aside, announcing that not only will Julio never get her, but that no man will ever have her ass. Hey, it’s a Dark movie, never say never. Thanks to some help from Lips, Julio gets a special doll for one final show. Aided by five guys in skeleton costumes, Sweet Meat is the center of attention and I have a feeling her not in the ass rule is in danger. Those dick sucking lips are put to good use as each guy gets his cock sucked by the totally dick starved little fuck toy. Going right for her precious ass, the skeletons DP the blonde sex doll, making her see the error of her ways and giving us all another blistering scene to enjoy. Lying flat on her back, Lovette’s thighs part at 180 degree angles and the guys fuck her shaved pussy raw, one after the other. Doggy gives the guys an equally good shot at her shitter and boy do they ever take advantage. (If we could just get Alanis Morisette to get nailed like this, maybe the silly little twit wouldn’t take herself so seriously.) With this many horny studs and such a spooge able mug, you know that mass facials are the order of the day and Lovette gets her face just blasted with goo. (When the studs were done, do you think the crew got their turn?)
In spite a few too many editing tricks, this movie has more good to it than bad. The plot is twisted, but rather well acted thanks to another enjoyable Hymen performance. Most importantly, this movie has some good sex scenes. Lovette turns in some crotch stirring moments, particularly in her film ending gang bang. Stephanie Swift, Nici Sterling and Missy all have their moments to shine as well. Not perfect, by any stretch of the imagination and the sex would have been hotter minus most of the rapid cut stuff, but still enough to make this one of the better hard-core porns on DVD to date.

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